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  1. Why have they stopped talking about deaths and only address cases now? Is it because the fatality rate is going down? Case totals were obviously going to go up when testing increased. Not sure if it’s accurate, but I read an article earlier stating that hospitals in Texas were testing everyone coming in for any procedure and if the test came out positive that they cited it as a COVID hospitalization. If accurate, that’s concerning, but I haven’t seen anything else on that so it might not be. Also, if they’re so concerned about this, why is Newsom closing beaches and businesses while essentially ignoring protests? The inconsistency is problematic.
  2. He needs development. There is no minor league for him to play in. I suspect he’ll play at least 2/3 of the year.
  3. They shaved off basically a whole point of ERA from 4.78 to 3.82 between 2012 and 2013. How much of that was Callaway is debatable. You’d have to compare who they were both working with and so forth. But the whole staff didn’t get overhauled in one season.
  4. You can make a lot better money quicker in the NFL and NBA. Guys tend to only choose MLB if they’re really committed to it or they’re not good enough at football or basketball. There is a point to be made that youth baseball can be difficult due to rising costs, so that’s something to keep in mind, I suppose.
  5. Professional prospect analyst who literally gets paid to know this stuff and get it right: “He should be a part of the team this season. I’d think about starting him.” Random dude on internet: Nah. Seems legit.
  6. They’re his employees, not Albert’s. It’s ridiculous that after losing millions himself this season, Albert is covering a significant portion of money that Arte is too cheap to take care of himself.
  7. So Manfred knows 70 won’t work because of Covid, but 60 games is just fine. He knows those ten days four months from now will be so big a problem that it’s a dealbreaker. Does he think we’re idiots? Nobody is that stupid, Robbo. Geez, we are going to lose this over ten games. Ten. Games. What the fark are you self-absorbed windbags on about? This isn’t hard, either ask for some concessions from the union to make the extra up front dough worth it or offer to give up something to lose ten games, or figure out a way to meet in the middle. This. Isn’t. Hard. Unless you’re children who can only have things your own way. What a pile of monkey poo.
  8. If a player has to be overpaid, I’m glad when it’s someone like Albert who actually uses it to help people. Also, f Arte.
  9. Yeah. Under the former deal, the extra was contingent on playoffs being played. Also, it's doubtful that will be the final total in any case. Up till now, though, the owners had been screwing around with potential money that was dependent on certain things - primarily playoff games. It was inconsistent with the CBA, though. Fortunately they've got their heads out of their asses and a deal looks like it might happen this weekend.
  10. Looking like it'll be about 66 games when all is said and done. Probably expanded playoffs to make the owners happy, and likely a universal DH (wouldn't be surprised if 2021 is the last year with pitchers hitting, unless they make a deal to eliminate it next year also). Not ideal, but it is what it is. Sure, it'll be closer to a two month tournament than a legit season, but it's baseball. At this point, I'll settle for that.
  11. Really? In what way are their offers unrealistic? Seriously, I'd like to hear someone even try to defend that.
  12. I’m no fan of Whicker. He’s a pretentious douche (or at least comes across that way in his articles and on twitter). He is right, though, about the season being less meaningful with so few games. That said, I’m totally with you: No baseball sucks also - imo, much more than even a mediocre season.
  13. I voted in the survey. I gave Victor and Gubi high marks. I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t know Victor is great at his job. Gubi is a bit more divisive, but I think - his personality aside - he is very insightful. i gave lower marks to the field reporting, mostly because of Mota. AC is fine - she’s cute and she asks the appropriately bland questions engagingly enough - but I don’t feel like she’s particularly insightful, so I wasn’t concerned about Mota dragging her down.
  14. I don't know that past stoppages have been this black and white obvious. Based on the CBA, the owners - unlike other leagues - take on the risk and receive the benefits. To date, that has worked out exceedingly well for them. Now that it isn't, they want to not only take what the players gave up (pay for all games not played), they want more (a significant reduction of pay for games played). And now that they realize they're going to lose a grievance for negotiating in bad faith so they hold the season hostage to try to strong arm the players into playing ball. It isn't entirely certain whether the owners would lose money with full pro rated salaries at, say, 82 games, because they won't reveal their financials. But honestly, that isn't the players' problem because the owners agreed to the effing CBA that says they bear the burden of both gains and losses! The players haven't been seeing the gains because the owners haven't been raising salaries at the level that the owners have been realizing gains. It's a total joke, and too many fans are laughing when they should be holding the league responsible for screwing the fans over. The players shouldn't give in because, even if there is no baseball in 2020, once they do, not only will they be letting the owners get away with breaching the CBA, but they'll also be setting a bad precedent for negotiations of the next CBA (post-2021). They shouldn't do that.