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  1. The reward is up to nearly $500,000
  2. Because Soros told him this is the way?
  3. Will your gifted child take calculus? Maybe not under California’s reimagined math plan https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-05-20/california-controversial-math-overhaul-focuses-on-equity A plan to reimagine math instruction for 6 million California students has become ensnared in equity and fairness issues — with critics saying proposed guidelines will hold back gifted students and supporters saying it will, over time, give all kindergartners through 12th-graders a better chance to excel. Talk about lowering the bar
  4. My soon to be ex neighbor was drafted just before Mahomes
  5. Only if they order the Big Sausage Pizza
  6. Jackie Lacy stiff armed BLM, so they bad mouthed her
  7. Subway is my guilty pleasure. Not toasted
  8. Don't play coy. You know you love the D.
  9. Oh that's rich. The guy that got elected purely b/c of his last name and the D, going after the guy that got elected purely b/c of his last name and the D. They're starting to eat their own
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