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  1. Hopefully they are seriously interested. I would hope they go after Bryant if they can't sign Rendon.
  2. This is lame. If he wants to play in Socal, the Angels shouldn't have to also pay him the most money.
  3. I'd prefer closer to half his salary but I guess your proposal would work. I am not very familiar with their farm just by what I read from different outlets. If the Padres have some studs that can help our farm and or are close to mlb ready, I say Eppler should be all over Myers.
  4. "The Padres appear highly motivated to part with Myers, according to Stark, who adds that there’s even a willingness on the team’s part to attach prospects from its loaded farm system if it would encourage someone to take the veteran off its hands." I wouldn't mind Myers for depth in the OF and at 1st if it means getting some stud prospects and the Padres pay part of his salary. Last 2 of 3 years he's been a 2 bWAR player.
  5. He hasn't proven that he's worth that kind of money and commitment.
  6. Hard to believe that the Nationals would lose both of their top free agents.
  7. Latest On Gerrit Cole December 7th, 2019 at 6:03pm CST • By Anthony Franco Teams will be making their initial offers to Gerrit Cole in the coming days, reports Jeff Passan of ESPN (via Twitter). Cole, the top free agent in this year’s class, is a near-lock to exceed David Price’s $217MM guarantee, the current record contract for a pitcher. Which teams figure to be in on Cole? The Yankees are seemingly committed to bringing Cole to the Bronx, and Peter Gammons of the Athletic somewhat cryptically tweets that the Bombers “were not denied” in their pursuit. Nevertheless, Passan’s sources hear that the Angels and Dodgers do remain in the running alongside the Yankees as favorites for Cole’s services. Both LA organizations have previously met with the Southern California native, as have the Yankees.
  8. Fletcher is dead on regarding the current state of each franchise. The Yankees just flat-out present a better chance for Cole to win a World Series. This isn't the NBA where a couple of players can decide to join a team to make it a super team. Cole alone does not make the Angels the favorite in the west or even the Wild Card. They'd need at least 1 more good pitcher and some position upgrades to contend.
  9. Couldn't the Angels in theory trade Upton if they did sign two or three of those guys? That would help with the payroll and luxury tax. Cole/Strasburg, Rendon, and Goodwin is a better than Cole/Strasburg and Upton.
  10. I actually meant that the Cubs would have to be paying a good portion of it.
  11. How much salary are the Angels paying in that Cubs trade?
  12. 6:27 Do I move forward on Maldonado or Castro. Connor Byrne 6:27 Angels GM Billy Eppler should try for Jason Castro, the best catcher left on the market 6:36 How risky is our Dylan Bundy trade? Will we beat the Yanks to signing Cole? Connor Byrne 6:37 I like the Bundy trade for both sides. He's at least an OK innings eater (and an affordable one at that), which the Angels needed toward the back of their rotation. Of course, they MUST land a front-line type as well. I still think they'll get Cole. 6:53 We get those trash cans out of Astro dugout we win west next year, right Connor? Connor Byrne 6:53 Maybe if the Angels get Cole/Strasburg, but even then, the Astros and A's will be extremely tough to jump