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  1. Fun to read through this discussion. For me, I'm not really much of a stats guy and rely more on my memories and how I felt, which I know drives some of y'all crazy. But from that perspective, it's Weave, any day. I can't separate performance and person with objectivity. I'll always appreciate Lackey in the world series along with Krod. Little was more enjoyable for me than watching dominant Krod throw that slider of his, and watching hitters flail away at it. But Weave was the organization for a time. And watching him deal with the loss of Adenhart helped me understand what a loss it was. And
  2. Well I will say this, I'd take Erstad at first base and Anderson in left field for this season.
  3. Bollinger has a top five homegrown players article. He gives his top five that were drafted by the club and then played for them. I like the top five overall but wonder about his #4. He has Erstad, and it's hard to overlook Erstad's defense and his couple of really good years. But he neglects Garret Anderson. I think it's a tough call. Weave as #5 makes sense so that you have two pitchers-Finley and Weave. So I'm curious to what others think for #4 Erstad and his gold gloves and one phenomenal season or Anderson's stead contributions over his career. According to Wikipedia, "He holds Ang
  4. That may be true, but he's still an Angel (at least for now) in the mold of Erstad or Salmon or Anderson, a homegrown that I love to see play and who gives what he's got to the team.
  5. Josh Paul. I still don't like him and don't want another catcher. Need new non-Scioscia blood.
  6. I think they needed Kole to bunt in the 9th with Simmons then batting afterward, but what do I know.
  7. I think we could have tried to manufacture a run there instead.
  8. Why run for Pujols just to have the pinch runner stand on the base?
  9. "It's a nice day for a white wedding"
  10. Beyond the bone head play, he also sucked. He shouldn't even have been in the game.
  11. Thanks for making Pujols mad. It almost worked perfectly.
  12. I figured for sure Scioscia would bench him today after his fine performance yesterday.
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