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  1. Well then I'm not sure what is taking baseball so long. They obviously are okay with how it's setup.
  2. That's how it's always been called. I don't feel like googling for an official MLB rulebook because I don't really care.
  3. Agreed. I don't think the Giants score off Scherzer and the dude was down in the count and having a terrible playoffs. It's just extremely unfortunate that human error ended the game rather than a legit strikeout or any other kind of out.
  4. Yes, it was a blown call. Scherzer was likely getting him out anyway but it sucks that a blown call ended rather than a legit strikeout. Baseball needs to add replay for check swing calls now. At least there was no runner at 3rd and it wasn't in Dodger stadium. Braves/Dodgers and Red Sox/Astros now.
  5. Will Smith gets jiggy with it and hits a 2 run homer. 7-2 Dodgers top of the 9th.
  6. It's nice to see LaStella playing well and in the playoffs. 5-1 Dodgers top 7. Well it looks like he injured himself. Hopefully he can play Thursday night if there is a game.
  7. Dodgers threatening again runners on first and second. 4-1 Dodgers bot 5th.
  8. Dodgers are looking a lot better tonight. That was a heck of a catch against Taylor. Walker Buehler is cruising so far.
  9. Freddie Freeman with a home run in the bottom of the eighth off Hader to put the Braves ahead 5-4. Just doing his job.
  10. Not enough info about Raisel. Everyone needs to let Perry know that not resigning him after not trading him at a sellers deadline would make zero sense and would actually hurt the franchise going forward.
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