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  1. The WB trade is certainly no half-measure. Lakers went all in, even if the fit wasn't obvious due to poor shooting/spacing. He does allow Lebron to play more off-ball, and potentially get more rest. He helps a second unit score when he and Lebron are staggered. I believe he can be inspired to take his defensive play up a notch, too. The rebounding and pushing for easier transition buckets will make things easier too. What happens with Schroder, or maybe more accurately where he ends up and what we get in return, will help to determine if the WB move is a success. Need to get some shooting back at the 2 or 5, or both. Incidentally, for not having a pick in the draft last night, we could've done WAAAAY worse than signing Austin Reeves (Wichita State and Oklahoma) and Joel Ayayi (Gonzaga). Both should be interesting young guys who can shoot and play the 2. I'm way more interested in the summer league team now due to signing them.
  2. What starting pitcher would we be happy including Adell in a package to acquire? Shane Bieber? Sandy Alcantara? It would have to be someone that has front of rotation upside and under control. Resign Cobb, too. A Ohtani, Alcantara, Detmers, CROD, Sandoval, Cobb, Barria, Suarez rotation looks pretty good.
  3. Maybe folks were scared off by the velocity issues Rocker was reported to be having. Maybe the Angels liked both. Maybe they'll both have good careers or both flame out with injuries. F*ck if I know.
  4. As if I have a clue! I'll leave it to the Angels scouting staff to make the choice they believe is correct. 1/2 the guys in this first round won't even probably be in the minor leagues in 5 years. I'll check back in on this pick in 2024.
  5. Lance Lynn is gonna get 4 years, $80+ million. Some team always overpays and sets the market for pitching, it gets too rich and we run.
  6. Alright, let's see if there's anything left in the tank tonight.
  7. Drummond will get some run against the Suns (Ayton) but was pretty useless vs. the smaller Warriors. That will get exploited so I would expect him to be used like Howard/McGee last season. Pretty frustrating 1st half, much better 2nd half.
  8. If the Nuggets win today over the Blazers and the Lakers beat the Pels, we'd face the Nuggets in Rd. 1. If we won the Rd 1 series, we'd likely get the Suns in Rd 2. Not the worst road if you ask me. If we lose today, we are at #7 and play GS I believe, heading toward a 1st rounder against the Suns. Winner of Nuggets/Blazers in the 2nd. That is assuming a play-in W of GS.
  9. Condolences to you TORS. Losing those close to us is hard to describe. That pain, that loss, unlike just about anything else. Your description of what you're going through really hit the nail on the head, really tapping into what many of us have felt but couldn't put into words so well. It's funny, I was just having a discussion about family drama with a few friends and said something along the lines of "I feel like I like my friends more because I got to choose them. Family, for many, can be these people that you spent too much time around, sometimes so much that you build up this distain for them and had no choice in the matter. And then the end comes and you begin to recognize that you've collected all these memories but not enough evidence (pics) and you've got pics of things that didn't last. You'll cry for some of your friends but such a small percentage of those you call friends in life will earn that. I'm the youngest of 15. My parents have both passed on and I have so little to remember them by. Most of those memories are "owned" by my older siblings. Your story will likely inspire me to reach and see if I can obtain some copies of my own memories.
  10. Man, it sure would be nice to get back to 100% strength and have 15 games to develop some chemistry!
  11. Definitely gonna watch Kong v Godzilla. Haven't scrolled back much here because it seems like most of the recent mentions have been TV shows. Has anyone seen some really great movies recently (maybe something that hasn't received a lot of attention, under the radar...kind of the Jose Iglesias signing of movies?)
  12. Also Roy Hobbs, I always thought that Golf N' Stuff was in Downey. But maybe the border of Downey/Norwalk is right there.
  13. Probably Pac man, Mrs. Pac Man, Centipede, Donkey Kong and Jr., LadyBug, Frogger.
  14. HaloMilliVanilli


    Son loves playing Walking Dead. Plays some daily. Daughter like the Roller Coaster sim game currently. I'll have to look into the fight game, Chuck.
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