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  1. At least in the next two seasons. I really believe that.
  2. How is he the best GM since Stoneman? I generally use W-L as a criteria and 5 years is a long time to be consistently bad as an organization especially with the money the Angels have. Blame Arte if you want, but he hasn't owned the team just 5 years.
  3. How could it be a disaster? I don't think the team will get worse unless we have a slew of injuries.
  4. I think the best news in this that I believe Arte will give some money to the guy to get at least two competent pitchers. Not necessarily two As, but I believe the minimum of a B+ and a B-
  5. Richards will bounce back. I think he would be a good acquisition.
  6. Doc, I'm not sure why he's been allowed to pitch so long in so short a season. I wonder if this whole season was just a test drive for the organization.
  7. You're asking the common fan to wait too long for success. Five years without being in the playoffs and probably 5 years straight being under .500. Eppler has not done a good job. Many owners would have fired him already rather than having him live out the contract.
  8. He's had long enough, UTH. Let's give someone else a chance. The Angels shouldn't be this bad for so long.
  9. I don't know. I liked the Suns name and logo when I was younger. I'm from NY and always liked the Islanders and became an Angels fan when Carew was traded. I felt the Yankees were too good and the Mets were horrible so I was a Twins fan because of Carew.
  10. It's mine. Secondly, are the Suns and Islanders.
  11. He's a shadow. Don't play him. For some reason I like Thaiss though.
  12. I love the Angels, Kevin, but I believe we've reached the crest of the Angels' season. Between our pitching and the hitting dearth of LaStella, Goodwin, and Fletcher, I don't see it although I'd love to experience the playoffs again.
  13. I agree. We should re-sign Simmons. Look at the infield when Fletcher is hurt. Can we really afford to lose Simmons?
  14. Do you think Canning can be as good as Richards? I still think it was a mistake that we didn't try to re-sign Garrett and the same for Shoemaker.
  15. Would the more knowledgeable fans give me your take on these two? Do you think they will be successful? If so, how much rope should they be given to succeed? Thanks in advance.
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