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  1. Any time you can work “flummoxed” and his nickname “The Slegend” into an article, even AW can smile...
  2. Isn't that kinda like saying: "At least my prom date has prettier lipstick than your pig"...?
  3. We don't want Price either... sat out last year - horrible under pressure... no thanks...
  4. Was never a fan of the guy (but I see the talent)... just want to know now: how much? and will they let him pitch every 4 days?!?!?!?
  5. With many teams (Angels included) spending resources raising the floor on their roster... What's his market at this point...? It feels like no team is able to meet or beat the early-off season numbers being circulated for Bauer...
  6. I've always felt like Suzuki is a really good "glue-guy"... I dig it...
  7. I"m definitely in the "Vlad-by-far" camp. He's the only Angel I'd stop whatever I was doing to watch his ABs - he was magnetic - And no doubt: Trout is a much more complete player... I'm real leery of overweight guys in the second half of their productive years (Mooo, Cecil Fielder, Pujols, etc.), so my excitement was always tempered... but I'm a little surprised Kendrys isn't getting more play... 1 - Vlad 2 - Greinke 3 - Shohei 4 - Pujols 5 - Kendrys Morales
  8. Bench Pujols… move Fletch to 1B... Simmons at SS... and Goody in RF... and we got ourselves a ball club...
  9. Amen... dude eats big moments for lunch...
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