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  1. I think the problem is that they had 5 or 6 years where they basically didn’t develop major league players. The result of that is a whole litany of problems. They don’t a forensic introspection. Make the goal be that the Angels will be the best baseball player development organization on earth. Reach for the stars etc. Then have the rich ass organization splash when necessary.
  2. Mattis is very good at what he does. Guys who suck don’t hang around the majors for close to two decades.
  3. The concern is Arte. The concern about Dombrowski isn’t Dombrowski himself, it’s that Arte is after him and the reasons for that. I know that Dave Dombrowski is a good baseball guy. I worry that Arte is onto something stupid. I don’t think I’m being unreasonable. But who can say I guess.
  4. I’ve said several times that we’ll see what they do. But everyone keeps talking about Dombrowski. His recent history is what it is. This isn’t a guy that comes in to install and grow development systems. If they hire him, obviously we need to see what he does.
  5. And my larger point. About pushing in all the chips to try and force open a win window will probably just screw up everything like it did then. The Astros didn’t trade everything to win their championship. The Dodgers are very deliberate with their use of minor league assets. I want the Angels to follow that model. Invest in and develop the farm. Trout knew what was getting into when he signed. And good for him. It’ll mean a lot more if they can do it.
  6. We’ve been bad man. Fine. I mis spoke about the whole decade. But for most of the decade we haven’t been meaningfully competitive and have mostly just been bad.
  7. I think they can let him compete for the job with the other infielders. We’ve all read about his great make up. He’s probably ready to compete for a major league job. Im not sure about his actual ability to be a major league starter. How could anyone possibly feel strongly about that ?
  8. I tend to think the main problem is players that aren’t very good. Not so much a lack of loud mouth personalities. I don’t think the Angels have a problem with guys who don’t care about winning. It’s possible to just not be good enough.
  9. We’ve watched the team be shitty for a decade now. They finally have a modest farm system. Speaking for myself, I can accept the slow build. What will really bother me is going back to the 2011-2012 situation which in a few years results in the 2016 situation. Fuck that. Disaster.
  10. Quite a jump between making the team competitive and the team winning a dang ring. The Angels should focus on long term sustainable success so they have a shot most years. This requires a productive and effective development system. I thought that’s what the new direction was when they hired Eppler. We’ll see now.
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