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  1. I’m fascinated to know the obscure details of what you do, and what they claimed. We got sued by a temp worker who claimed rest and meal period violations, amongst other things. EPLI firm basically says most of these are cash grabs by predatory attorneys. No, not you @calscuf
  2. Waiting to see if Taylor is skeptical before I cast judgement
  3. I applied how I made sun tea to coffee. Where’s my payday?
  4. My cold brew system is just a giant mason jar and a nylon filter/pouch with drawstring. Fill that effer up with ground coffee then fill with cold filtered water to the top, screw on the lid and let soak for 24-48 hours
  5. Have you tried cold brew? Or add half pinch of salt. Counteracts the bitterness
  6. Do we need a new thread where Arch breaks bad and teaches us how to cook on the still?
  7. My sister’s house. In addition to traditional turkey, I’m gonna try my hand at pork belly burnt ends. Probably will drink too many of my brother in law’s Whiteclaws and forget about the fools ball
  8. Would you say you’re skeptical of them?
  9. I'm just wondering where you draw the line at growing skeptical
  10. Or the unions to spend $67M on Prop 15?
  11. But it's OK for the unions to spend $43M on Prop 23?
  12. Got the W, but incredibly lucky. Would rate an F for first 55 minutes
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