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  1. ?? Everything I’ve read says both Suzuki and Victorino were born and grew up in Wailuku Maui.
  2. That article in The Athletic from ten days ago pointed out that in addition to the Cubs, the Nationals, White Sox, Red Sox, Yankees, Cardinals, Phillies, Angels and Giants have also enacted cost-cutting measures such as layoffs, furloughs, salary reductions and buyout packages. As Lou alluded to, Arte just did it and had it reported in the press earlier. Does that make him cheap or a shrewd businessman making tough decisions?
  3. I’m not a big fan either. I actually agreed with what Bill wrote in this column. It’s not anything specifically about any one column he writes. He just tends to drift with the tide. I think as a columnist Bill often tends to write articles more to draw readers than present a consistent viewpoint. The lawyer as ambulance chaser motif in print journalism at times. For example, he repeatedly piled on the Lakers and Rob and Jeanie when Magic was pulling his histrionics last year but once their drama less approach to managing a front office produced a championship he was suddenly back on boar
  4. Not really. I was a journalism major and college sportswriter eons ago so I’m cursed and subscribe to and read a lot of different newspapers and articles out of a sick perversion. Even get these things called printed copies on Sunday.
  5. Plashke would slam his own mother if he thought it would get him some clicks.
  6. Looks like John McGraw but I thought he played third mostly...
  7. The Big Train and pride of Fullerton Union High, Walter Johnson
  8. My boyhood idol as an elementary school kid living 12 miles from downtown Detroit. Was there for Motown, the riots and the ‘68 Series win.
  9. Given the times I figured it stood for Out Of Toilet Paper. (rim shot)
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