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  1. Chicago said they've Okayed a plan to allow 20% capacity of attendees. They still need the approval from MLB.
  2. Here's a crazy idea:
  3. we need to destroy the Dodgers this year.
  4. Tony Clark says he is willing to talk about having expanded post season. I hope they do.
  5. The new Raiders stadium in Las Vegas looks like a hockey puck, or maybe ons of those robot vacuums...
  6. Ranger fans aren't that impressed with their new stadium. "Rangers sold their soul for A/C... The new stadium is the most boring ugliest thing I’ve seen in awhile. To go from the ballpark in Arlington, to this airplane hanger, looks like a metal shop building."
  7. Has anyone seen the schedule?
  8. 60 games mandate. Are they still going by West Coast, Central, and East Coast? Or they going back to way it was before COVID-19?
  9. Compared to Drysdale, I said more recent not recent.
  10. I liked Drysdale and more recently I liked Sparky Anderson...