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  1. My parents took my wife and I on an Alaskan cruise when we first got married. It was cool enough. For the first 9 days, we slept as ate on the boat, but when on shore we hiked a ton. The second half of the trip, we went inland and did a bunch more hiking. it was an easy way to know where you were going to sleep and eat of you wanted. I was 32, 140 lbs and two weeks after we got back, I rode my bike from San Francisco to LA, so it’s not like I was lazy and lacked adventure. Would I do it again? Probably not.
  2. This is a great signing for the Padres. Way to go Albert!
  3. Wasn’t he trying to push the ball through the right side because of the shift?
  4. Positives- There seems to be some fire and swagger. It was goody see Trout get a little fired up on a single opening night. Walsh’s walk off swagger was awesome. This will make. Them fun to watch. Trout has not even been Trout yet and they took 3/4. Negatives- Trout isn’t Trout yet. This offense will be really good when firing on all cylinders.
  5. I thought about coming, but after being on this board for well over a decade and never meeting anyone (except for the one guy who came to one of my shows in like 2009) I thought it would be way cooler to stay an enigma. Besides, my with, charm, and good looks might be intimidating in person.
  6. Good movie- Back to the Future. Pretty close to a perfect movie Bad movie- While You Were Sleeping. Not a very good movie, but I watch it every year. And I am ok with the shit I get for it... from my wife.
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