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  1. Cole, Ohtani, Wheeler, Canning, Sandoval, Barria, Suarez, ect...
  2. I'm glad he's not the GM, because his way we don't get Cole or Wheeler and lose a LF. I would trade Cozart for Kimbrel in a second only because Cozart is an anchor at this point.
  3. According to MLB the Angels are among the favorites to sign Wheeler and Cole. If the Angels were able to sign both of them losing the 2nd and 3rd round drafts would be so worth it.
  4. Do you Moose would sign a contract as a part time player? l don't...
  5. I thought they adjusted the formula used to make the bats so that they were more similar to the wood bats.
  6. I've got a feelin' La Stella will have another All Star season. If we sign Cole and 1 more above average starter I'm convinced we will make the playoffs. Once we're in the playoffs anything is possible.
  7. Probably going to get a lot more AB from Upton and Simmons and La Stella. Thais is still a work in progress and could be a platoon with Albert. Adell will make his major league debut sooner than later next season and Marsh is not that far behind. We only have so much money to spend and the greatest offense will be wasted if the pitching is anything like last years. Se need to spend at least $50M on pitching alone. Just don't think we can afford an expensive bat at this time. Pitching wins games. Without Cole, JV, and Grienke last year I doubt the Astros make the playoffs. What Fletcher lacks in power he more than makes up in clutch hits defense and overall enthusiasm...
  8. Why is it weakened? Rumors are all over the place but Eppler has said it what I believe will happen. Pitching, Pitching, and Pitching. We have plenty of IF depth. but the second worst rotation in baseball. From the Inbox on the Angels web site: Acquiring pitching is obviously the main priority this offseason, so any major upgrades to the lineup would be a bit of a surprise. The areas where they could use some help, however, are at first base, catcher and in the outfield. It could make sense to add a left-handed power bat at first base to pair with Albert Pujols, much like they did with last offseason with the Justin Bour signing that didn’t pan out. But Eppler said at the GM Meetings that he’s comfortable with youngsters Jared Walsh and Matt Thaiss and that Tommy La Stella could see more time at first base. But there are some free-agent first basemen out there, including left-handed hitters Eric Thames and Mitch Moreland and switch-hitters Justin Smoak and Neil Walker. At catcher, Eppler said that he believes they can get more out of Kevan Smith and Max Stassi next year, but that Stassi might not be ready for the start of the season after undergoing right hip surgery. A reunion with Martín Maldonado could make some sense, especially with his relationship with Gerrit Cole. In the outfield, the Angels decided not to pick up Kole Calhoun’s $14 million option, but they could turn to Brian Goodwin in right until No. 1 prospect Jo Adell is ready. They’re likely to bring in some competition for Michael Hermosillo to be an extra outfielder next year, but not at a high cost.
  9. If were looking for a bat it absolutely is a secret. Everything I've read is 2 pitchers and possible a catcher, and not an expensive offensive catcher either. Pretty sure we are standing pat on position players other than the catcher.
  10. This offseason is going to be an anxious time for me until Cole is signed, one way or the other. Last year it took way too long for Harper and Manny to sign, but I didn't care much because we weren't trying to sign either one. This year is different and I hope Cole doesn't take until ST to make up his mind.
  11. Efren Navarro up with based loaded 1 out in bottom of 10th for Mexico.