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  1. Hey. it’s a problem, no doubt. Still the answer isn’t allocating a lot of money there. It doesn’t work for anyone.
  2. The premium cost bullpens don’t work either mang. It’s about scouting. They’ve gotta find guys that get outs and then they’ve got to have a coaching and analytics team that know how to use them. This is literally how all the good bullpens work.
  3. If they want to try and compete with the World Series contenders it’s going to have to be more than 45 million. More like 65 million. I like Correra because he’s a good player in his prime and it hurts the Astros. He has fewer question marks than the other SS’s. I’d love for them to get Stroman and I think that he realistically would be interested in coming here (purely wild speculation based on his comments about some of our players). Which has been a problem in other pitcher pursuits. Obviously they’ve gotta get some relievers. I don’t want them to spend a lot on one reliever. I want them to not suck shit at finding guys. It would be nice if they could work something out with Iglesias but I’d rather they dump the money spent into a SS and a good starter. Anyway. One can dream.
  4. I think Meyers is a great prospect but I think the Angels need to be careful here. They just drafted 20 pitchers. Literally all of their picks. Last year they drafted a bunch of pitchers. It’s true that they have a little bit of depth in the system with outfielders. If you want to still count Adell and Marsh I guess you add Adams to that group. Knowles, Ramirez and Calabrese a bit further off but maybe decent prospects. Tho decent chance none of them are as good as the first 3. Anyway. The Angels do have an immediate need for multiple outfielders. The Upton era is coming to an end. They need at least one of them right now and Trouts future in CF is absolutely in doubt given the injury history. Maybe in the outfield all together sooner than we think. You never know. We do need these guys. I’ve said it a bunch of times before and I’ll say it again. Trading everyday players for pitchers in general should be approached very carefully. All pitchers are high injury risk relative to fielders. And given what the Angels have done in the last several drafts (Bachman was picked at least in part apparently because he could very close to the majors) they should be careful to not swap the multi year pitching disaster for a dog shit hitting situation. This year has been frustrating and annoying. But with the starters in particular there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I don’t think trading Marsh for Meyers is a slam dunk thing. I don’t know that it’s even particularly wise. I’m mostly glad it didn’t happen. I really think they need to hold onto Marsh, Adell, and Adams.
  5. They need to send Trout to Germany so he can get one of those stem cell healing cocktails
  6. I mean we’re at a point now where it’s debatable as to whether this has been the organizations shittiest stretch. It’s been a long time of dog shit.
  7. I think it’s 50% Heaney and 50% the Angels suck at making pitchers good. Maybe pretty quickly.
  8. Decent chance Heaney gets it together eventually. Then you guys will hate him even more !
  9. I’ll once again express my great reservation about trading everyday players for pitchers. Meyer is a great prospect tho.
  10. Of course Arte could decide to spend like the Guggenheim demons and then they can do whatever they want. I approve of that plan.
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