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  1. Should the Angels retire #14?
  2. I was actually happy about the Vinny Pestano trade for....... Mike Clevinger ugh
  3. I hated that we moved on from vladdy. He should have been an angel till he retired I hated trading away Jim Edmonds I hated choosing to go all in on Mo Vaughn and not Randy Johnson. Or was Johnson our first choice and didn’t win the bidding war?
  4. NFL is king and is going to revive the country this fall can't wait (bart Scott voice)
  5. These penalties are useless for 2020 for both the Astros and Red Sox. there is no point
  6. I forgot Soriano took K Rod to the cleaners in game 2 flick of the wrist
  7. The angels wore those away jerseys (“Anaheim”) for 1 season. still can’t find 1 to buy
  8. There was/is no better playoff atmostphere than Old Yankee Stadium. That place was iconic. game 2 is my favorite. We bang out 17 hits
  9. 2005 was by far my favorite We were robbed. We would have demolished the Astros in the World Series. I still don’t think I’m over it also 2014. Played KC tough in games 1 and 2. Both games could have gone either way. I believe we would have been in the World Series if we got passed them
  10. Chris Ellis Patrick Corbin (before traded) Jose Guillén
  11. I went back on YouTube and watched the 2002 post season game 2 of the alds was by far my favorite game of that postseason troy glaus was an absolute beast GA the silent assassin. Always will be my favorite Angel ever
  12. Haven’t been tested I have been exposed 100% I’ve worked with co workers who are positive, but have recovered, some didn’t and eventually passed (did not have contact with them). called my kaiser and said they will not test unless I have symptoms I was working with someone last week. Zero symptoms but tested positive. They pulled him while at work. The only reason he was tested is Bc he was working with someone who was positive and later died so who knows we might have it and show zero symptoms
  13. I would watch but I’d probably be over it pretty quick. I think it’s pretty stupid. They shouldn’t play at all if that would be long term. Meaning longer than 2-3 weeks