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  1. When Gubi is sticking to his strengths, he's great. He's really insightful and a fantastic commentator. Where he gets tiresome is with the stupid keys to the game and other random crap apparently designed to make baseball fun for people who don't like baseball. Or something. I dunno. Either way, I'd be bummed if he left because I can live with the silliness in exchange for the actual insight he gives, which is really top notch. As for Sutton, I thought he was fine, but I preferred Matty V. Kinda surprised they kicked him to the curb. Must've pissed someone off behind the scenes.
  2. My memory for anything pre-2000 is shaky. I was just a kid in the early 90's and didn't follow the team super closely. Since then, the ones I remember as good were Torii and Vlad. Ohtani is a little early to tell, but I'd add him to the list of the ones I remember. Worst were Pujols and Hamilton by a long shot. GM Jr. should be there also. Finding another that compares is difficult. CJ was not a terrible contract, he just wasn't a great one. He was a good bit worse than his last two years with the Rangers, so he was disappointing, but he only had one legitimately bad year. Was he worth his contract? Debatable. Probably not quite. He was being paid to be a 3 win player, if I remember win/$ from then correctly, and he never quite was there. He did manage a sub 4.00 ERA 3/4 years with us. People didn't like him personally, but he wasn't a disaster of a contract.
  3. I'm curious if the league is adjusting to him, or maybe he's going through a slump and trying too hard now which means he's swinging at things he shouldn't.
  4. I don't get the complaint with removing Ohtani. He might've been able to go more, but it's not like he's been throwing 100+ pitches every game or 200 innings every year. If the pen can't hold down two innings, that's a problem. 7ip with 1 run allowed should be more than enough.
  5. How do you walk a guy batting .133? Slegers pitches to Maldonado instead of around him, inning is probably a goose egg. Obviously bigger problems than that with the offense, but that was a glaringly bad error.
  6. Not sure who is up there right now, but Walsh is under contract for quite a few years. Most of the other options are free agents at year's end.
  7. Maybe. I noticed that also. All I'm saying is I want Butera starting as much as possible going forward.
  8. Is Butera supposed to be good with pitchers? If his work with Canning tonight is any sign, he may be worth keeping around, even if he'll never hit.
  9. Pujols has almost no value at the plate or on the field, and what he does have is more negative than positive. A player of his experience could have a positive effect on a non-contender in the clubhouse with young guys and no one they'd miss if they subbed AP in at 1B.
  10. Stassi and Rendon haven't been healthy most of the year. Their replacements have been noticeably worse. If they're healthy, that will help a bit. Cutting Pujols and putting Walsh full time at 1B will also make a difference. Upton is probably a lost cause. Honestly, the corner outfield positions don't look like quick fixes. Maybe hope Lagares improves at the plate. Iglesias I assume will improve. Hopefully he isn't actually that bad. He's only 31, so I wouldn't think he'd suddenly turn into a pumpkin.
  11. Won't happen until we have two guys other than Trout in the outfield who are undeniably better than Upton. Pujols hasn't really been better than the alternatives for quite some time, but Walsh was so much better this season (and the end of last), that it's just inexcusable to keep trotting an inferior product onto the field. I don't see anyone other than Trout who is markedly better than Upton at this point, so I wouldn't be shocked to see him finish out his contract. We'll just have to see who earns the spot.
  12. Apparently someone up there agrees.
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