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  1. Best of luck to you, Victor. I wish you the best. Thank you for the fidelity during the years you were with the Angels.
  2. Pujols, Hamilton, and C.J. Wilson. I thought we were shoo-ins for great things.
  3. Thanks all. I was hoping for something substantive, but I appreciate the honesty of just not knowing.
  4. This is definitely a slow going in the free agent track. Why is that? Is Perry waiting for a certain ball to drop? Is his vision similar to Eppler's? Should we have higher/lower/same expectations as we had for Eppler? Let me know your thoughts.
  5. I think you're wrong. How long has Adell been in the organization vs. Wood? You can't throw away a guy after a dip-in-the-toe major league experience.
  6. Wow! Very close! I remember Bill Madlock on the Bucs when I first became an Angels fan. A very dangerous bat.
  7. I have one Angels jersey: Howie Kendrick. That's a great way to leave the game, pretty much on the cusp of a championship.
  8. Thank you for sending this! It was really heartening to get the insight on what happened. You could tell he's still in some pain about his MLB career, but I'm so happy his experience enables him to help kids. I really wish I could shake his hand and say I'm proud of what he's become. Sometimes our journey takes us to places we never thought we'd go but at the same time it may be best for us. Maybe he didn't get the career he wanted but it sounded like his family base was terrific, and between his wife and parents, that they held him up through all the adversity.
  9. I think those of you who are saying yes are making a mistake. If Adell had a second year like Trout did, would you say the same? I think Adell may still be a star. I think there are other ways to get pitching.
  10. I'm interested in anyone who makes the Angels better.
  11. For some reason, I don't think he'll come to my hometown, NYC.
  12. At least in the next two seasons. I really believe that.
  13. How is he the best GM since Stoneman? I generally use W-L as a criteria and 5 years is a long time to be consistently bad as an organization especially with the money the Angels have. Blame Arte if you want, but he hasn't owned the team just 5 years.
  14. How could it be a disaster? I don't think the team will get worse unless we have a slew of injuries.
  15. I think the best news in this that I believe Arte will give some money to the guy to get at least two competent pitchers. Not necessarily two As, but I believe the minimum of a B+ and a B-
  16. Richards will bounce back. I think he would be a good acquisition.
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