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  1. Why Didi? If you're looking for a SS, bring Simba back. Hated Didi with the Yanks, don't want him here. Period.
  2. I would assume this is either industry expectation from people he's talked to or he just has a hate-on for the Angels. My first reaction is: BS. Am I missing something? Is the Angels pitching situation really that far off? (Note. I'm not interested in the opinion of the trolls -- I already know and don't care about your opinions. Looking for serious looks at who we have and what we need compared to other playoff teams.)
  3. Same. I like Bauer, and I'd be stoked to bring him in. I just don't think he's Arte's type of player (a good pitcher /s).
  4. If he's that good, you aren't getting him for that cheap. And if he isn't, you're better off seeing what Rengifo and Barreto have. Barreto was a top prospect but was blocked from regular playing time. Dodgers wanted Rengifo. Need to see what you've got there before giving up on either -- especially considering they're both cheap options, which is what the Angels need right now.
  5. He's garbage as an analyst. His votes for awards are almost always wrong. But he's a good reporter -- his scoops are as reliable as almost anyone. If he says that's the list, it's pretty darn close.
  6. Agree on a lot of that. Baldoquin was a colossal error. So was how he dealt with Scioscia. The farm situation, I'm not sure was his error. Seattle is doing surprisingly well. I find it hard to believe he got that much smarter simply by leaving SoCal. The simplest answer to me was he was under a mandate to win now, screw the cost. I'm not saying Dipoto didn't make huge mistakes. Clearly he did. But his experiences outside of the Angels lead me to believe that his problems here were due to an overly involved owner and a manager he was not on the same page with who had the full suppor
  7. That was a personality issue, not a bad hiring. Arte hired a gm and let his manager undercut him. That's not how it's supposed to work. Now, Dipoto lacked the respect for Sosh's history here and tried to treat him like just another manager. That was a fail. But Seattle seems to indicate that his GM fails here were more Arte issues than Dipoto issues. Still not a fan on Dipoto, but I don't think he's a terrible gm. Arte is the problem.
  8. The last two GM’s weren’t terrible hiring. It was the guy behind them that was the problem.
  9. Yeah, I don’t see this happening. If Maddon wasn’t the manager, it might be an outside chance, but even then I’d be skeptical. I don’t think it’s an analytics issue with Epstein and Maddon, the impression I got is they simply have a different clubhouse philosophy. Could be wrong. Either way, I don’t see him coming to Anaheim in any case. Might take Philly off the market, though.
  10. My recollection (which is extremely fallible) from last season was that Bauer laughed off rumors that he couldn't be traded to Houston because he and Cole don't get along. But when Cole was asked about Bauer, he refused to talk about it. That would suggest Fletch is correct and NY is unlikely to bring in Bauer. But who knows?
  11. If you go back and read my original comment, I was pointing out why Dombrowski is unlikely. Same with anyone established in the field. The only people who would be interested are those who are trying to break in - as you noted also. Someone like Dombrowski, who has been heavily linked to the job won’t take it unless he’s simultaneously given a lot of money and assurances that Arte will be hands off. Even then, he’s probably got better opportunities elsewhere.
  12. I called it. No one with a brain wants to be a part of this organization. You’d have to be desperate for a shot to risk putting up with Arte.
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