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  1. Looks like Hulu is the only streaming service left with FSW
  2. How are we going to boo the Astros with no fans?
  3. It's St. Patrick's Day and almost all of the town is at the parade. A drunken Irishman walks into his favorite pub and sits down at the bar and orders a whiskey. A few minutes later another drunken Irishman comes in ans sit down and orders a whiskey also. A few minutes pass and the 2 man start talking to each other. The first one asks the other where he is from. he replies Dublin, the first one says me too. The second asks the first one what school did you attend, he replies Kennedy high, the second one me too. The first asks what's your birthday and the answer was Oct.10, the other ones says me too. They continue talking when the phone rings and the bar tells the caller no were not busy everyone is at the parade, in fact the only ones here are the O'Reilly twins.
  4. So Uranus is leaking gas, could that mean the end of the planet? There's a joke in there somewhere...
  5. Being on a ventilator is the worst, I hope none of you ever need it.
  6. l think he wants for the east coast teams to play most of the home games in June, July, August, and away games when the weather turns cold. It could make for some long road trips.
  7. My wife went to doctors for her annual physical. After reviewing the results he told her she had acute angina. She said thank you but please keep this on a on a professional level.
  8. A Priest, a Rabi, and an atheist go fishing in a small boat on a lake. The Priest remembers he left his lunch in the car, He stands up walks to the shore retrieves his lunch and returns. The Rabi needs to get more bait, stands up walks yo shore gets more bait and returns. The Atheist is amazed by this and attempts to walk to the shore, he takes 1 step and sinks to head and swims back to the boat and climbs in. The other two asked him, "didn't you see the rocks?"
  9. Older people would rather die than let Covid-19 harm US economy – Texas official Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick tells Fox News: ‘Do we have to shut down the entire country for this? I think we can get back to work’ ************************* Maybe the stupidest thing I've heard so far. I'm 70 years old and wouldn't want to die to save the economy. Although I have no problem with him being willing to die to save the economy. One less moron to worry about.
  10. the poll needs the ability to select more than one box.
  11. I'm retired but my son lives with me. I only leave home to pick up my meds, I take anti- rejection meds for a liver transplant I had 11 years ago. My son does warehouse work bu starting this week they're closing the doors for at least 2 weeks. They will continue to pay him for now. He brought some kind of bug home with and we bot have a bad cough but no other symptoms. l fill fine other than this cough, I'm having my next doctor appointment over the phone. My son is completely over it, what ever it was. I hope everyone is good and stays that way. I am so missing baseball. Take care.