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  1. Not a team thing. Siding with nazis makes you a piece of shit that needs to be smashed into oblivion. BUTT repeatedly demonstrates sympathy for literal nazis.
  2. I think I’m doing my part here. Basically every interaction I have with the guy I’m calling him a dumb asshole explicitly. he is both extremely dumb and as far as I can tell a shit bag.
  3. think Kevin Sorbo is sad he didn’t get tagged ?
  4. His dad has a factory in China. They make zippers or whatever. Lots of money.
  5. This one is particularly bad. This is an evil person. A genuine war criminal. Cute family picture aside. The military was against the pardon. Not one of his men spoke for him. He belongs in cage.
  6. Ugh. The resistance ?! Plz don’t talk like that.
  7. I bought an Apple Watch in July. Few weeks ago I dropped mine like 4 ft onto tile and it shattered. Honestly pretty disappointed with the durability. Basically you’re f*cked and have to cough up $300 for a replacement.
  8. It’s true. But it sure does feel like they have a great shot. The Angels desperately need him. We all know that tho.
  9. I like Gibson as well. If the Angels get Cole and Gibson, I think that would be fine. Getting Cole is the key.
  10. I’m not convinced that MAGA and Flop aren’t actually some kind of online performative art.
  11. Sort of reminds me of the little sisters in bioshock. Sort of. That shit was twisted.