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  1. Greg Gutfield is a fucking pathetic loser as well. Not funny. Huge dipshit.
  2. She’s a dumb bitch because she’s a shitty propaganda mouth piece that says stupid shit like the comment being discussed here which allows her to subsequently get owned by dumb fuck chuds. also, recall her Trump russiagate story. Lol. She’s a fucking embarrassment.
  3. I don’t understand the point of defending Rachel Maddows honor. Who gives a shit. Dumb bitch.
  4. Probably for the same reason that Sean Hannity and the rest of the 3rd reich whores at Fox are still on. They serve their masters well. I imagine the people who make MSNBC happen are pretty happy with their work this year.
  5. Neoliberals love means testing the shit out of everything and then trying to sell it to you that they’re helping you.
  6. Don’t let the bullshit rhetoric fool you. Obama was very much NOT for single payer health care.
  7. Trump needs to finish off the Democratic Party for good and do single payer healthcare. Trump doesn’t give a shit. Someone just needs to get in his ear to make him understand that it would guarantee his re election and make him the president who’s saved more lives then any president in 60 years. Probably ever.
  8. Joe Biden is proof that policy and constituent interests don’t matter at all to the Democrats. He’s the product of a wholly corrupt party and a media that acts as an enormously powerful tool of that corrupt party. it’s the same with GOP and the conservative media.
  9. Look at the numbers. He’s gotten more popular. He lies about what’s going on among 1000 other things. His failure to take this seriously back in January would be enough to finish a politician in any semi healthy nation. We don’t have a functioning political culture. The media is completely co opted. We don’t have a functioning state. The opposition party is literally hiding their candidate. The country is completely beholden to plutocrats. Hopefully this passes soon, but if this isn’t a wake up call for people. I mean, just forget about it. There’s no saving it.
  10. And what they do spend on. The military. We fucking suck shit. It’s built for a wars that don’t exist anymore.
  11. We’ve had decades of contempt for national infrastructure and maintenance of a strong welfare state. Small things become big things in crisis. More evidence of national collapse.
  12. If there’s any disparity in relief being provided from the feds based on political bias. That’s extremely alarming.
  13. I dunno, Inslee probably isn’t as bad as DeSantis.
  14. It sounds like he does. Hopefully he recovers soon. Also, extremely ill advised to take the tough guy approach and try and “hold off” if you start having trouble breathing, even a little that’s red alert time to go to the hospital, immediately.
  15. I think it’s rude to make fun of her stupid backwards shirt tbh
  16. I feel confident that he won’t be fired. Trump gets up there and says what he says. Like always it’s loaded with misleading shit. But I’ve gotta believe that he understands that if this gets bad enough he will pay for it in November. and look, if he’s allowed to massively fuck this up and get away with it. The country deserves what it gets. For better or worse we’re all bound to each other.
  17. The most serious issue here is that our emergency care services will be overwhelmed. That’s when the bodies will start stacking. They simply have to do everything possible to expand capacity quickly and they must pound home to the public that the spread can only be stemmed with cooperation.
  18. I think the idea of “back to normal” at the end of this 15 days “shut down” is extremely poor and if actually followed through on is a terrible indictment of our countries values. I sincerely hope they don’t try and do back to normal too soon. I can’t understand how this event doesn’t change people on what we need to do with healthcare, with the social safety net in general. For all the bravado about how wonderful our capitalism is, it sure does seem fragile as fuck.
  19. He won’t quit. He knows he’s needed.