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  1. Why they ever remade this, I have no idea. It may be the worst remake in history when you talk about the disparity from the original.
  2. No, I don't think so. Coupled with the Ohtani/Trout/Rendon triumvirate, which aren't old, we should be pretty good for years to come as long as we're healthy.
  3. It's just not a big priority on the face of it.
  4. I realized I hadn't made my choices. I'll go with Smyly, Matz and re-sign Iglesias.
  5. I agree, but I think Arte has to really go out. We may have to overpay some lower tier pitchers to make sure we get them. Let someone else pay a zillion for Scherzer.
  6. I don't have a lot of confidence. It seems like Detmers, CRod and Sandoval lapped him by a lot.
  7. My view is that Scioscia is gone. Let's look towards the future. I don't think Maddon is bad. He has had to play the cards he was dealt. Scioscia hasn't won with better Angels teams.
  8. From what I remember we had a lot of injuries in 2003, barring that, do you think we could have repeated?
  9. I'm wondering what the 2022 team will need versus what the 2002 team had. Of course, we can't quantify heart and chemistry, but I don't think the 2002 team had great starters. We had a great bullpen and solid hitting. A championship team can have different components of success. In assessing the two teams, how far away is the '22 club from being as good as '02? This is not an assessment of our competition.
  10. I figured one of these clever people would have done it first but I didn't feel like reading through all the posts to find out.
  11. If we did have an internal shortstop, who would you want there? I'm not averse to Rengifo, but I'm open to other ideas.
  12. I've only read through the first 6 or so messages and the answer seems to be uniformly no.
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