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  1. I know the 2002 team won the championship, but would you say it's stronger than the '86 team or other Angel teams that made the playoffs? Who would you say is the strongest Angels playoff team?
  2. Do you think he's better than Heaney?
  3. I noticed that Griffin's name was missing from the scripted call thread. What is your assessment of him? Is he still an up-and-comer? Do you still think he will be a big part of the future rotation?
  4. Man, that was a depressing recap. This team has been bad for too long.
  5. We start to get a break in the schedule and Rendon should be back then. I feel we really need to take advantage from then through the end of the month to get back on track. Maybe by then a decision will be made on Quintana and Cobb too. We really need someone or someones to inject some vivacity in the team.
  6. Maybe not, but the more time you know about a problem gives you more time to deal with it. Perhaps there would have been cooler heads on both sides.
  7. I agree with you that if the cause of this is playing time then it was caused by Pujols and I think the Angels did the only thing they could do. However, management has to take some responsibility in not having more communication with Pujols in their thinking regarding Ohtani and Walsh. Maybe they felt they didn't need to because Pujols should have known. But Pujols didn't just get on the team and personality-wise they should know him well. When you group his career stature with the last season of that career, then perhaps there should have been more foresight.
  8. Never thought of that, but there's still the issue that he's not hitting.
  9. What does that mean? You don't think DFAing a HOFer in his last year of a 10-year contract doesn't look bad for the Angels? This was definitely mishandled.
  10. I guess I'm in the minority in that I don't feel celebratory for this. He just left a little sooner than I thought. He wasn't really blocking anyone from playing. The team still needs pitching and I don't think he soured the team like Jose Guillen did. I don't envision the team going on some big winning streak now.
  11. They had no choice. Pujols didn't want to play part time. I don't think they wanted to do this. It's basically a "play me or trade me" mandate without the trading option.
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