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  1. You can't just add an extra couple of pitchers because "someone will probably be injured". No one does that. What they do is build up depth. Barria and Sandoval are depth. Canning is not. Heaney is not. Bundy is not. Quintana is not. Ohtani is not. They'll get one more and that will be it.
  2. No chance of Terry Smith. Too old at this point. Makes a lot of errors. It won't be him.
  3. No one will be giving him a fist bump, that's for sure.
  4. Fabian Ardaya commented on a Q&A the other day that it's a really highly sought after job given how rarely an MLB play by play job opens up in SoCal. That gives me hope they won't do something stupid like hand the job over to Mota or Trent Rush.
  5. Hand probably doesn't cost too much, but his declining velocity is worrisome, especially given the general volatility among relievers. Not a position you want to be ignoring danger signs.
  6. But if Bundy, Quintana, and Heaney all have great years, why would they re-sign when they're free agents and can sign with anyone? Or were you referring to the minors guys?
  7. Rosenthal not mentioning the Angels being in on Bauer is not significant. If he'd said they were previously but aren't now, that would be. If he said Bauer is out of their price range, that would be notable. Absence of mentions simply means he has no info on them. Maria Torres saying keep expectations low is not significant. If she was actually reporting that the Angels are definitively out, she would have said so. She didn't. No one else has. Bauer's relationships with the Angels strength and conditioning coach and with Callaway are not significant. If his beef with Callaway was a
  8. She knows nothing. She's simply being realistic. Arte hasn't gone over the luxury tax except once barely and that was years ago. Is she correct? Who knows. There is no new information here.
  9. That would be incredibly unwise on their part. They'd have to replace four pitchers on their staff in a shallow market next offseason.
  10. You're throwing out the guy who actually doesn't have red flags and ignoring the huge ones in the guy you like. Pot meet kettle. Think whatever you want, but don't pretend you're being objective.
  11. Is it your goal to be wrong about everything? This strategy makes basically every error that has all the hallmarks that tend to result in disaster than success First, Bauer pitched through injury in 2019. This was common knowledge for Reds fans. He injured his ankle early in the year and pitching through it jacked up his back. You try pitching to major league hitters that way. In 2018, he was an ace. In 2020, he got back to business. He's legit. Also, throwing out the most recent year of a major leaguer and assuming it's just an aberration goes wrong more often than not. Usually it
  12. People seriously need to quit making more of this than actually exists. You want a fact? Here's one: The Angels would have zero interest if Callaway made it clear they couldn't work together. If they've shown interest, the "conflict" is a nothing burger.
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