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  1. Looks like the SPAC that’s associated with Trumps social media thing is getting the meme stonk treatment. Haha
  2. I actually picked up on the Russian one because they fucked up the translation for it. They’ve since did another run with the corrected text. That’s what got me keeping an eye on the line. Anyway, I figure it’ll probably be worth something at some point. They’re all very bizarre imo. Weird shit has a decent chance of worth while appreciation.
  3. Got a few more. I’ll probably end up getting this Israel one also lol.
  4. Dude this has a chance to be better than nextdoor.
  5. She’s also taking shit tons of money to do it. Which I mean. Respect. She is a fucking dumb bitch tho. It’s insane corruption. But I mean they’re all taking big fucking bites out of that pie.
  6. @failos is not a mooslamic. Like myself he comes form a mooslamic adjacent Christian family.
  7. I mean it’s very dumb. Very poorly conceived. It’s pretty obvious that she’s trying to make the kids learn about the math acronym - I guarantee they will remember it after that scene. I sincerely doubt there was any malice. Apparently the Native American kid was offended (fair enough) she should apologize. I would hope that he would accept the apology if she offers it and that really should be the end of it. She should be corrected for the stupid behavior and life should go on. Who knows what her track record is. We can give her the benefit of the doubt and assume this is not a typical thing for her. As a culture caricatures of native Americans has until pretty recently been acceptable. So it’s not really fair to her to just presume she had ill intent or really gave it much thought other then trying to do something to entertain them and make them learn. Again, very dumb she’s an adult and should know better. But it is what it is. anyway. I’m sure there will be the lunatic activist jackals that will try to make it something that it’s not. Fucked up.
  8. I don’t know why you indulge his bullshit. He doesn’t know shit about you.
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