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  1. A fine woman like her wouldn't throw water on me if I was on fire or even acknowledge my existence if asked her to please call 911 because I've been shot.
  2. She's the kind of girl that I could only get if I was a major league pitcher with the chance to make millions of dollars. Not saying that's the reason she's with him though.........
  3. Oh come on people. We only need 5 runs before we get 3 outs with an offense that is on vacation. It could be worse. The Angels could be stabbed.
  4. Wait so now all of a sudden we are going by history being accurate? Why in the hell do people think the Angels will be big buyers or sellers at every trade deadline then? History shows us what will happen in the offseason and at the deadline so why think it will be different every year? We have the same owner. Look what happened this offseason and deadline. Pretty much the exact same thing that happened last year and the year before that etc. The Angels are stuck in a mediocre purgatory and every year, fans think it will be different despite the fact that Arte is still the owner. Such sweet kids.
  5. While it can and has happened before, it's generally only players that have already won and want to play their final contract with their childhood/team close to home or they've already made a lot of money and want to play on a team with a legitimate chance at winning a world series. The Angels are not the latter and not sure what player fits into the former that can make the club better.
  6. Strictly for next year, what pitchers could they realistically sign that would give a better War than say Correa's 4-7?
  7. You should watch Better Call Saul on Netflix if you haven't already. Season 1-4 are on there. Season 5 should be soon.
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