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  1. We didn't trade for him but he is so much better than l could ever had imagined. A True surprise of a player.
  2. If he signs with us great, I'll be his biggest fan. if not he can go screw himself.
  3. the words were English, but not in any coherent order...
  4. l'm sick of a serviceable rotation, l want a rotation fans of other teams don't ridicule, and BP that can hold a lead. Not too much to ask...
  5. you are fired from being the backseat GM job
  6. l wouldn't be surprised to see him make another video in a Padres' hat tomorrow. He's an equal opportunity Troll. I want him here to be an Angel Troll...
  7. Bauer or another 1st tier starting pitcher. We only need to raise our spending for 1 year as Pujols' contract expires next October, and Upton's 1 year later. I'm so tired hoping for reclamation projects to return to their previous status.
  8. we need an Ace, l hope Maddon doesn't pull our pitchers after 5 just because he can.
  9. Bad decision everyone thought so at the time especially Snell. Pulling his pitchers early doesn't mean he had to. So using the argument they didn't go past 5 innings is on the manager and not so much the pitcher. The bullpen gets overworked and then become less reliable, not so much in a short season but a 162 game season even a good BP having to go 4 innings a game will be too taxed.
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