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  1. I've always felt like Suzuki is a really good "glue-guy"... I dig it...
  2. I"m definitely in the "Vlad-by-far" camp. He's the only Angel I'd stop whatever I was doing to watch his ABs - he was magnetic - And no doubt: Trout is a much more complete player... I'm real leery of overweight guys in the second half of their productive years (Mooo, Cecil Fielder, Pujols, etc.), so my excitement was always tempered... but I'm a little surprised Kendrys isn't getting more play... 1 - Vlad 2 - Greinke 3 - Shohei 4 - Pujols 5 - Kendrys Morales
  3. Bench Pujols… move Fletch to 1B... Simmons at SS... and Goody in RF... and we got ourselves a ball club...
  4. Amen... dude eats big moments for lunch...
  5. Kudos to the Yanks management to crank up the idiotic East Coast press corps and jack up the price on the Halos! Well done!
  6. C - Bengie Molina 1B: Darin Erstad (loved Wally World too!) 2B: Bobby Grich 3B: Troy Glaus SS: Andrelton Simmons LF: Tim Salmon RF: Vlad Guerrero CF: Mike Trout DH: Chili Davis LHP: Chuck Finley RHP: Nolan Ryan (with a tip of the cap to Weaver) RP: Scot Shields CL: Troy Percival
  7. I suspect they'll get a better offer than that... but that clip of Stroman - is awesome :)... mad props to him...
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