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  1. But what if Angel Hernandez is behind the plate?
  2. This can’t be real. Their names are all MXC-esque. Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship going to town
  3. Just a general reminder, wearing white pants after Labor Day means you do anal. That is all
  4. The cook at our fraternity house back in the late 90s talked just like that. She was awesome
  5. First they missed the Fletch reference then Dumb&Dumber. Thisiswhywecan’thavenice things
  6. It’s amazing to me how misinformed everyone is about the Reggie case. I know you know the truth. That said, I would trade OJ’s Heisman for Reggie’s. You can’t tell me he wasn’t the most electric player in college football in mid-aughts