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  1. If he keeps playing well he should. Ozzie Smith is in the hall and Simmons has a higher bWar through the first 9 years of his career. I have no idea if he will keep playing as well as Smith did but he certainly is on his way.
  2. I really like Simba and got used to him being our shortstop. I guess this will ultimately depend on the contract Simmons gets and what the Angels do next year at shortstop. Simmons is likely a Hall of Famer. Inglesias is not. Simmons also blows him away in bWar.
  3. I'm bummed Simmons is gone and this is not an exciting replacement. Considering the Angels traded away what they need is also cause for concern.
  4. Maybe the Angels can include Brandon Wood finally.
  5. "But that will change as redevelopment occurs on the property over the next 25 years, with the open-space residential park scheduled for completion within 15 years of the deal’s closing." I somehow missed this the first time I read the article. I'm confused as to when building will begin around the stadium to make it better. It's not exciting if I have to wait 15 years for the ballpark to be a better experience. Did it take 15 years to make Petco the way it is? Other ball parks around the U.S.A the way they are? I didn't think so.
  6. https://sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/angels-lock-anaheim-moreno-pledges-170022272.html Pretty exciting stuff!
  7. https://www.mlb.com/amp/news/angels-offseason-starting-pitching-options.html
  8. From today's MLBTR chat: Angels 12:16 Sign Hand, Hendrics, mid tier SP, Catcher, and trade for a SP. That a plausible Angels offseasons? They need legit bullpen arms PERIOD Mark P 12:17 They've got to get a middle infielder in there as well, but overall, that's not a bad offseason of work. Pivoting to build a great bullpen might be a sharp move if the Angels can't land any of their top SP targets
  9. I already posted this in the offseason thread. Thought all offseason stuff went there.
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/arte-moreno-angels-payroll-not-going-down-in-2021.html
  11. This would definitely be awesome to see.
  12. I'm just wondering if signing 2 minor league guys was quick or not.
  13. The Blue Jays looked into acquiring Andrelton Simmons prior to the August 31 trade deadline, and now that the shortstop is a free agent, veteran reporter Bob Elliott tweets that Toronto is again interested in Simmons’ services. I didn't know this. Does anyone know if they made a trade package for him?
  14. Going by his history, Moreno doesn't exactly know how to hire the right GM so I'm skeptical of whomever they/he/the FO does bring in.
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