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  1. They need like 20 GOP senators to turn on Trump. Throw all the data and information out the window. All you need to know about this whole thing is that they need 20 GOP senators to turn on the orange boi. so based on that, even if you are deeply convinced that Trump did something improper (he probably did) what is the purpose of pursuing this charade process ? Besides doing the stupid procedures and constitutioning that obviously doesn’t mean jack shit. Truly I’d like to hear a compelling case for this that isn’t pure bullshit. What is the practical purpose ?
  2. I think they should do a senate trial to determine whether Lindsey Graham is a dick sucking homo. That would be more interesting then this stupid shit. <he is>
  3. Polling in Iowa does look to be tilting Bernie’s way.
  4. What the fuck is she even talking about ?
  5. Looks like the Angels gave them a block of 800 or so seats in the upper view level. And apparently reached out to them to sell them the tickets. I hate this so much. it’s a good thing opening day gets to be co opted by this fucking Dodger fan group. Maybe they’ll bring their stupid flag to unfurl over an entire section again.
  6. It’s like @Don said, it’s mostly about the trans stuff. I get that trans people feel insecure: It’s fair to be that way. They legitimately are a group has almost no power and is unfortunately not able to garner a lot wide spread I guess the word is sympathy. But I think that they should try and have some faith here. Bernie Sanders has been a solid advocate for LGBT causes and the trans community specifically to far greater degree that any of the other candidates. He didn’t compromise anything to get Rogans support and Rogan isn’t saying that it’s conditional. I’m very suspicious of a lot the people getting really worked up about this. I don’t think that their concerns are genuinely rooted in anything other then trying to damage Sanders campaign.
  7. There is an element of painfully difficult to deal with woke-scolds and a lot of these people are pretty disingenuous and difficult to take seriously. A lot of these people are trying to take Bernie Sanders down however they can. This is just newest thing and I doubt it will work. The Sanders campaign is right to embrace Rogans support (they have featuring his comments in an ad) and I sincerely hope they ignore these people who mostly, aren’t supporters anyway.
  8. I think that Rogans support is a good thing and I think/hope that in general people view it that way as well. There are the people who are obsessed with their purity tests. Eventually something that bothers them will always come up. Sorry, for me if it’s between the NYT fucking ghouls and their endorsement and Rogans, I’ll take Rogans.
  9. This is some cursed ass shit. Still, I saw it and now you assholes have to as well.
  10. What’s done is done. They got caught. Their championship is tainted. No one has any control over whether the individuals involved give a shit about that. Whether they care or not. The World Series isn’t going to vacated. So it is what it is. I don’t really care to hear about it anymore tbh. MLB is hopefully doing what it has to in order to stop this particular type of cheating. I think as always someone is going to be trying to get one over with some new scheme. This is the way of things.