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  1. The Boingo Halloween shows at Irvine Meadows were crazy.
  2. What makes you think we would have kept Simmons? I think he booked his train ticket out of Anaheim the day he decided not to play out the rest of the season, for whatever the reason.
  3. Wait, they aren’t the same guy?
  4. The man loved baseball and lasagna. Quite a character.
  5. She is dead. From a Urinary Tract Infection. Crazy.
  6. Bauer is probably losing interest after reading this thread.
  7. I always thought you and Blarg played well off each other, but now, it’s like you are Perfect Strangers
  8. Man, the Padres have a great stadium, In a cool city with loads of bars and places to go before and after games, a team that is fun to watch and should be a contender. Sometimes, I think I may have followed the wrong team. Oh well.
  9. Maybe this will be the time for Salmon to step into coaching. He is close with Maddon, was an outfielder, knows the game, and is a former Angel.
  10. I am glad he got a ring. I wish it was with us.
  11. I didn’t even see an Angels hat. Time to move on
  12. Act One- exposition, laying the foundation of what’s to come Act Two- build in story via Cause and Effect leading up to the the first climactic moment and often ending where the hero is in jeopardy of losing everything. Act Three- a significant event leading to the ultimate climactic moment and resolution.
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