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  1. I don’t dispute that. I’m saying that a powerful and functioning state cannot be replaced by small local acts of charity. Which is a typical idea that for some reason people think is smart and workable.
  2. My point isn’t attacking Christians you fucking idiot. Do you want to talk about the roles that public hospitals play ? Sort of fucking bad that so many have been closed as a consequence of right wing austerity.
  3. I also think it’s funny that people who have wholeheartedly supported every single effort to hallow out the ability of the state to do anything are now pointing to how poor and inadequate the response of the state to crisis is. The fucking local church groups are doing a great job too eh ? Obviously just leave it to them and their charity.
  4. For sure, I honestly think we’re going to see outbursts of it on very different time lines around the country.
  5. It’s good that it seems that the vast majority of people are doing what’s right. But some of these states that still aren’t taking this with seriousness it demands....it’s going to be gnar. Unfortunately.
  6. Back in olden days they worshipped the calf. He’s referencing that.
  7. I suspect a high percentage of the bleacher creatures are like this.
  8. There are no bigger cowards and c*nts then the douche bag conservative neanderthals that talk like you. All of you are fucking piss babies. All of you. You’re incapable of being a man and just shutting the fuck up putting aside your personal comforts and accepting even slight inconvenience. Even in an effort to spare people from literally drowning to death from some awful pandemic sickness. You’re a coward. And you’re a coward to such an extent that you’re not even brave enough to admit you’re a selfish prick on a message board that will never hold you to any account. You try and hide under some faux blanket of self righteous devotion to liberty or whatever horseshit. Fuck off.
  9. God shut the fuck up dude. Your idea of freedom is warped and sick. It’s not freedom. It’s purely selfish individualism. Nothing noble or brave about it. Death cult shit. Just the most purely distilled morons idea of “freedom” Fucking bitch.
  10. Imagine the selfish indifference to the safety and life of your fellow citizens seeing the 100-240K number and crying about your freedom being trampled because you need to take break from going to restaurants or church or whatever for a month or two. This is what I’m talking about when I talk about the psychotic individualism that poisons American culture. We’re all fucked if this idea doesn’t curb.
  11. I wonder how long the locals in Mexico put up with some asshole American indulging his “freedom” constantly before they take care of him.