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  1. Eddie is a friend of my family, he still looks like he could hit a 90 mph fastball out of the park. Even at 63 years old.
  2. Our live video on TV is on delay. The replay video is not. "Unlike in the NFL, plays will not be reviewed by the on-field umpires, but instead by a replay official at the Replay Command Center located in New York. MLB umpires fill the role of replay official at the command center and will have access to video from cameras all over the park, regardless of whether the video was shown live. Major League Umpires will be staffed as Replay Officials at the Replay Command Center, located at MLB Advanced Media headquarters, for all Major League games. The Replay Command Center will have direct access to video from most cameras in the ballpark in real-time, regardless of whether they are shown on the live broadcast. The decision will then be relayed to the crew chief via a hard-wired headset that connects the stadium to the command center in New York. On-field umpires will not actually be shown any video or even leave the field for that matter, according to Matt Snyder of CBS Sports. They will simply be told the decision via headset." "To determine whether to challenge a play, personnel in the dugout will be permitted to communicate with a video specialist in the Clubhouse who has access to the same video that is available to Replay Officials." From
  3. I was always a trade Marsh over trading Adell guy, but it appears the Angels don't really want to trade either guy, or even Matt Thaiss. Rengifo isn't going to bring back a big arm, and Adams value will be higher in the summer than now, while I think they may still try to get a starter, they really like these guys so I doubt they move them. The WIlson/Cozart trade was all about making room in the budget for Rendon and a top arm, but no one signed, so now we look at the options, decide they are too expensive in terms of future cost, (prospects), and try to win with what they have.
  4. Technically the start of 2023 is three seasons away, it's only three years away from right now. Still, point taken. Stassi at C is disturbing. But they can always throw money at JT Realmuto or in two seasons Willson Contreras. They could always draft a college catcher and hope he's ready by 2023. I was never impressed with Thaiss, but as he has developed, and added to his defense, playing third, that makes him a valuable bench piece now, even if his future is at 1st, once Pujols retires after two more years. Is he really only going into his age 25 season in 2020? Jackson at SS is interesting. Does he stay at Burlington all this year or finish at High A? And only 19 in 2020? Is it perhaps more likely the middle infield duo above is flipped for defensive purposes? Fletcher at SS and Jackson at 2nd? Rodriguez as the #3 starter is interesting, but I doubt the entire rotation is all Angels home grown guys. Still, I didn't realize Sandoval was only 23. If this is indeed the future, you'd likely be carrying a payroll of around $5+5+10+35+min+min+36+3+25+12+min+4+min+min = $135-150 give or take, which leaves room for a higher profile pitching acquisition or two.
  5. Jeter, Walker, Bonds, Kent, Clemens. Jeter because he was above average for 20 years. Maybe not ever the best SS of his era, but the longevity means something. Walker deserves to be the Rockies first HOF. He was consistently all-star level for a decade plus. Bonds is the best hitter I've ever seen before he took HGH, still a HOF. Kent was also MVP level for a few years while being above average the rest of the time at a position not known really for offense. Clemens won multiple Cy Youngs, and likely wasn't on roids his entire career. Schilling doesn't quite make it for me. He wasn't quite there in his early years, and his later years were great...but his stupid fake bloody sock and Nazi obsession and I think it's a bad look. Oh and of course, Pete Rose. Did he bet on baseball, yes. Is he a giant baby about the whole thing? Yes. Is he still one of the best hitters of all time? Yes.
  6. I think he'll hit his first season in the .330's legitimate MVP caliber protection behind and an OBP machine in front of him plus Ohtani and Upton and Adell? Its a great time for offense for the Angels. Will say his OBP won't be in the .460 range, but .450 sounds right. Walks will be right at 100.
  7. They could've had a video in the stands, but I bet they were just tapping into the live TV feed on a laptop (or from the replay room) and relaying the signals using buzzer bandaids.
  8. It's why I think the Angels won't trade for him. It's an expensive trade for a guy who while healthy was dominant. The Angels need health.
