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  1. I’ve had a twelver of Wolf Pup sitting iny fridge for months. My beard is to hide my chins. I’m sorry
  2. I’m getting projects done around the house. No LL baseball, so I have all this free time. Replacing light fixtures, replacing outlets, ceiling fans, drywall, etc. Also, kids ruin everything and I’ve been drinking a lot
  3. St1ck, good news! I am currently finishing out my garage!! I can string up a hammock so you can bunk out Skipper and Gilligan style with the captain of a chinese fishing vessel in town for a month.
  4. I’m gonna hang a barn door in the bathroom, then run electrical in the garage, insulate and drywall. Mancave hopefully done by summer. It’s odd having my weekends back from managing little league
  5. Frequently. I’ve found I’m my own best friend