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  1. This is for you Jason. And I also sincerely mean this.
  2. I mean I’m not going to do anything to make it happen I have no power to make anything happen to him. I’m not too worried about it. Dershowitz is a genuinely bad person. He doesn’t deserve positive or even neutral vibes and I won’t give them to him. Also, none of that is real. Some dude saying nasty things about a pure shit stain of a human on a message board doesn’t mean anything.
  3. I say this with absolute sincerity. I wish ill for Alan Dershowitz. I hope a helicopter crashes on top of him. Scum.
  4. Healthy school lunches are bad for freedom and Un American. Also why should have one cent of muh monies go towards feeding crotch spawn that don’t belong to me without my explicit consent ?
  5. A lot of people are saying it !
  6. This is actually a perfect AW thread. Honestly this is some rain man shit @True Grich
  7. Very upsetting that Mike Scioscia’s Italian integrity be impugned with this shit. Dislike. Not funny.
  8. The state of MLB is apparently extremely gay. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)
  9. Has anyone else found it pretty funny that Verlander has yet to open his big mouth on this ?
  10. I think this @Newkem guy needs to be sent to the AW gulag to do hard labor and receive re education. Also @Vladdylonglegs
  11. I would characterize my feelings on this as complete indifference.
  12. It sounds like Tank sodomized Nate on this golf outing. Damn.
  13. Adam makes fair point about the way taxes are utilized in this country. The thing I don’t agree with libertarians on is the alternative. Which is apparently just no government. I mean, when you distill it all down. That’s what it is. I do understand the cynicism about it though. the military should lose like 95% of its funding.
  14. Listen man, I’m with you. But how is it that you’re making less then 30K and getting only a $300 return ? What are you claiming when you get your paychecks ?
  15. I think Angels stadium is mostly “lifeless” because the team has been dog shit. the stadium was not lifeless during those Ohtani starts before he got hurt.
  16. Can’t say that I have much to add to the discussion on this.
  17. I will agree to this only when buttercup has been returned to its proper prominent place during the 7th inning stretch.
  18. I mean, Clinton did love flying the friendly skies in the Epstein express. Of course. Most of these fuckers did. Lol.
  19. I doubt anything else happens. MLB is going to bury this as quickly as possible.