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  1. Give credit where credit is due both teams bounced back from their own scandal. Hate it? How bout the angels get better and beat their division foe. If my memory is clear the astros dominated the angels in 2021. I’ll be watching . 2 best teams in the league whether we like it or not anyone but the dodgers
  2. Bob Costa’s is a hell of an announcer he needs the national stage more iyam Bob > Buck
  3. Did UCLA announce the chip extension yet ?
  4. Max to the Angels confirmed he don’t like Roberts after that
  5. So we’re all just waiting for the Alabama / Georgia SEC title game then the rematch in the playoffs thanks for the rest for participating
  6. Very surprised by the performance of the Cardinals Stafford was the leading MVP and they really shut him down as much as any team could Kupp has been unstoppable and was held to 5-64 and 0 tds. Also cardinals ran for 216 yards. Idk even know when the cardinals last cracked 100 as a team. really incredible performance
  7. What should we take away from Detmers’ performance? In his sample size of 20 innings in 2021
  8. Ohio State struggled with Tulsa at home yikes! Says a lot about this Ohio state team. Alabama took Florida’s best shot and survived The pac 12 awful from top to bottom.
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