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  1. This is the first time I shed a tear over a celebrity or athlete passing I pray for his wife, children, and family
  2. Astros - 95 wins A’s 90 wins - Wild card team Angels - 82 wins rangers 78 wins Mariners 70 wins
  3. Even when they hired Pete , what was he like the 4th choice behind Mike Reily, Dennis Erickson..who else? It seems like most fan bases aren’t satisfied with their hires, or at least there are a few who complain. look at Tennessee . Their fans single handily got the Tennessee admin to turn away Greg Schiano lol.
  4. I can see the following mariota Or tyrod Or brees or Brady- Brees still lives in SD and Brady has a LA home. While drafting a QB to sit for a season or 2. chargers have a some nice weapons on offense for any of those QBs
  5. Looks like it’s Todd Orlando. I don’t mind it, some fans hate it.
  6. I knew when he signed long term he wouldn’t last there the Rockies are no where near competing , especially in the same division as the dodgers NA will be a cardinal or if the dodgers wanna unload lux, may, and let’s say an expiring contract like Turner, he’ll be a dog
  7. And to be fair what has jimmy done this season with his arm? He hasn’t been asked to put the team in his back and carry them. Maybe both games against Arizona ? their run game has been sooo good he doesn’t have to. Just waiting for the game he has to really step and put the team on his back and carry them to a win. He might not have to last night he was 6/8 for 77 yards lol
  8. He got beat out by Fitzpatrick. He’ll be lucky to be back up in the league. Might want to try the xfl
  9. If Venables gets boat raced in the 2nd half I’ll be shocked. still can’t believe chase is only a sophomore lol
  10. 2 hour first half Clemson isn’t going down like Oklahoma . im gonna fall asleep.
  11. Clemson is about to win the quietest 30 games in a row