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  1. We’re in the bottom third of organizational minor league talent. It’s not like we can’t find someone to leave exposed to the Rule 5 draft. Choosing between Davis and Stefanic, I say Davis, especially if he’s a legitimate option for SS. I’d rather save money at SS and spend on pitching.
  2. Not if your resume includes working with the Angels because, as we all know, the Angels are known for their player development…
  3. It’s not unrealistic that there were conversations at high levels of the organization. You had a player die from an overdose caused by bad street drugs procured by a club employee. I’m not saying that the conversations were bad, and the conversations that involved an attorney would not need to be released, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to ask for that information (at least to me). Whether you get it is up to the judge.
  4. This seems logical to me. The Angels limited the documents to correspondence involving Kay. It seems plausible that there may also have been correspondence between Carpino, Arte, and maybe their HR person. However, it’s also likely that much if not all of that conversation may have included an attorney which would have made it privileged.
  5. Maybe this off-season MIchael should cut down on weightlifting and do more aerobic and stretching exercise. It seems every year he comes into camp a little bigger but certainly not fat.
  6. No, I did more speculating than fact. Not fair to Mead, especially given that plaudits he’s gotten over his career. That doesn’t mean he may not have made a mistake here.
  7. Mead spent, what, 40 plus years with the Angels? Small organization, moved his way up. Got his last position because he was really good at PR, approachable, friendly, etc. Not because he was a great leader. And, people at the VP level and above tended to be the worst offenders because they had little to no fear of negative repercussions. How much crap do you think gets covered up at those levels in many organizations? I do find it possible that the Skaggs family reached out to him. If they did, it’s likely that Mead let HR or Carpino know. He had to at that point and that’s the key. If this went up to Carpino and Arte, and they did nothing, MLB has a MAJOR problem on it’s hands. Of course, it will all have to be proven.
  8. Why not? I’ve seen A LOT of cases where the leader liked the person with the issue, didn’t want them to lose their job, and tried to help them through counseling, etc but never reported it to anyone above them. Not saying that’s what happened, but it’s definitely possible.
  9. I changed my mind. Here you go: https://larrybrownsports.com/baseball/eric-kay-angels-tim-mead-skaggs-drug-use/518497
  10. It was a response to TrueGrich who said: ”I do wonder how Kay was able to hold on to his job for so long - given the information we know about him ODing and going to rehab, etc.” Tim Mead was his direct supervisor and good friend he should have known about his issues. IF Skaggs family contacted someone in the Angels it would have been Mead. The family probably knew Mead better than they did any Angels executive. Mead is described by everyone as a really good guy, would do anything you needed. Basically, someone who likes to please. Unfortunately, those types tend not to make the best leaders.
  11. First, it seems like they have good information that Mead was told by the family. Second, this isn’t a court of law. Arte voluntarily joined an association. I’m sure he signed documents detailing ownership and reputational responsibilities. Manfred probably needs some percentage of the other owners to agree and Arte is gone.
  12. I think Rob Manfred will have to weigh in on this case. In essence, it seems like the Angels had a drug distribution ring going that maybe a single executive, maybe more, had knowledge. This may be the thing that actually gets Arte removed as owner. Can MLB really afford to take this type of publicity hit? Either way, Manfred can’t ignore this.
  13. I’m pretty sure for that job it’s all about who you know and probably some type of minimal interview process. MLB is and always has been about who you know.
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