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  1. If you're going by bWAR, isn't Trouts better than Pujols so far in their careers up until today?
  2. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/08/blue-jays-checked-in-on-andrelton-simmons.html
  3. Friend is telling me Lakers are talking about boycotting tonight. It's on 710 espn radio.
  4. Oh so now I'm wrong for not wanting a crappy player in the organization?
  5. He can't hit and can't play third well at all so play is a very subjective word. Also, he hasn't caught any games this year. He stinks and has no business being on a major League team especially the Angels.
  6. Because he's started some games this year and has played in 74 games for the Angels. For the crappy player that he is, that's pathetic. Again, why hasn't Eppler found anyone else better?
  7. And why don't the Angels have anyone better? Eppler has had 5 years to find a better player than Ward.
  8. It's the truth. Eppler traded Newcomb and others. He should have also traded Ward. If not in 2015, then in 2016. If not 2016, then 2017 etc. He's held onto him which means Eppler thinks Dipoto did well.
  9. Eppler became the GM soon after Taylor was drafted. Which means he was still a first-round pick with upside. The fact Ward is still on the team is 100% on Eppler.
  10. I know how dare I insult your boyfriend. Bottom line is Eppler still thinks he was a good pick or else he would have been traded. It's Eppler's fault he's on the team 100% no matter what your freaking boyfriend tells you in his love letters.
  11. I keep getting the 2015 draft mixed up. If he was drafted by Dipoto, he should have been traded immediately. That's Epplers fault.
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