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  1. And the economy has been dog shit for a decade. The stock market is not the beginning and the end of broad economic health.
  2. Seems to me that 600 dollars in no small way is probably keeping the thrashed economy on life support.
  3. This idea that there has been wide spread cooperation with mask advisories anywhere outside of like NY and NJ is ridiculous. You guys will kick and scream and fucking bitch no matter what. You people are the reason that this nightmare keeps getting worse.
  4. Plenty of people not wearing masks. You think everyone at the Memorial Day party was wearing a mask ?
  5. i suspect the people who decline to come back to work don’t do so for a lot of reasons. Some of them less reasonable than others. If people don’t come back because the 600 dollars makes that big of difference to them even in the short term. Then I think that it’s probably reasonable to assume it’s terribly paying menial job. Probably not full time. Etc. I can’t tell you how indifferent I am to someone who’s mad that they have 15 or 20 hour a week minimum wage worker not coming back. Is that a blanket truth ? Of course not. Like I said, people who aren’t going back to work probably don’t for a lot of reasons. The post was someone butt hurt that someone is getting $600 they think they don’t deserve. Fucking cry more. I am unable to fathom the insane pettiness of someone who’s mad at an out of work probably poor person coming up a little bit for a temporary period of time. Be happy you’re still working. Christ knows I am. Imagine being jealous of an out of work former Marshall’s employee.
  6. I mean everyone knows the real problem with Americans fucking abortion of a response to this crisis is that unemployed minimum wage workers got 600 fucking extra dollars on a check for a few months.
  7. It probably got copied and pasted 10 million times by terminally brain damaged internet MAGA’s on Facebook. It’s true origin probably being like Turning Point USA or some bullshit.
  8. One presumes the 2nd go around would be less difficult than the 1st. But again, who knows.
  9. Possible also that it’s not literal reinfection. Rather the virus isn’t completely gone and makes you feel ill again. Seems clear they don’t have a good understanding of that aspect of it. People who get sick again I mean.
  10. Hope you’re better soon and it’s not too rough on you dude. Take care.
  11. He’s a NY Times best selling author. Of course it’s real.