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  1. I hate the Astros more than Boston, I'm rooting for the Giants tomorrow. My first choice for the WS winner is Atlanta and then the Giants either beating the Sox.
  2. Neither is signing second and third tier pitchers, we have proved that many times. We all know what Einstein said about doing the same over and over again and expecting different results.
  3. Trade Ohtani and you lose an Ace, and a offensive powerhouse. Both would need to be replaced and we would still need 2 more top tier SP. Arte would be known in the same way as Boston letting Babe Ruth become a Yankee. You could never be fully compensated for him with prospects.
  4. Pujols contract comes off the books and Upton's next year, so there's that money. Arte just needs to bite the bullet in the mean time and do whatever it takes. He has minimum or close to it for 1B, SS. LF, and RF once Upton is gone. Give Ohtani Pujols' money plus his $5.5M he is do this in an extension. You still have the money wasted on pitchers from last year plus it's finally time for Arte to at least reach the tax threshold on a top pitcher. Suarez, and Sandoval make peanuts. Fletcher makes ~$5.0M over the next few years. After all all Arte can't complain about losing money, besides #,000,000 in attendance, concessions, merchandise, advertising, and parking he gets $150M every year from his TV deal.
  5. Seattle fan is getting sick off getting beat by that f**king hillbilly looking MFer.
  6. As long as we spend the money on pitching. I'm also OK using what we have, in case we need to really spend big to sign top tier pitching, while using a minimum wage SS for a year.
  7. We will be added Trout in the OF, Rendon, Upton, and Adell which should provide plenty of offense without wasting resources at SS when it should be better spent on pitching. Pitching, Pitching, Pitching, and more Pitching...
  8. Yeah the offense minus the best player in the world Trout, Rendon, Upton, and Adell.
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