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  1. Trout literally talked about looking up Adell’s minor league box scores and would call Eppler late at night to talk about him. He has also spoken about mentoring him the way Hunter mentored Trout. I am not saying that Trout has come out and said don’t trade him, but he obviously likes the kid.
  2. I think one of the reasons Trout signed his contract was Adell. Trout wants to play with him and has been following him in the minors. this probably plays into the decision.
  3. Yeah, tough to be a pilot when you can’t see red or green. Same for being a ship captain.
  4. Let’s see, our ace overdosed, our superstar two way player had Tommy John surgery, our young pitcher was shut down with elbow problems Heaney had arm issues, and every other SP was either hurt or just plain sucked. Why would any Free Agent pitcher want to join this mess of a rotation? I don’t think this is Eppler’s fault.
  5. Meh, I saw it more as a guy wanting to sign a couple balls and go on with his day instead of answering dumbass questions kind of a video. i wish him luck until the Angels play them. as an aside, how many of those balls are on eBay right now?
  6. Me either. I have better things to do than read 23 pages of a post in a baseball forum in December. Maybe you can catch me up.
  7. I just heard on am 830, that the Angel Megadeal was just SOUTH of $300 million. We were never in it
  8. It’s going to get a lot of Stranger Things comparisons. Certainly doesn’t look or feel like the originals, or the reboot. I will go in with an open mind. It could be fun, if they find any humor. Trailer was completely lacking in humor.
  9. We used to go to the Roma D Italia in Laguna Hills. It was owned by the son and wife of the original. The cooks and bus boys used to sit at one of the booths with binoculars and watch the girls on the treadmills at the 24 hour fitness across the street.
  10. 146,000 orders in 2 days. if you have never driven a Model 3, I highly suggest you take one for a test drive. They are crazy.