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  1. I recall seeing a special about this on Dateline or 60 mins some time ago. It was in New Zealand or Australia, I don’t recall which. Anyway it was surprising because they were following around this older man who did not have any kind of immediate health crisis. He wasn’t sick or anything. He was just old. Anyway, his wife had passed away some time ago. He had one child who had died in adulthood. Cancer or something. He was alone for some time. It wasn’t that he was horribly lonely or anything. He had neighbors that would check on him I guess. But not many “friends” left around. I
  2. I’m glad you aren’t opposed to it. I too was being a smart ass. Anyway, Seeing someone who is very ill and suffering is terrible. That suffering can drag on for a long time and be hideous. If they don’t really have prospects of recovery and would like to not suffer anymore then what’s humane and ethical imo is for them be allowed to go as peacefully as possible. Of their own volition of course. Death is a part of life.
  3. I don’t know. Maybe a terminally ill person would like to die painlessly and without one of your precious guns.
  4. Opposition to “Assisted suicide” is monstrous.
  5. Fair. Still my point being, he’s been fairly successful at that. One of more famous epidemiologists, even before covid. Was a known figure during the AIDS shit as I understand it. So I don’t find ego thing very surprising. Not that I’m excusing him for it. It is what it is.
  6. I think probably 4 or 5 years it’s been their whole deal. I think when they made Lemon and Cuomo the prime time guys.
  7. truly baffling how the two sides of this have either made Fauci into a hero savior figure or some conspiratorial bad faith actor. Like what do you guys want from this guy ? he’s an adequately competent semi career bureaucrat who has had a very difficult communication role dealing with a dumb country full of fucking babies that can’t objectively process bad news. He’s had some missteps. But, in fairness the job is very difficult. And do we think the Trump administration was good about this ? Funny that the people who cry about Fauci seem to be the same people who don’t think Donald
  8. CNN was trying to make as much money as possible. Their attempt to do that was to morph into the suburban lib version of Fox News. Mission accomplished probably.
  9. The history is bad on this. But we’ll see this time !
  10. My position on this has sort of gone in the direction that ideally, we have emergency response services that have more specifically defined jobs and that some of those services should not be armed. Traffic enforcement, welfare checks etc. maybe these people should not be the same guys that we ask to deal with violent criminals. i realize there are issues here as well. That stuff can be dangerous as well. But lots of things *can* be dangerous. My mind is not completely set.
  11. I’m confident that the media will be responsible about the news on J&J having an issue for 1-6 out of a million people and definitely wont facilitate lunatic hysteria about the vaccine. Extremely rare complication that does not outweigh the benefits is what it looks like to me.
  12. I mean good if it happens. But, why not just honor the negotiated deal and withdraw by May 1st ? Anyway. September I guess. We’ll see about that.
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