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  1. OK, you disagree. I really believe Eppler's primary job was to get a pitcher of note this free agency and he didn't do that. He has to take responsibility for that despite picking up Rendon.
  2. This free agency the focus on the Angels was pitching, pitching, pitching. Eppler didn't get anyone of note. Whatever happened for him not to pick up one of those guys is an excuse, no matter what the reason.
  3. I think there are going to be people, like me, who think that Eppler could have gotten a pitcher or two of worth considering what was on the line this free agency.
  4. I just people who are thinking about such a deal really want pitching. Obviously, we don't need Betts but if getting Price means we get Betts then I'm not much against it.
  5. At this point, do you think he will get any more major league pitching for the coming season, and if not, do you think he's done enough to date?
  6. I think it depends on the quality of the players in our system, but I tend to. lean toward the money.
  7. Not much different, but the key is we need pitching and didn't do much to get it to date.
  8. ...with 10 being the unhappiest you'd be, what would be your number if we went into the new season with our current roster with no more additions? Mine is 8.
  9. As far as I'm concerned, we need at least one solid starter.
  10. If Lindor was included in the deal and we had to give up Marsh too and others, would that make a difference?
  11. Now that we've seen Eppler's turndown for Clevenger, I wonder if he's now seen as untouchable. Would you trade him for the right person(s) or is he untouchable now for you?
  12. Well, besides Ohtani, and who knows how often he'll pitch, I don't have a lot of confidence in any of the other starters. Like they say, good pitching beats good hitting. I like the offense, if healthy, but you wonder how many slugfests we'll win.