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  1. you replied to me and no one else, if it wasn't meant for me respond to someone else then...
  2. When did l ever bring up Boyd in a trade? l said l would consider Marsh in a trade for Kluber.
  3. lf we miss the playoffs again no Angel fan will be happy.
  4. l think it's quite possible we'll regret not including Marsh in a trade for Kluber.
  5. Major League Baseball will test robo umps during spring training games Robo umps are coming to major league spring training, but they won’t make it to the field, yet. The automated balls-and-strikes software, alternatively called “ABS” or “ESZ” (electronic strike zone), will run only in the background during those games for testing and development purposes, according to MLB and umpiring officials. The technologically enabled balls-and-strikes regime involves an umpire wearing an earpiece while in his normal stance behind the catcher. The software tracks the flight of the ball and declares to the umpire “ball” or “strike,” and the official announces the call...
  6. I think he's done and no I don't think he's done enough. I hope I'm wrong...
  7. At its heart, the qualifying offer remains the same — a one-year contract offered to an impending free agent who has been on that team’s roster for the entirety of the season.
  8. yea, I was thinking of his AAV, I forgot it was back loaded so heavily. 12.6*2=25.2, so a little less than half...
  9. Musk is “one of our great geniuses, and we have to protect our genius,” Trump said in an interview with “Squawk Box” co-host Joe Kernen from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “You know, we have to protect Thomas Edison and we have to protect all of these people that came up with originally the light bulb and the wheel and all of these things. And he’s one of our very smart people and we want to cherish those people,” the president said. ******************************* A little late to save Edison, and does anyone know who invented the wheel?