  9. I could see this for the Angels if a) it didn't include Adell, b) they Took Upton back in the deal. The add would be 27+32 for 2020, minus 21 = 38. It would drop the Red Sox Payroll under the limit. It would put the Angels over the luxury tax at like $224. It doesn't really make sense though, as the Red Sox would have a terrible defensive outfield, and would likely want to move Upton. It makes more sense for the Dodgers.
  10. I’m actually good with making the managers decide on whether to challenge a call blind. They shouldn’t get to challenge it after the team video guy looks at it on video. In the NFL they throw the flag before. Do it that way
  11. Yeah, they have video replay set up for the visitors too, so maybe they weren’t hiding a camera in the stands they were still doing similar things. No trash can but maybe this is why they switched to buzzers?
  12. Can someone, (who went to Hofstra) explain why Hofstra keeps getting referenced, I get the joke, but I also don't know where it started. As far as Adreise for basically Madero (DFA) and Beasley, kind of think he's JC Ramirez's replacement. I still expect the Angels to try to acquire a starter of the caliber we were discussing, but in that case, he ends up out of the pen. Good Add. Gotta keep the HR down.
  13. I am a 3 on this weird inverted scale of unhappiness. It's fundamentally backwards, because people associate 10 with good and 1 with bad on nearly every 1-10 scale. It's like saying, how hot is that girl, 1 being smoking hot and 10 being a troll...It doesn't work. Anyway, would I like a better ace pitcher, yes, but the one I wanted is the one they didn't keep last offseason, and that's Garrett Richards. Yes I wanted Gerrit Cole too, but Cole signed for more money and years than I was comfortable with and my second choice wanted to be with his horses in Arizona. But I like Teheran and Bundy, I'm excited to see Ohtani pitch again, and I love the Rendon signing. Can't wait to see Adell and hopefully Marsh. Too many posters are treating last year as if it's the baseline, when it was a year marred by tragedy and also injury...with a new manager who sucked and a terrible record down the stretch (18-41 from the high point in late July). I honestly believe that the 2019 team as constructed was an 82-85 win team, with no Skaggs tragedy and a better manager. If they kept Scioscia for year 20, and said, ok lets go for it for one more year.. this team would've been better. Take that and add in the changes they've made and I'm fairly happy. I'm not ecstatic, like a 10...I mean 1 on the scale...
  14. I honestly was surprised when they evened out the leagues, because the AL West already did a lot of travel vs. the NL West. The Dodgers longest in division flight was the 2 hr 15 min to Denver, versus the Angels two three hour flights to Seattle and also to Dallas. I never agreed with the move from the AL to the NL for the Brewers, as it's not like there weren't rivalries in the newer AL Central. The whole way expansion was handled in the 1990's was weird. Three new NL teams? One in the AL in Tampa? Go from 12 NL teams in 1992 to 16 in 1998? Both Colorado and Arizona should've been considered for the AL. They can fix this if they expand to 32, 16 in each league, 4 teams per division. AL West: Angels, Mariners, A's, Portland Expansion (or D'Backs). AL Central: Tigers, Indians, White Sox, Twins AL South: Rangers, Astros, Royals, Rockies AL East: Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Blue Jays NL West: Dodgers, Giants, Padres, D'Backs (or Portland Expansion) NL Central: Cubs, Brewers, Cardinals, Reds NL South: Braves, Marlins, Nationals*, Nashville or Tampa Rays (Unless they move to Montreal, then it would be an Expansion) NL East: Pirates, Mets, Phillies, Montreal Expansion (or Rays) New expansion is Montreal, Portland, and Nashville, with the Rays moving to one of these cities and the other two getting the expansion clubs. Charleston or a Carolina city or even a Virginia city can also be considered in lieu of one of the two east coast, and I suppose Vegas and Salt Lake can be considered instead of Portland.
  15. My comment was in reference to the contraction plan for the minors. I just feel it's tainted now too, because of the way they criticized Lunhow's behavior in the front office.