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  1. Houston is humid as hell. Some nice neighborhoods, no zoning laws. And every bro out there has croakies and a class ring.
  2. I think a lot of them are being facetious about wishing they'd lose a game. I see a lot of "it's a win-win weekend" type stuff. Return to the tarmac, etc
  3. It is awful. It's also a result of the fanbase being beaten across the face and neck with a shitty program filled with turn the page sound bites after abysmal losses
  4. Did you see the Scott Wolf blog alleging Folt not letting Bohn target UM? Was that Wolf being Wolf?
  5. And rip his arms off??! I'll see myself out
  6. Doesn't @Tank normally come to you for these types of requests??
  7. Next thing you know, he's got his shirt off rubbing his nipples like that guy in The Water Boy
  8. Imagine trying to decipher his already deep cajun accent when he's calling plays and rah-rah'ing after taking down a case of abita
  9. Allegedly they were told Meyer is not a candidate from the schools perspective. Bohn was allegedly not told until after he accepted the position, which is why it's all allegedly back up in the air. Allegedly
  10. People forget that Orgeron was basically a defensive line assistant for 3 years after his interim at SC and taking over interim at LSU. Did they have themselves a coach? Perhaps. But the timing wasn't right, nor was the environment. O back then was all rah rah and audio bites. I'm thrilled to see him succeed.
  11. That game was brutal. I predict we go 1-2 the rest of the season. Dead man walking, esp with new AD coming in
  12. Oh hush, we all saw your hot pants and high heels outfit for the gram
  13. Was she hot? Anywho...shooting in Long Beach last night. 3 dead off Temple and 7th. @ten ocho recon scout was that gang related?