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  1. Funny story about World Series rings. Roughly 20ish years ago I was maybe 7 or so. At the time we had our season tickets to the SL Bees and our seats were right behind home plate and players/scouts would sit right around us so we'd always chat with them. One night a scout for the Yankees is sitting a few seats away next to us and the first thing you noticed was he had 2 WS rings on one hand. Absolute massive blue gem/diamond NYY rings and with me being little I kept staring at them because you know big shiny rings and he noticed so he called me over to show them to me. What's the first thing he does? Takes one off and hands it to me to check it out! Safe to say that freaked my dad out a bit with me being little and this guy just willing to let a kid hold a ring worth easily $20k+ lol
  2. Should've been an out regardless. Sure the initial call was incorrect but it's still a live ball and Seager came off the bag. Bad play by Rendon but even worse umpiring.
  3. Statistically, Jeter was one of the worst defenders ever.
  4. Seems about right. The burgers and fries are worth it though imo.
  5. Canning struggling through 2 innings giving up 6 hits and 2 ER. Jared Walsh and Jabari Blash hit back to back home runs on 2 pitches. Blash's was demolished and went about 500 ft.
  6. Also Billy Eppler was at the SL Bees game tonight. Not sure if he was looking at any specific players or seeing how Eric Chavez manages a game but was there fwiw.
  7. He looked good. Topped out at 95, threw about 6-7 pitches to the first batter then got 2 quick outs.
  8. Long time lurker but first time poster. My family are long time season ticket holders to the Salt Lake Bees and where we sit there are usually a handful of scouts and sometimes we get some insight from them. I didn't go to tonight's game but my parents did and they said there were a few Angel scouts and they got to talking about a few of the players. Apparently one of them mentioned that they are potentially going to have Ward move to the outfield to learn and that he is in line to be one of the next few players in line to be called up.
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