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  1. It sounds good until you dig into it. Starting pitcher doesn’t have it that day. Gets shelled in the first inning. Now you not only lose your SP, you basically have zero chance to come back because the DH is removed as well. It’s supreme BS. It will make blowouts that much worse. Then you’re stuck either forcing a reliever to hit or using up everyone on the bench. No one in baseball will go for this. The only scenario it really makes sense for is when the starter goes like 5-7 innings. Even then I’m not crazy about it, but IMO it becomes a crapfest really quickly.
  2. I like Jayson Stark typically, but his DH hybrid idea is one of the dumbest I’ve ever heard. I understand what he’s thinking, but I don’t think he’s thought it through enough. It’s a really bad idea.
  3. It’s about time. About a hundred years too late.
  4. In future it may result in a lifetime ban for coaches or GM’s. I agree - I don’t think people like that are gonna want to risk it.
  5. Gotta be honest, I’d feel more cool about being ‘right’ if you hadn’t liked the one below. I’m surprised Lou hasn’t ‘I agree’d me yet.
  6. A bigger issue is not only defense but working well with pitchers. I seem to recall hearing he had issues on that front, but someone with more info there can correct that if my memory is in error.
  7. I read Pena is supposed to be ready for Spring also. Could maybe pitch long relief or spot starting. That or compete with Andriese for that role.
  8. You cared what he said before that? As an aside, if everyone muted him and he kept on posting, would it even exist? (I guess just to guests, poor peeps.)
  9. He indicated a belief that lots of teams were doing the same thing. His evidence: Lots of teams were using complicated signs in the playoffs. All that proves, though, is teams suspected other teams of stealing, not that those teams were doing it. I think a lot of players on the Astros were under the impression that pretty much all competitive teams were doing the same thing and they had to do it to keep up. That’s what makes Beltran and Cora particularly a problem.
  10. I was continuing my thought. I had mentioned a Boyd trade in regard to Marsh. Quoting you does not mean I am excluded from making comments that do not directly relate to you or what you said.