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  1. Can someone tell me the point of 5 and 7 inning games this is the dumbest thing ever to happen to the game
  2. Maybe our pitching market has been stagnant bc we currently don’t have a pitching coach LOL
  3. Yes absolutely I had a chance to head to Arizona for a cardinals game against the dolphins. heading back out to Arizona this weekend for the kings/ coyotes game its time to open up. Those who don’t feel comfortable being outside with others, stay home. yes I would attend games. As many as I can
  4. Why are they messing with the game ? 7 inning games ? What is this high school? no universal dh . Keeping as is. what is the point of all this?? Covid? Give me a break.
  5. We didn’t spend stupid money the division is wide open still have some pieces to make a trade mid season or pieces to sell if we’re out of it by the deadline We have a lot of room to spend in the winter of 2021/22. bring on spring training !!
  6. Carlos Correa without a doubt would love him on the Angels
  7. Didn’t we rebuild? Haha 1 more year of the albatross Pujols contract Bauer still not worth 40/yr
  8. This makes me respect Gerrit Cole a little more the biggest SP free agent in recent memory and he didn’t cause all this fuss was a true professional, reviewed all offers, talked to teams, etc, picked a team. Bauer going to Twitter, pandering all the fan bases etc. anyone sick of this ?
  9. Adell is all but a bust. Needs to be traded while value is a little high still.
  10. Very happy we’re not throwing $30 + mil a year at Bauer his pandering is hopefully over time to focus on the season the division is wide open. Bauer wasn’t worth the money or years
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