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  1. Just received a container from China last week filled with capital goods Half the company out sick yesterday Coincidence, or GB/9ers fans?
  2. The Purge begins... Three USC senior athletics officials are out, sources say
  3. May Allah bless you and keep you safe. You poor, poor child. How did you happen to get caught in that Venn diagram of incompetence?
  4. We should check to see if it's breathing You just want to see it!
  5. LOL - awesome. Well, at least he’s shown a track record of being in dysfunctional organizations
  6. Rod Marinelli’s son in law. Meh, I’ll take it. Better than JDR, who would be another lazy interim hire
  7. Gus said last night (it might have been Joel) that he will continue to rehab, and compete for the starting job next year. He will graduate and get his degree next year so he can transfer as a graduate. Of course, with Clay, I wouldn’t be surprised if he “wins” the competition
  8. We had a baby monitor for our daughter and used white noise machine. Still use it. She's 5.5
  9. Been meaning to share this link. Gets great reviews as well. Basically a sticker that dims led lights
  10. Will they still rebuke modern dentistry?