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  1. Might actually pay attention to this one tonight. If the Dodgers win, I'll have never been a larger Atlanta Brave's fan in my entire life.
  2. Browns went ultra-conservative on the 3 and out that led to the Chargers final score and it cost them. Man, I am loving Brandon Staley. He's the coach I hate to play. How many times has he gone for it on 4th down? At least 4 times yesterday, and once early in the 3rd down 2 scores from his own 25. That scares the shit out of me when I'm facing that guy. He is building a ton of confidence in these guys that they can succeed at any point on the field, any point in the game. Saw a stat this morning stating NFL teams had been 401-0 when scoring 40+ with zero turnovers. Make that 401-1.
  3. I've heard of this type of thing, but in 40 years of watching football I've never seen it. Bizarre.
  4. Watched the SF/LA game today at work. Whew, Logan Webb knows how to pitch. He has a ton of movement and deception. He is what you get when a pitcher learns how to throw any pitch at any time. And health, always health. Me wants it.
  5. I'd be surprised if they signed anyone and add to the payroll/luxury tax. Not like he was planning to play super huge minutes.
  6. He's young and far from perfect. But love the fight and recovery on this play.
  7. Recent Chargers teams would've probably blown that game last night against the Raiders. Nice to see what seems to be team evolution/growth in that category.
  8. Nice to win one on the road in maybe THE toughest road environment.
  9. HaloMilliVanilli


    Downloaded Thrill of the Fight yesterday. Man Chuck, you were right. I went a handful of rounds and worked up quite the sweat. Was surprised.
  10. Hahaha, looks like CBS didn't include 15 minutes of gametime, and I didn't do the math!
  11. Man, Chargers got killed today in time of possession. Dallas had the ball 29 minutes, Chargers 16. Combined with a makeable missed FG by Chargers kicker, a clutch made game winner of 56 yards by Dallas kicker, and lousy red-zone efficiency, adds up to losing a winnable game.
  12. And there it is! Only took one game. On the bright side, Rayshawn Slater looks like a complete stud having shut down Chase Young and Montez Sweat. Getting potential franchise QB and LT in the past two drafts is huge!
  13. I was typing something similar to this before I got lazy and deleted. Was gonna suggest a season prior to the last season so it didn't feel like a race to the finish.
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