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  1. Happy Birthday! Here's to more Angels wins as your present!
  2. I thought this was a Walking Dead reference.
  3. Off the top of my head, I was generous with 60-69 games, with many of those at DH. However, I cite so many if a) he's healthy b) relatively contributive (I'd say even a .230+ if he's still hitting homers c) how hot others like Walsh, Ohtani and others are who play 1B/DH I still think Pujols is a good defensive 1B man and he can't be seen as getting too many potential at-bats as a pinch hitter. Given his stature and it's his last season, I think, given the three factors above, he shouldn't be made to languish on the bench.
  4. Thanks, I'll take your word for it although I don't understand why.
  5. Does anyone know the reasoning behind the lineups, that is, why all the stars seem to be one one, like yesterday's, and then the C lineup on other days?
  6. This is a copout answer but I believe the Angels have to have good fortune eventually. I keep believing the next year is the one they get back to the playoffs. Here we are again.
  7. More than any of the other "reclamation" articles, I hope this kid excels. I think the Angels will be so much better, except for maybe if Canning becomes a star.
  8. Why is the guy with the hatchet all the way in the back?
  9. It's a big gamble, Chuck. Is he able to pitch to live batters while waiting? I wouldn't want that rust to grow. Do you think he has that much talent to call the teams' bluff?
  10. If he doesn't make a decision within a week, I'd be surprised.
  11. If true, I don't understand it. If I'm a player, I'd like to be acclimated as quickly as possible. I definitely wouldn't wait for spring training to make a decision. I know he's training independently but there has to be a great advantage to stability.
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