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  1. My favorite everyday hot sauce is Pepper Plant. Hard to find, usually at State Brothers Great add to spice up eggs, spaghetti, bloody marys, etc. When I get drunk sometimes I'll go to the fridge and just pour some in my mouth, and then not to be a savage I eat a tortilla chip. I regret nothing.
  2. Phone in left pocket. Keys and knife in right pocket. Wallet back left. Keys to Laura Diaz's beach house back right
  3. El Camino’s finest! We should buy him a sixer of pumpkin beer, since it’s that time of year
  4. Usually involves an early, unfortunate turn to the whiskey. Tactical errors
  5. So we apparently will get to watch Clay fumble his way through a season after all, but now it will be "AVT and JT declared and MUH CORONA made me fail" Can't wait! Although I really missed getting hate drunk watching Bama push our shit in
  6. Starting at noon today https://www.ocregister.com/2020/09/01/flyover-planned-in-southern-california-to-mark-world-war-iis-end-75-years-ago/amp/ Big boys just flew in to LB
  7. I spent 18 months in the bush, I could snap your neck in a heartbeat
  8. Hey Pinnochio! Where are you going!
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