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  1. I think it's a pretty good name. Idk if it's a good or bad thing that it sounds so much like Indians though.
  2. Why not let Stassi pinch hit for Suzuki? He's coming in the game regardless...
  3. Adell is not hitting cheap home runs. They're crushed. Pretty sure most of them would be home runs in any ball park.
  4. Has anybody seen updates on Stassi? Is he still out because of the concussion?
  5. The Angels are 10-5 when Rendon is playing! Hopefully they can get back on track now that he's back.
  6. Hopefully Ward will perform and become a long-term piece for the Angels.
  7. Stassi needs to move up in the order. I trust him with the bat more than I do Pujols or Gosselin
  8. I have a lot more faith in Cobb than in Quintana. Cobb's stuff just looks better and he's had better control so far.
  9. I don't post a lot on this forum, but I wanted to bring a little of optimism to the table... I truly believe this is the best team we've had in the past five years and I'm confident it can make the playoffs if healthy. When healthy, the lineup is arguably the best in baseball. I was just looking at old opening day lineups for the angels. Compare our ideal (healthy) lineup to 2019 (last full season) and it's not even close: 2021: Fletch, Ohtani, Trout, Rendon, Walsh, Upton, Stassi, Schebler/Lagares, Iglesias 2019: Calhoun, Trout, Bour, Simmons, Pujols, Cozart, LaStella, Lucroy, Bourjos The team's success is going to depend on the pitching, but if the offense produces as it should, the pitching only needs to be average to slightly above average. And it seems like the Angels have suffered from bad luck. They lead MLB in BABIP at .322 and they have by far the largest differential between their ERA and FIP at 1.40 (the second closest sits at 0.87). So there should be some progress in the future. I understand the frustration when the team doesn't perform but I think we should at least wait until everybody is healthy until we cast a judgement. After all, they were playing very good baseball up until Rendon and Stassi got hurt.
  10. We badly need Rendon back at 3B. Pretty sure he makes that play and throws Straw out
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