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  1. All fair. One of the things I've been happiest about is seeing Walsh continuing where he left off in 2020. Approach seems somewhat legit. Hoping he keeps it up as teams start to take him seriously. Also Bundy is looking like the Bundy of 2020, not the guy who sucked before that, so that's great. Most of the rest? Yeah, it's early. Things always ebb and flow to some degree. Not remotely worried about Fletcher or Rendon. Raisel only slightly (just because relievers can lose it quickly). Ohtani is who he is: Supremely talented if healthy. For me, that will probably be a big question mark fo
  2. Would actually make for an interesting poll: Which of the six starting pitchers do guys here have the most and least faith in right now.
  3. So glad we didn't trade for that guy. Bullet dodged.
  4. I read after his last Spring start got cut short by the blister issue that he's had problems with blisters for years. This has been a long term problem was my impression.
  5. He said he is basically retired by choice and isn't interested in managing in MLB again. I think he is very picky about what teams he'd be willing to manage. One is the Dodgers, and that almost certainly won't be happening any time soon.
  6. There was a video with Trout pregame where he said something like, "I want to win a World Series. If you don't, you might as well go home. Why even play otherwise?" It was an interestingly timed comment considering Buttrey saying he didn't care about awards or championships.
  7. Moral of this story: Only watch the last 3 innings of Angels games.
  8. 4-1 apiece. After a ridiculous defensive giveaway in the 1st, they did a good job keeping runs off the board against a consensus top 3 AL team. Also [checks scoreboard] the A's pitching looks like a disaster this season. Only five games, but...geez.
  9. Astros have clearly invented a new tech to make their opponents misplay every ball in play.
  10. Um, yeah it does. Serious question, are you watching the game?
  11. Anyone blaming Quintana must not be watching the game and just checking scoreboard updates.
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