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  1. Shorthand for Kobe Bryant with a misplaced apostrophe?
  2. Looks like John McGraw but I thought he played third mostly...
  3. The Big Train and pride of Fullerton Union High, Walter Johnson
  4. My boyhood idol as an elementary school kid living 12 miles from downtown Detroit. Was there for Motown, the riots and the ‘68 Series win.
  5. Given the times I figured it stood for Out Of Toilet Paper. (rim shot)
  6. Never heard that story before. Fredericksburg is my birthplace and the school bus every morning took me past Ferry Farm where George was born and across that same Rappahannock River.
  7. I remember Dave Collins as a Red, forgot he was a Tiger. Google doesn't return any mention of The Seraph Streakers but my old high school friends also remember the reference being made that summer by Enberg/Drysdale so it's not just me losing my mind in advancing age. Tommy Harper was also in that OF that year until traded to Oakland late in the season. Four very fleet footed though light hitting OFers. A preclude to a later generation of Angels featuring the tandem of Gary Pettis and Devon White, then later with Mike Trout , Peter Bourjos and Torii Hunter.
  8. Halos seems a tad better than the 1975 nickname of the Angels' fleet footed outfield led by Mickey Rivers, "The Seraph Streakers." (paging AO, AO to the white courtesy phone...)
  9. Eppler will also be working with a new manager this season and they need to see how that relationship plays out. Maddon intimated that his relationship with Theo Epstein and his philosophies changed over time in Chicago which led to his departure there. With Maddon signed longer term, no need to prematurely extend Eppler so quickly without seeing how this season and their relationship (old school vs analytics) plays out.
  10. Eppler's Ides of March may have come in February. Et tu, Arte? (because Friedman wouldn't work)
  11. March 15 is The Ides of March. Per Shakespeare's Julius Caeser, "Beware the Ides of March" as you might get stabbed in the back.
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