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  1. It’s pretty funny that Kamala stole MLK’s story about the little girl talking about “fweedom” and made it her story. jesus what a cringe ass dork.
  2. My issue with Kamala Harris is that she plainly will take any position that she thinks will further her political ambition. She has no idealogical position that she will stand behind. She’s a charlatan. that and she’s extremely annoying. Viscerally an unpleasant personality.
  3. In last 3 or 4 years Hand might be the reliever I’ve most enjoyed seeing pitch. Guy was awesome in San Diego. Would have been fun to see him in an Angels cap. Aw well
  4. There’s a pretty decent chance that I’ll never change it haha.
  5. Do I need to clarify to you whether I think assaulting someone is ok or not ? Give me a dang break guy.
  6. I don’t disagree at all. But it’s not open borders.
  7. I disagree. Healthcare isn’t intimately connected to immigration. Mexicans frequently go back across the border to get medicine and see physicians.
  8. I guess you can take that view. I think it’s mostly just a thing that neither party has handled well.
  9. Hard to explain what happened concisely when you’re talking about century spanning national project. Very complicated a lot of stuff to unpack.
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