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  1. Once you start talking about a guy's "joint litheness", I think it's time to hang 'em up. Nobody improves at 40.
  2. We're in the second biggest U.S. media market with a top five valued MLB TV contract. It's not like Arte is the only potential owner of the franchise that would spend dough. His inability to step aside and let his underlings do their job is probably one of his biggest downsides, and it shows with the direction the team has gone in the past decade.
  3. Sounds about right. It'll be fun to see where the Astros end up with all of this heat on them. I think they're still a 95+ win team, but I could also see things cratering spectacularly. They lost Cole, their two best starters (while both awesome) are almost 37, McCullers is coming off TJ, and their lineup won't have the benefit of knowing what pitches they'll be seeing anymore. They're the pariah of the league and will be heckled relentlessly in every away game. I'm hoping it turns into the perfect shitstorm of awfulness for them.
  4. Fitting that the Angels are the team that gets fucked out of all this nonsense
  5. 88-90 wins isn't going to get the second WC, the AL is super top-heavy and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The last two seasons the second WC had 96 and 97 wins.
  6. Whatever happens, at least we should be more fun to watch this year. As it stands I don't believe we're good enough to get a wildcard spot in an the AL, but I think its close. I wouldn't be surprised if both WCs came from the AL East; the Yankees, Red Sox and Rays are all a tier to multiple tiers better than us right now. Oakland will also be hanging around as always, and the Twins/Indians are good as well. That would change with the addition of someone like Gray/Clevinger/etc., but it feels nothing like that is on the horizon.
  7. What leads you to believe this? Just curious if he actually indicated as such, as it seems like a stretch. Trout will likely be into his 30's before Adell gets promoted, adjusts to major league pitching and meaningfully contributes to the Angels. Trout doesn't strike me as the type to get involved with personnel decisions.
  8. I guess it's kind of a moot point with the rumor that Cleveland was looking at Adell+ for Clevinger. Nobody in their right mind would do that, especially Eppler. Like a few other posters have iterated, I'm willing to wait out the offseason a little bit to see if more opportunities present themselves. Prices are high right now in the wake of all good free agent talent being off the table along with teams looking at the Angels and smelling the desperation for high end SP talent. Look at the garbage that Cleveland got in return for Kluber from Texas (a fringe MLB OF and a reliever) in comparison to what they were asking from us, as an example. Everyone is going to try and pry Adell from us as a starting point as it's become a meme how strapped the Angels are for reliable starters. We do need a top flight starter though, and we need to get one this year. A Trout/Rendon core nearing their 30's forces our hand to a certain extent, even with how good the Astros are. Maybe if these guys were 24-25 we wouldn't be in this spot, but our only option now is a trade and the only chips we have that will realistically bring back a top arm are Marsh/Adell. One of these guys will be moved either individually or as part of a package, it's just a matter of which one. Eppler is generally patient with moves like this, but I think he knows what the expectations are (for both the team and his job stability) and that this starting staff is not going to get it done.
  9. I'd trade anyone not named Adell for Clevinger. If it's a package around Marsh then it would have likely been done yesterday, so I doubt they're interested in that deal. No team is going to trade a 20 year old top 3 position player prospect that's nearly MLB ready for a 29 year old with 3 years of control no matter what their needs are, nor should they. If we move Adell I'm looking for premium ace material or a package including someone with a lot more years of control and some proven MLB success (Soroka, Bieber, Castillo, DeGrom), etc. I don't get the attitude though of not making a move because the Yankees/Astros are better. Who do we have in the pipeline that is projecting to be even close to what Clevinger is now anytime soon? We're going to need a better rotation eventually if we want to seriously contend, whether it's this year, next year, five years from now, whatever. With a core of Trout/Rendon at 28/29 years old, it doesn't really make sense to keep sitting on our hands hoping an ace falls in our lap while these guys move into their 30's. A guy like Clevinger would immediately anchor our staff and solve most of our rotation problems (slots Ohtani down to 2, with Heaney+Bundy+Teheran 3-5 and Canning/Suarez/Barria/Suarez as backfills).
  10. I'd rather move a package based around Marsh for a top 50ish high upside guy who's close to the bigs (if that even exists, I'm not too familiar with other team's prospects). I think Adell has enough top tier potential that unless we're getting a guaranteed, can't miss talent we're going to regret it.
  11. This is what is kind of baffling to me. We haven't produced any top flight pitching in years from our farm system, and there's really none of those types on the horizon either. Every pitcher signed in free agency is going to carry some level of risk, and in our situation (on the cusp of contention, Trout not getting any younger, pitching being our most glaring weakness, etc.) you would assume the front office would be willing to absorb a little more risk to potentially tip the scales from middling team to good team. If Eppler doesn't trade for pitching, this offseason is no question a failure. I love the Rendon signing, and of course team needs are not mutually exclusive. In all likelihood we'll have a top five lineup with a lot of exciting hitters. But we still have a bottom third rotation right now, if not bottom five and if this is what we go into the season with I'm going to be massively disappointed.
  12. I don't think that package will do it, unfortunately. I'd pretty much give up anyone not named Adell/Canning for two years of Kluber. Whether it's Jones, Marsh, Rengifo, etc. Kluber is going to be a hot trade target with all of the tier 1 guys off the free agency board. Sure he's a risky acquisition, but there's no sure thing left anymore unless we go after a primo young stud.
  13. They're just like any other talking heads, they say whatever will get a reaction and fuel fire to their low hanging fruit narrative. The 3B position has been a black hole for years in this org. We just solidified it for the next half decade or longer depending on how Rendon holds up. With some half decent pitching acquisitions, we'll definitely make some noise in the AL.
  14. It's still odd to me the urgency in which Eppler salary dumped Cozart packaged with a first rounder when no moves were imminent. Especially with how hard he's worked to build back our farm to an acceptable level the last few years. It basically moved our payroll from $140M to $127M (CBT threshold being $208M). Especially if we don't get Rendon, it just seems like a shortsighted waste of a recent high pick.