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  1. Man, they just brought back Markief Morris. Lakers are so deep with at least 11 guys getting minutes regularly. Could run a potential starting unit similar to last season with size (KCP, Wes Matthews, Bron, AD, Gasol), defense and better spacing due to Gasol's ability to shoot from distance; then, run a second unit (Schroder, Caruso, Kuz, Kieff, Harrell) with 3 guys who could routinely flirt with 20 pts. That's not even considering trying to get THT on the floor OR who may come for the last 2 vet minimums. Crazy that the World Champs just got better! AND, new season starts in less t
  2. Javale McGee traded to Cavs with a 2nd rounder. Marc Gasol signing 2 year deal.
  3. Rumors of the Lakers involved with Sac discussing a trade for Bogdan Bogdanovic. Would likely send back Kuz, McGee if a deal can be worked out. Not holding my breath but would be awesome if it comes to fruition.
  4. Damn straight. Most teams couldn't dumb-shit their way into this many close losses. Takes true talent and commitment.
  5. Tons of second round picks likely going to be available for purchase. Would love to see who falls into the early second that the Lakers can swoop in and grab like THT (who I think gets into the rotation next season/next month).
  6. That appears dead now with the Schroder trade. I like the idea of signing Wes Matthews, too. He'd need to opt out of his current deal and hopefully sign something similar with us, leaving us the full MLE to focus on another wing (Harkless, J. Grant?) or big (Ibaka?).
  7. You could also try the spicy version of Popeyes chicken sandwich. Pretty tasty! I'm surprised how little chicken sandwich discussion actually exists in this chicken sandwich thread.
  8. Rumor about a Demar Derozan for Kuz/Danny Green deal. Probably BS, but thoughts?
  9. I agree. My first time. Did I do it right?
  10. Would've liked winning that one, especially against Brees. Herbert looks fantastic behind a poor, patchwork O-line. We aren't doing shit considering all the injuries we've sustained and training a rookie QB. Take the lumps and the higher draft picks and please, please, please focus on offensive line during the 2021 draft.
  11. #17 feels really good, but weird in the context of Covid bubble. No less a chip, but different for sure. So proud of what this team has accomplished and excited on what tinkering might happen to make us better for 2021.
  12. Yep, F cancer! You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that hasn't lost someone to it. Sorry for your loss!
  13. You need to turn your sarcasm meter on, broseph! And, of course, I watched the game! I'm a Lakers fan for gods sake. Also, I was going to look back and find the reply where I said THT would hopefully earn some minutes by the second half of the season after he showed up in 2 playoff games and do the "I agree" thing. Too lazy for that shiz plus small sample size. Haha!
  14. I did the same as Cat. Had Tennessee and dropped them. Thought they'd be better. I don't think you're risking much swapping them out.
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