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  1. I'm less concerned about the virus itself and more about the over-panic going on. I think the cancelling of most things is prudent given the circumstances, but the panic-shopping is ridiculous and only going to cause problems for everyone else.
  2. Basically this. The more stats I see, and the intensifying of the virus, the more I become concerned. It still seems like it may be somewhat speculative to some degree, but what’s the worst case of over caution? Be safe and if it turns out to be significantly less, the naysayers have a free I-told-you-so pass.
  3. Exactly. His approach at the plate needs more refinement. I’m speculating around June, but we’ll have to wait and see. He’s not too far, but still needs time.
  4. This was basically my take when I read it back when it came out. That might be me being a fanboy or it might be him writing sensationalistic articles. Probably a bit of both, tbh, even if he turns out to be right.
  5. Astros players will be very excited about that.
  6. I have zero problem with bunting with intention of getting a hit. What I dislike is deliberate sac bunts in most cases. And honestly, it could end up being a competitive advantage as well if it works out. The goal is to be ahead of everyone else on what is working.
  7. Yet all the dopes will still say, “He’s got to earn it? He’ll magically earn in three weeks into the season cuz service time manipulation!”
  8. I’ve loved the way he played for a long time. The more I learn about him, the more I like him. Really stoked he signed with us.
  9. I’m open to you trying, but I don’t know how successful you’ll be. The facts are pretty clear.
  10. I think Anderson’s durability masked how much better Salmon was, yes. I think if Salmon has matched Anderson’s games played, he would have had significantly better counting stats. However, Anderson was durable, and Salmon was less so. I think Salmon was an all star level talent over five or more years. I think Anderson was a slightly above average major league outfielder who had two very solid seasons, one of which was all star level. I think the only way anyone can argue Anderson was better is by using counting stats. Those are relatively easy to counter. On the other hand, to counter my contention that Salmon was better, you would have to explain how Salmon had no less than 7 seasons with a higher wRC+ than Anderson’s best year. Most of Anderson’s years were either just barely above 100 (league average) or just under (after his prime). From 93 through 06, Timmy had 2 seasons below 110. One of which was an injury shortened season of 2005. So, tl;dr: After reviewing the numbers, yes, I would say Salmon was elite, albeit he struggled with injuries more, while Anderson was slightly above average in his prime years and just okay the rest of them.
  11. This is why counting stats being used for hall of fame voting can be at times problematic. Basically, we can end up overvaluing someone whose main value was playing a long time. That’s not to say durability and longevity don’t have value, but ask any team which they’d rather have in a given season: Longevity means jack. They want the better player. Context is essential when dealing with counting stats.