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  1. Is it feasible/possible for Eppler to go to multiple free agents who may be interested in signing with the Angels and asking them to give a small discount in order for all to be signed?
  2. Don't take this wrong, but how long are you willing to wait before the Angels get into the playoffs again?
  3. Kudos to the Nats for winning 4 games on the road! Just wanted to ask if Harper just left the team this year and who replaced him?
  4. I'd love Cole, but any of your options would make me happy.
  5. I definitely disagree. Heaney really disappointed me this year.
  6. Wow! This is close. I chose the third starter. I think with Trout, Ohtani, Simmons, Upton, we don't need an upgrade catcher as much as a third starter. Good poll.
  7. I chose the second one, but I wavered between that and the last. I'd rather have Grandal than D'Arnaud.
  8. Obviously, Kay has a reason to lie about the extent he took opioids and how much and when he gave Skaggs. What is his reasoning to lie about Mead?
  9. hey Doc, wouldn't it be best if this came into the light? This should be a strictly "help" strategem first before turning punitive.
  10. I disagree, Cat. If opiods start invading their employees, they should make a move to strengthen the organization.