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  1. Still an odd thing to say IMO. Anyway, this board is pretty much all unicorns and fairy dust anyway when it comes to Angels predictions and players so me wanting Upton to play all 162 is par the course.
  2. He only wants to play 150 games? So he's already wanting 12 days off? Seems odd. The Angels will need his bat for all 162 games.
  3. I need Bemboom to play really well. Would love seeing that name regularly.
  4. The Angels won their first and only World Series under Disney ownership. I'd be fine with them buying back the team. I think the main complaint about Moreno is that despite having the best player in baseball year after year after year etc, he doesn't go over the top to win. He's never gone over the luxury tax and I'm not sure if he's even gotten very close to it either. He's absolutely wasted one of the best players baseball has ever seen. That's frustrating as a fan. It would have been nice for him to at least go for it all at least one season. I'm sure the majority of Angel fans would be okay with parking going up a dollar or two and tickets going up a dollar or two if it meant the Angels actually got to the freaking playoffs and won for a change.
  5. How do you measure pitchers then exactly? War is also a highly debated way of evaluating a pitcher. If era and whip are not important, how in the world do you know if a pitcher is good or not? If he has an era of 2.02, that doesn't mean he's good or ace material??
  6. Will we ever know the details about everything that caused the trade to not happen?
  7. I'll actually be a little scared if we didn't start the season with some kind of major injury/surgery to one of our players.
  8. Why do people here constantly forget that Moreno owns the team and can do what he wants? He has decided to waste Mike Trout and guess what? There's absolutely nothing we can do about it. If he decided to nix this deal, nothing we can do. Unless you want to kidnap him and threaten him with violence, all you can do is hope he learns his lesson. Hell, I'm still pissed that he pulled out of the Cabrera deal all those years ago. Again though, it's his team and he can run them however he chooses.
  9. 61 pages for a trade that has never been official lol.
  10. The Red Sox issued the following statement in response to the report regarding Roenicke (Twitter link via’s Chris Cotillo): “Our managerial search is not yet completed. We will comment at the completion of the search.” That, of course, doesn’t mean that Roenicke won’t ultimately be named manager, although it’s nevertheless notable that the team felt compelled to issue a statement without being prompted.