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  1. A lot of those racist cartoons were ad’s he designed for companies. He was very Pro WWII and worked for the Army in creating propaganda to sway the American public into backing war bonds and entering the fight. That said, he cheated on his wife when she was diagnosed with cancer and when she found out she killed herself and he married his mistress.
  2. I have no faith in our legislators to make the correct decision and end this boondoggle.
  3. You missed a golden opportunity for on the other hand lotion
  4. Coincidentally, I was looking up how much of the rail line had been built to explain our train to nowhere to someone from out of state and found this https://usareally.com/2050-is-fecit-cui-prodest-california-wildfires-map-lines-up-with-proposed-high-speed-rail-for-california
  5. Geez, that's gotta be awkward https://sharkeyscutsforkids.com/
  6. Fun fact, he wasn’t a Native American. He was Sicilian.
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