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  1. Clearly and alien abduction. Follows the timeline and outcome of several other accounts. Gone for two weeks, head injury, is found a half mile from the parking lot. Greys are at it again.
  2. I hate the Dodgers because when I was a kid, their away games Preempted Brady Bunch re-runs. Nobody comes between me and the Brady’s.
  3. I miss all of the “Fu** Yu, We Got Pujols” threads that were from another time.
  4. Has anyone put solar panels on their house? We are thinking about doing it and was wondering if you had good companies to look at, any advice, and a rough cost. I think we want to buy the panels vs the solar lease programs.
  5. We are watching it tonight. My 13 year old is almost as excited as I am.
  6. Flip them. Imagine all the good pitches in the zone Rendon would see with Fletcher in front of him and Trout behind.
  7. It’s crazy how fast people have turned on Adell. He is what, 22? Playing in the weirdest season of baseball in history. Spent how many years waiting for this moment to walk on to a field with no fans, players wearing masks, and the fear of Covid. This all has to be hard in the guy. Add to that, he should be in AAA. This team sucks with or without him. At least he is getting playing time, learning from his coaches and teammates (I would hope Trout is taking him under his wing) and is seeing what he needs to work on. I hope this isn’t killing his confidence. Maybe it’s bringi
  8. Let’s trade him, Trout and Fletcher for the Padres.
  9. A frog, a bear, in his natural habitat, and their friends drive to Hollywood to make a movie, only to be chased by a restauranteur who wants to advertise his signature dish, frog legs, by using the singing, dancing, and banjo playing skills of the previously mentioned frog.
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