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  1. I could actually see him getting 400+ PA's in 2021. You have to think that 1st base is going to get at least 4 PA per game, probably closer to 4.4, if the offense is rolling. If they get 700 PA between them, then Albert getting 40% and Thaiss getting 60% could happen. Heck it could be 35% and 65%. 60% is 420 PA.
  2. I'm done with his stupid brainless threads. I'm pretty happy in my non message board life.
  3. Bleacher Report is a terrible "news" Source. The terrible idea wasn't the point, though. Explain more in your titles. Ask more of a question in your post, otherwise it's basically spam.
  4. Jeebus man, you've gotta stop with these one word titles. "Trade" makes me think there is a trade happening. Not that you have some bullshit trade idea that makes little if any sense. This is not a chat room, it's a message board. ALSO...why would the Giants do this when they want to cut payroll. Maitan has been underwhelming at best. Half I could see. But more likely it would be Samardizja for Maitan and another prospect and the Angels would take on 90% of the salary.
  5. Can we please knock off the single word titled pessimistic one note topics? Its getting old. Ask a question, be insightful. Do you think Ohtani’s poor springs matter ? Y/N Are you incapable of scrolling down a few pages to see if your topic has been discussed ad nauseum
  6. No. They really don't. They've had bad luck in the last 4-5 years, but over the past 20? None in 2019. Ohtani was the last after 2018. Lamb did in 2018, Middleton, and JC Ramirez also. Richards had it too, but that isn't listed here. Blake Wood has had it twice, once in 2018 with the Angels. None in 2017. Tropeano and Heaney had it in 2016. None in 2015. Skaggs had it in 2014. So did Sean Burnett. Arrendondo did it after 2009. Nick Adenhart had it in 2004. There may have been other TJ's in the minors or I may have missed one or two. And I don't know if this is a complete list. There are also other injuries that will knock a guy out for the year, but...this is not an extensive list. 12 TJ surgeries for Angels Pitchers in 20 seasons? It's just that there have been 10 in the last 7 as opposed to 2 in the previous 13 years+.
  7. I saw a tweet a while back from the Angels video replay coordinator, Nick Francona, @NickFrancona When MLB introduced expanded replay in 2014, being the replay monitor during games became part of my job with the @Angels. From the outset, Mike Scioscia made it clear there would be zero tolerance for any nonsense and it was on me to ensure it didn’t happen. Pretty simple. Replying to @NickFrancona Like any manager, Scioscia has his shortcomings. But he cared more about the integrity of the game than taking shortcuts. In fact, he suspected other teams were abusing the system and never used that as an excuse for his team to do so.
  8. I had a thought about this last night when I couldn't sleep in the middle of the night. 7 teams with a single first round bye sounds weird. What if two division winners tie for the best record? Do they have a playoff? Coin flip? But...I do like the 3 game, one city series. SO... 2 expansions teams, reorganize divisions into 2 @ 8 team divisions. Some teams will have to switch leagues, some will have to switch back. AL WEST: Angels, A's, Mariners, Rockies, Brewers, Royals, Twins, White Sox. AL EAST: Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Orioles, Nashville Expansion, Indians, Tigers, Rangers. NL WEST: Dodgers, Padres, Giants, Diamondbacks, Portland Expansion, Cardinals, Cubs, Reds. NL EAST: Mets, Phillies, Braves, Astros, Nationals, Marlins, Pirates, Rays/Expos. Alternatively, you could leave the Brewers and the Astros in their respective new leagues, and swap the expansion teams. Portland moves to the AL West, Astros to the AL East, Nashville to the NL East, Brewers to the NL West. Play each division opponent 12 times = 84 in division games up from 76 now. Play other division in your league 6 times, = 48 games. Play 30 interleague games as follows. 3 against your rival home and away every year. 24 games against the rest of the same division, which means they will get one extra series when West plays West besides Rival, and will play the entire East division when West plays East, plus Rival home and away. Season ends on the last weekend in September. Latest season End Date would be Sept. 30. Earliest would be 25th of September. Division winners get byes. 4 Wild Cards per league, play the three game series the first week as in the proposal. The top wild card gets to pick their opponent. But so do Division Winners. Wild Card top seed picks matchup, Top division winner picks the matchup that will face them in the divisional round. I'd play the 3 game series on Wednesday-Friday. That leaves Monday for tiebreaker games (for division winner or for last wild card spot) In the event of a three way tie for a division or for the last wild card spot, there would have to be tiebreakers of some sort. The TV Show would be Monday Night, not Sunday Night. Latest series end date would be October 5th. Earliest would be Sept. 30th. All Four Division Series start on Saturday. No Days off. They are played at the same time, with Broadcasts at the same time on different channels. 12 PM (PST) and 4:30 PM (PST) Start. Same Thing on Sunday. Monday night off. Tuesday Game 3. Wednesday Game 4. Thursday Game 5 if Necessary. Friday Game 6 if Necessary and Saturday game 7 if Necessary. Latest End Date would be October 13th. Earliest would be October 8th. Both Championship Series start on Monday night. They are played staggered on Different channels, but on the same schedule. Say 4 Pm and 6 Pm PST starts. Tuesday Game 2, Wednesday Off. Thursday Game 3. Friday Game 4, and Saturday Games are played as a Day Night Double Header. Same Thing on Sunday for Game 5 if Necessary. Monday Game 6, Tuesday Game 7. Latest End Date would be October 23rd. October 16th. World Series is Played on a 7 game in 9 night detail. Thursday Game 1, Friday Game 2, Saturday off, Sunday Game 3, Monday Game 4, Tuesday Game 5, Wednesday off Thursday Game 6 and Friday Night Game 7. Nov 2nd is the latest end date. Earliest is October 27th, the day the Angels won their game 7 in 2002.
  9. It's why I said reaching. I expect Bailey to go around 17-21, and Wells to be in the 20-28 range. But.. they could reach. I'd normally hope that one of them falls to the 2nd, but with the competitive balance rounds, they'll be gone well before the 2nd, and the Angels don't have their 2nd round pick anyway.
  10. I think this is the direction they go as well, but they could also go for a College Catcher that can do a similar projection. A Ball for the rest of 2020, AA in 2021, AAA in 2022 ML call up, ML ready in 2023?
  11. This is also one reason I could see the Angels making a significant improvement in 2020. The Astros cheated the past three years. They have evidence for 2017 and 2018, but lack evidence for 2019, yet...if it's working that well, why do you stop it? It might not be as effective since other teams are catching on, but they are still trying to cheat. The Astros vs. the Angels at Minute Maid in 2019 = .313 BA / .394 OBP / .530 SLG / .984 OPS. Against the Astros overall (I still maintain they were also cheating on the road): .298 BA / .387 OBP / .566 / .953 OPS. Those 19 games were painful for the Angels pitching staff.
  12. This is one reason why I could see the Angels with the top pick reaching a bit and grabbing a college catcher like Patrick Bailey from NC State or Austin Wells from Arizona. Both are good defensively and offensively, and both are expected to stay behind the dish unlike Thaiss, Ward, or Cron.