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  1. I thought that said "huge complete tool" for a second, was like wow this scout isn't pulling any punches
  2. Imagine how far up your ass that stick has to be that you'd rather have no baseball at all than having a regular season in Arizona/Florida.
  3. Fair enough. Sure, if you want an ace (undisputable #1) then you're more likely to find them in the first few rounds and those guys likely need more "fine-tuning" than any kind of complete overhaul, no doubt. I guess my point is we aren't doing either as of late; whether it's drafting high end pitching in the first few rounds that end up being very good in the bigs or finding the turd covered diamonds and polishing them up to be mid-level rotation fill-ins.
  4. Even amongst those aces listed, only three are top ten picks. You can find good pitching all over the place.
  5. Then what can it be chalked up to? Let's look at some SP WAR "studs" from 2019 and their overall draft position: Cole - 1 Overall deGrom - 272 Overall Lynn - 39 Overall Scherzer - 11 Overall Verlander - 2 Overall Morton - 95 Overall Strasburg - 1 Overall Bieber - 122 Overall Giolito - 16 Overall Buehler - 22 Overall Corbin - 80 Overall Flaherty - 34 Overall There's three top-3 picks on there, mixed with a lot of guys from all over the first, second and third rounds (deGrom being an outlier). This myth that you need a top 5 pick or that you need to be the worst team in the league to draft decent pitching has no verifiable proof behind it. Hell, I'd take a 2-3 WAR guy , I'm not even looking for top 15 arms at this point.
  6. The "picking middle of the pack" thing isn't a valid excuse anymore. There's 40 rounds in an MLB draft, and maybe a handful of guys every year are "can't miss" prospects. Other historically good MLB teams don't have the barren wasteland of pitching that we do. We just aren't good at developing young pitching. That mixed with our supreme bad luck (player deaths, surgeries, injuries, etc.) and this is what you get.
  7. Once you start talking about a guy's "joint litheness", I think it's time to hang 'em up. Nobody improves at 40.
  8. We're in the second biggest U.S. media market with a top five valued MLB TV contract. It's not like Arte is the only potential owner of the franchise that would spend dough. His inability to step aside and let his underlings do their job is probably one of his biggest downsides, and it shows with the direction the team has gone in the past decade.
  9. Sounds about right. It'll be fun to see where the Astros end up with all of this heat on them. I think they're still a 95+ win team, but I could also see things cratering spectacularly. They lost Cole, their two best starters (while both awesome) are almost 37, McCullers is coming off TJ, and their lineup won't have the benefit of knowing what pitches they'll be seeing anymore. They're the pariah of the league and will be heckled relentlessly in every away game. I'm hoping it turns into the perfect shitstorm of awfulness for them.
  10. Fitting that the Angels are the team that gets fucked out of all this nonsense
  11. 88-90 wins isn't going to get the second WC, the AL is super top-heavy and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The last two seasons the second WC had 96 and 97 wins.
  12. Whatever happens, at least we should be more fun to watch this year. As it stands I don't believe we're good enough to get a wildcard spot in an the AL, but I think its close. I wouldn't be surprised if both WCs came from the AL East; the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are all a tier to multiple tiers better than us right now. Oakland will also be hanging around as always, and the Twins/Indians are good as well. That would change with the addition of someone like Gray/Clevinger/etc., but it feels nothing like that is on the horizon.
  13. What leads you to believe this? Just curious if he actually indicated as such, as it seems like a stretch. Trout will likely be into his 30's before Adell gets promoted, adjusts to major league pitching and meaningfully contributes to the Angels. Trout doesn't strike me as the type to get involved with personnel decisions.