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  1. My best wishes to your brother and his wife. Made a small donation, and encourage all posters here to do what they can.
  2. Most importantly, I urge everyone here to visit the GoFundMe page and do what you can in these difficult times. I did, and I challenge you all to participate if you can. Secondly, really looking forward to the Primer series this season. We need all the help and information we can get in this particularly challenging off season.
  3. According to MLB Trade rumors, Arizona was Bumgarners' preferred choice as long as the $$$ were "enough"
  4. You are welcome KevinB Wishing the best for your cousin. Roger G.
  5. What about Bobby Grich? From other threads and articles, he seems to have stats equal to or better that several HOF,ers. I,m not good enough with stats to prove the point or not.. but it has been suggested by others .. Opinions?
  6. Some guy named Fletcher... Wonder what ever became of him...?
  7. Just for what its worth, from an LA Times article in 1995, Nez Balelo was originally drafted and signed by......... The Mariners
  8. Hires Scott Boras... per MLB Trade rumors Comments?
  9. I lurk here almost daily, don;t post much. but...... F*******k U Nolasco......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Based on the earlier comments, I must consider myself a very lucky guy. I attend an average of 70 games a year, and my better half happily goes to every one. She follows the Angels with as much eagerness and enthusiasm as I.
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