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  1. It became official today. There was no thread about it, just the will the Angels sign Odorizzi thread. There are probably people that only come here for baseball news and since he has been a topic here for months, now people officially know that he did not sign with the Angels.
  2. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/03/astros-to-sign-jake-odorizzi.html Figured this deserved it's own thread. We don't have to specualte anymore. Odorizzi is guaranteed $23.5MM, reports Mark Feinsand of MLB.com (Twitter links). That takes the form of a $6MM signing bonus, a $6MM salary in 2021, a $5MM salary in 2022, and a $6.5MM player option for 2023. The option comes with a $3.25MM buyout. Performance escalators can max the option out at $12.5MM while also bringing the potential buyout figure up to $6.25MM. Combining to make 30 appearances from 2021-22 will bring Odorizzi to jus
  3. I laughed when I read this. Astros are definitely the favorites even if they can't cheat. I was hoping he would sign with the Rangers if it had to be a west team. Oh well. Might as well change the thread title now.
  4. Emails where? I have not gotten any private messages from this site from you if that's what you mean? My personal email is not on this website I don't think. If it is, I have not gotten any email from you. I still don't know if I want to do FB yet though.
  5. Hopefully, Maddon is just feeding Albert's ego in the Spring so he doesn't have to do so in the regular season.
  6. Oh man, I despise auto draft. People are very unpredictable in how they draft. The way it was always set up was the league went live at a certain time and you had like 1 min to make your pick before it was auto. That way, the people that can show up are more likely to draft how they want and if you can't make it, you still get a somewhat decent team. I am not very familiar with rotisserie and I remember enjoying yahoo fantasy more than ESPN. This was like 10 years ago so maybe it has changed. I remember picking up Trout on the waiver wire as soon as the clock struck midnight. I got others this
  7. Oh man, I used to do fantasy baseball years ago. I was pretty good at it too. I won 6 out of the 8 leagues I was in. It consumed my life though. I was obsessed with it. I already spend a good amount of time with video games and watching sports and movies. I don't think I should get back into the fantasy leagues. Used to do basketball(3 of of 5 champion) and football(4 out of 7 champion). Played hockey 1 year. 2 leagues. Champion in one of them. I remember not all leagues were the same though. Played some point based leagues and hated those. All of the leagues I was in had people that stopped c
  8. Doc 4:15 Which unexpected team will make the playoffs this year? Connor Byrne 4:16 Are the Angels unexpected? I could see it coming together for them. I'm not predicting they'll make it, but I wouldn't find it crazy Connor 4:38 Who do you think is the most underrated player in MLB? People used to say Freddie Freeman but I think his MVP has squashed that now. Connor Byrne 4:38 I'm a big Davi
  9. If everyone in MLB knew Pujols was older, that means Arte knew and therefore, he couldn't take any legal action if he wanted to. Years ago, many discussed that his fall off a cliff career makes more sense if he was older. At 32, one does not start sucking as bad as Pujols but at 35, one does start to suck. Makes perfect sense. His first 4 years as an Angels were good to decent minus one injury year but have been abysmal ever since. bWAR 4.8, 1.6, 3.9, 3.0. The rest are not worth typing. So if he is really 34/35 then his last good year happened at age 37/38. Him claiming to be this big Christi
  10. I'm curious why I am seeing so many coaches/managers put down their mask when talking. I see with NBA coaches too. They do know that the other person can hear them with the mask on correct? They do know that covid is spread through droplets/spit etc correct? I mean, way less risky outside but I find it odd that they feel the need to take down their mask when talking.
  11. Hats for Bats 2:47 Why aren’t the Angels in on a guy like Jake Odorizzi? Steve Adams 2:47 They are. Just not at three years and $13-15MM annually. Thoughts 2:47 Ohtani is the answer to "who wins Comeback Player other than Mancini"? Steve Adams 2:48 Would take a pretty major workload on the mound, I think, and I don't think the Angels will afford him that chance. He'll pitch, but his innings will be monitored pretty heavily.
  12. You are obviously a very trusting person and have not seen the true story crime vids I have and read the articles I have. They can lie simply because he rejected them. Callaway wouldn't leave his wife for them or wouldn't buy them a drink etc so they make up this story. It's their way of getting back at him/punishing him. They could be after money. Use it to get a book deal. Plenty of reasons why a woman would lie.
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