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  1. They have Sandoval and Pena to fill in in that case if they need to. It’s not ideal, obviously but how many starts are we talking? I’d like two starters for depth but I’m happy with one and more minor league depth signings, cuz honestly where are you going to put everyone?
  2. I’m fine with one starter and Barria as the 6th guy.
  3. Pena settled for 1.1 too. Angels payroll for 11 players is 142.088 million. This doesn’t include the two remaining arbitration cases which will likely fall between 8-12 million, or the as of now 13 players who will fill out the rest of the 26 man roster. But that makes real payroll between 156 and 160.
  4. This doesn't take us out of the Contreras sweepstakes, as Cubs need a Catcher and may want Stassi back in any Contreras deal. Something like Contreras (28.3 BTV) and Davies (0.5 BTV) for Stassi (2.4), Adams (15.9), Suarez (5.6), Thaiss (3.3) and Barretto (0.9). 28.8 to 28.1 so close value. But I'm happy with Stassi/ Suzuki for 2021.
  5. It will probably not be anyone I've heard of, but I hope they'll have a decision by ST Games.
  6. https://theathletic.com/2322090/2021/01/14/angels-tv-play-by-play-candidates/?article_source=search&search_query=Angels Fabian identifies a few candidates. Including Jose Mota and Terry Smith. Which would NOT be my preference. Considering that most of us watch over 1/2 of the games at least, we will listen to this guy more than any other person, so I hope they pick someone good. I tweeted @taylorblakewardto see if he planned on applying. Seeing as I miss him on Locked on Angels Podcast, bc I think he did a good job, better than the new guy anyway and Mark Gubiczsa Agreed wit
  7. Yes, I understand your point, but going every time his rotation spot is up puts him pitching on different days, and slots him to pitch 27 games, whereas with days off, (17 weeks have at least one, 10 do not), he would only pitch 21 if he pitched every Wednesday.
  8. I don't think he goes every 6th day, I think he goes once a week. I think they'll let him get to 6 IP, but not much longer. I think 20 starts is a good high end. That has him skipping two to start the year, staying in extended ST, or just hitting, depending on how his ST goes. Then he'll get 10 starts on Sundays before the All Star Break, and then likely will get a month off or so, unless everything is smooth. They also could skip one here or there, there are 15 Sundays before the break. They will either go with a 5-man rotation in those weeks-- or allow Barria, Sandoval, or Suarez t
  9. Canning will be the best of the three starters that finished the season in the rotation for the Angels in 2020 and are still Projected to be in the rotation. Meaning he’ll be better than Bundy and Heaney. If not in 2021, then def in 2022. I think he’s a future Ace. Garrett Richards was the closest thing we had to an Ace before his Injury since Weaver’s peak. He also struggled a bit in his first seasons before his excellent 2014. Canning has been better and has started more games than Richards did in 2011-2013. I can’t believe Richards is almost 33. Anyway, my point is canning is
  10. I actually ran a simulation and it’s very difficult to manage Bauer on three days rest and Ohtani on six. You often have to have a spot starter because no one from the regular rotation rest guys will be available. You can maneuver it so that Bauer doesn’t often pitch on Sunday, bumping Ohtani I assume but with days off he’s often gonna go on 4 days rest just so the other three or four guys get starts on somewhat consistent rest.
  11. I've said 6/180 in the past, and I'm really pro Bauer. He's the Ace they need. But if it's 5/160, That's a bit more per year, but still ok. If it's 6/192 or 7/224 thats a lot. But the Angels can do it. But really I think if the Angels are going to 6 man rotation, then I don't think he fits, as he wants to go every 4 days. So that's my thoughts this week. Now I'm kind of thinking I want Sonny Gray, and a lower tier FA Pitcher like Richards or Walker, plus Realmuto. (2/14 was the projected deal for both Richards and Walker, and Gray makes 10 ish, meaning you have to get a small di
  12. Taking Ohtani out of any projected 6 man rotational depth is just nuts. If healthy, which he is expected to be, for all intents and purposes, he’s the best guy on the current staff. Do I think he’d make the 27 starts? No. But having a call up (likely Sandoval) from AAA for say 7 of those starts would be a good way to help for load management. Going to a full 6 man rotation would take us out on Bauer. Also it should be looked at to see if they want to do a straight 6, or skip that 6 spot when they have a day off. If they’re going 6, I say sign Realmuto, Richards/Walker, an
  13. Turf Toe really hurt him, and he never looked the same in 2019. When he came back it wasn’t good. Goodwin stole some of his playing time too, and started off so well, he Still got playing time when Upton returned. 2020 2nd month he showed he is still the same guy he was in 2017 and 2018, when he was healthy and not platooning. He’s capable of 135-140 Games each of the next two seasons with a OPS in the high 800’s. He’s untradeable though and will Not be cut. So He’s our left fielder most of the time the next two seasons. Getting a complementary one year bat for 30 games say, who plays
  14. I agree it’s better than Bauer alone but Bauer is gonna get more than a 20M contract. So I’m assuming he meant Bauer and a catcher like Suzuki to make it equal. Then go for Barria as the 6th man. That’s about 25-32 for Bauer, Barria is at league minimum so he doesn’t count, and say 3-4M for Suzuki. So 35, 30 if they get a break on the first year, say 4/128 and it’s 26/28/32/34/8 buyout/36 option. So say maybe 30, 36 on the high end. Compare that to the other, I think Realmuto gets around 22M annually. 25 I think is a bit of a reach but that’s what MLBTR has him projected at so that’s wha
  15. Realmuto is the best catcher in the game, so if they signed him and acquired two 8-10 M pitchers would that be so bad.
  16. If pitching every 4th day gives us maybe 38 or so starts out of Bauer and we get 20 out of Ohtani, then you only need 104 starts out of the other three guys, meaning you can almost get by with just Bauer as a free agent option, and count on Barria for the depth spot in the rotation.
  17. Detmers is not enough right now for Contreras, though their value would probably equal out after 2021. I also wouldn’t part with controllable pitching for Contreras. My idea of a good deal also includes Zach Davies from their side. I’d send Adams, Jackson or Paris, Barretto and Barria. That’s a steep price but you get another good pitcher for the rotation for 21 and Barretto and Barria don’t have spots or options.
  18. For the real and luxury tax payrolls he’s around 13. It’s not 18. I don’t really understand the logic of the full pay option without seeing the exact contract language. Rasiel for $8.25 is a bargain. it’s gonna push up the price for Hand, Colome and other closer types like Bradley. Sign Jose Alvarez and Justin Wilson. Take a flyer on Blake Parker again?
  19. I’m more worried about Adams. His hitting at Low A ball was just ok. Adell and Marsh both are better fielders and despite Adell’s problems in 2020 all three are good fielders. Adams speed means he’s the center fielder but Marsh is the best fielder.
  20. This is a 4 year deal. They only pay 18 Mper if option Is declined, otherwise it’s 13.5, which is a good deal.
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