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  1. Why Friday? Makes no sense when you could’ve claimed him and paid the 10.
  2. Yeah he might get 8, 2/16 or something but not ten.
  3. Sign Walker 7, Richards 7, Joc 9, and Hand 7. Trade Heaney for AA/AAA pitching prospects.
  4. I have him figured in as part of my 12M group of club control and arbitration guys.
  5. For the record, Bauer can sign without them going over the luxury tax. If they were at 164 real payroll before the Quintana signing, then they’d be at 172 post Quintana. Luxury tax payroll is about $5M less for salaried guys plus $18 in benefits and minor league salaries so call it 185. That gives them $25 before tax. If he took a $25 AAV they might be able to squeeze in, but more likely they go over. In terms of AAV payroll Pujols money goes away but so does 35 M in other starting salaries and so Minasian will be forced to pay at least 3 starters again and deal with Raises for, Flet
  6. They will not sign all those guys for the Pen. One of the two maybe. Or Justin Wilson or Jose Alvarez or Blake Parker. Or even Bedrosian. Don’t know what the budget will be after another starter and a Lefty OF. The pen is currently Iglesias, Buttrey, Mayers, Claudio, Pena, Rivera, and Barria. There are two spots left. One will be Suarez or Reyes or Keller or the Jose Quijada. The other could be a proven arm.
  7. That’s now a decent 6 man rotation. Bundy Canning Quintana Heaney Ohtani Barria Bauer would make it much better, someone like Richards or Walker or Gray would make it deeper. What’s better, Richards/Walker and Joc or Bauer and Mazara?
  8. Bemboom has an option so he will likely start in Salt Lake if Stassi is healthy. If they signed another catcher Stassi would likely be moved in a trade. They do need a outfielder, likely left handed, who can play all three OF spots on a 1 or 1+1 deal.
  9. I was making sure you typed it right. That’s more than I’ve seen reported for anyone anywhere. The Yankees Michael Kay makes 1m per. Vin is worth it though I guess.
  10. It’s just a good reference. its not Gonna be 100% accurate.
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