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  1. He’s gonna make around $6-10 million for one year of arbitration. It’s not gonna be enough to replace him. I think he stays, the Angels try to get one starter via trade and one via FA.
  2. Bauer is way better than Santana. He’s in his prime now, but he’ll always be a competitive guy. One could argue that Santana is on the Angels top 10 starting pitchers list, though.
  3. 162 games is fine. I liked the three game wild card series and I would go to 4 divisions of 4, per league and yes that’s two expansion teams. Top two division winners get a bye, lower two get to play the two wild cards. That’s 12 teams in the playoffs which is the sweet spot between expanded at 10 and this years 16 which is too many.
  4. 18 years to the day after the Angels won the 2002 title, the Dodgers won a title in a pandemic shortened season. Hopefully the Angels can get back on top in less than 18 years.
  5. With With 118 committed to just 4 players, and a lot of arbitration cases, I start by non-tendering Robles and Barnes. I'd offer Bedrosian 3/8.5 or I offer Andriese, 2/5.5. (2M would be the 2021 Salary) I'd non tender one of them if they don't accept. I'd also designate Anderson for assignment.. I'd offer Extensions to Andrew Heaney and Dylan Bundy for 3 season plus maybe a mutual option. This gives the rotation some stability as only Barria and Canning (And Sandoval) are under control in 2022. I'd sign Ohtani to club friendly 4 year deal, buying out his arbitration years. and one free ag
  6. Here’s how I would be drawing up the staff as of now: FA/Trade Bundy Heaney Canning Barria/FA/Trade Ohtani FA/Trade Pena Mayers Buttrey Middleton Bedrosian Noe Ramirez FA/Trade AAA: Suarez, Yan, Sandoval Added to 40: Naughton, C. Rodriguez, Soriano, Reyes Non-tendered/traded/outrighted: Robles (on 40), Anderson, Peters (on 40), Milner (on 40), Quijada (on 40), Keller (on 40), Bard (on 40), Barnes (on 40), On Fence about: Andriese I'm sending out 9 pitchers on the 40-man, the eight
  7. I'd say after 2022, so two more full seasons in center. Upton will likely not be resigned and Adams or Marsh will take over.
  8. Knowing what Lindor would cost, I'd rather have Trevor Story and maybe Jon Gray. That fits better with this team, and while it would cost a lot, it would be more years of control, and a better return.
  9. I think 6-8 comes from a quick analysis. He knows they need pitching. He sees three stable starters. One more that's had up and down seasons, so that's two starters to be added at least, and three as insurance for Ohtani, but they'd likely not go with 6 if Ohtani transitions to a relief or full time hitting role. Both Bundy and Heaney are Free agents after next season so adding two guys isn't a bad idea, even if it squeezes out someone. And then you've got the pen, where you need likely three new guys because Robles had a 10 ERA as your closer, Buttrey was in the 5's, and you figure they
  10. Soto, Turner, Strasburg or Betts, Buehler, Bellinger
  11. His Method is confusing. Actually, it's far closer in terms of external acquisition costs minus extensions. (I'm including only the fifth year of Upton as an extension, which is how it should be done, he acquired 85.5M and gave him an additional 20 ish). Dipoto acquired players that cost 544.17M in his 3.5 years (4 off seasons), and Eppler acquired players that cost 590.5 in his 5. Total costs were 781.645M for Dipoto, and 1054.966M for Eppler. Eppler never once acquired a pitcher for a big multi-year contract (more than three years), in either free agency or via trade (arb
  12. I think Josh Byrnes is the front runner and if the Dodgers get eliminated today, you’ll see him get an interview next week
  13. I agree with the sign Bauer. That's likely the number it will take too, even if the contract will likely have opt outs and tons of performance incentives, which I think makes it better for Bauer, as he's said he likes the motiviation. I don't agree with anything else. Adell is not done, he had a rough start, let's not give up on him yet. His defense needs work. His patience at the plate needs work. He's only 21. Next year is his age 22 season, and if he spends the vast majority at AAA, that's ok. Plesac is a 25 year old starter, he won't be traded, and I don't think Adell would be en
  14. Middleton will not get non tendered. Anyone who makes 1.5 M or less is safe. The ones who make more are the ones you can see getting non tendered. Bedrosian, Andriese, Robles. The first two have a chance to stay, Robles is almost certainly gone. They need starting pitching And figure to add one or more in free agency and trades. and so some of Andriese appeal is that he can also start, but assuming they bring back all of their starters from last season where would he rank? 8th? 9th? 10th? 11th?
  15. The pen in 2021 will likely feature a new name or two but also these 7 guys: Mayers, Pena, Buttrey, Bedrosian, Middleton, Noe Ramirez, and Milner or Quijada. Yan, CRod could figure in later in the year and of course you have the loser from Sandoval and Barria if they add only one starter. Andriese is a possible non tender but they also like him I think. So it all depends. If they trade for a guy like Jon Gray, they would also likely move a name or two from this list in such a trade.
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