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  1. That’s actually not true, as pitchers can combine on a no hitter like Cole and Pena did in 2019.
  2. The energy in the first series is different. They looked like this for a bit of September last season but they all look confident and like they’re having fun. 4-1, tied for first. Scored 30 runs and allowed 28, 12 of those in the one loss. Beat Houston again tomorrow and then take the magic on the road against a upstart Toronto team in Florida.
  3. Assuming we’re doing price is right rules lol.
  4. Clevinger was basically like an Aaron Hernandez (our AA guy not ex-Patriots and Jail TE) type at the point they traded him with disciplinary issues. They were trading a fringed minor league arm for a fringe major league reliever.
  5. Angels 2002 Bullpen opening week: Troy Percival, Ben Weber, Al Levine, Lou Pote, Mark Lukasiwcz, Donne Wall, and Dennis Cook. Angels 2002 World Series Pen: Troy Percival, Frankie Rodriguez, Brenden Donnelly, Scot Shields, Scott Schoeneweis , Ben Weber Only three of these guys were on the staff on opening day.
  6. Upton’s contract fits this team that’s why I never believed that he would be released. Pujols almost certainly will not be resigned and so there will be 1B and DH AB’s available when Ohtani is pitching. They have plenty of candidates for the 1st base job but who gets those 60 DH games? It’s gonna be Upton, leaving the two young corner outfielders to get 80 games in left 10 games in Center and 160 in right. That’s almost full time for Adell and Marsh in 2022.
  7. I would be ecstatic with an .800+ OPS and a low 3 ERA. Though I think he can be better on both counts. Low .900 OPS and a sub 3 ERA and he gets MVP votes. I do think he gets maybe 20-24 starts at 5.5 innings per start for around 120 major league innings. I think he’ll get a 2 week break missing 2 or 3 starts twice this year, which is why Barria is so valuable. They can rotate him through the rotation, giving everyone a 2 week break starting in say mid May.
  8. Baseball References projections have him at 479 PA with 22 doubles, 3 triples and 21 HR. But they have him at 126 strike outs and a .259 / .335 / .473 With an .808 OPS. They don’t have a pitching projection for him but in 2018 he had two outings in which he went 2 innings and one he went when he was injured. The other 7 he pitched 6, 7, 5.1, 6, 6.1, 7.2 and 5. Averaged 5.5 per start. His ERA was 3.1 in those starts. 6 of those game were a QS.
  9. Guerra was added and Reyes dropped. Lagares will get the spot of maybe Mayfield or maybe Jose Rivera who likely will be returned to the Rangers
  10. What makes you think Ohtani won’t be ready? He’s given up runs but his stuff has looked good. While I have no doubt he’ll be on an innings limit, he will also be in the opening day rotation
  11. Fowler played mostly right in 2020 and 2018, but in 2017 and 2019 he played mostly CF. I’m hoping that Mike Trout plays 80 of the 90 1st half games in CF and DH’s 7-10 times. Fowler is more than capable of playing CF if Jo Adell or Brandon Marsh is not up yet. Lagares and Jay though are superior fielders and play LF as well, where Upton can maybe be replaced in the OF in the 9th inning. I think they carry 4 OF, 6 INF, and 2 C but I also think there may be one more position player spot up for grabs, so it could be Ward, Barretto, Thaiss, Rojas, or another of Jay and Lagares.
  12. Payroll floor. Luxury tax and a luxury tax hard cap that is higher than initial luxury tax threshold. elimination of bogus player options like in the Bauer contract. Elimination of competitive balance draft picks. Trade draft picks in rule 4 and rule 5 drafts. Universal DH. Two expansion teams and 27 man rosters. 32 in September. Realignment to 8 x 4 team divisions, moving some teams to other leagues. ALW Angels, A’s, Mariners, D’backs. NLW Dodgers, Padres, Giants, Portland. ALS Colorado, Texas, Houston, Kansas City. NLS Nashville, Miami, DC,
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