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  1. Barria doesn't play in the pen; he needs to be apart of a deal for an additional SP We need a FA ace; Bauer makes sense of multiple levels, but I don't have as much faith in him as I did with, say, Cole. I do think we need two, losing Barria. Pushes everyone down a slot and frees up options. We do need another reliever. I don't see the RF need as many here do.
  2. Sorry, I tried to capture your quote about putting anything past him, but apparently I'm not tech savvy enough to know how!
  3. I wouldn't put anything past him, either. That said, it can't hurt to drive the price up!
  4. I'm thinking this is about risk/reward as it's the only reasonable explanation to leave him off. He's not ready for the majors and they didn't want to start his clock. They rolled the dice knowing a team would have to stash him for a year and we lost. They responded by picking up a similar profile guy. Other than outside issues we wouldn't know about (attitude, work ethic, etc.), there is no reasonable explanation that I can think of.
  5. I read this board multiple times a day and rarely post. That said, I haven't seen any mention of the first thing that crossed my mind and am wondering if anyone else has consider it. I see the Mets and Dogs as the primary competition for Bauer. The Mets want a catcher and have been linked to McCann and, to a lesser degree, Realmuto. They are also heavily linked to Springer. It's likely they won't go so far as adding Springer, Realmuto, and Bauer. Is it possible that Perry is attempting to drive McCann's price up and/or forcing the Mets hand to prevent them from acquiring Bauer? A
  6. I voted no. Then I learned that Second and Doc voted "yes" and I questioned myself! I keep coming back to a few things. For all of his faults (namely, FA starting pitching on a budget that maxed out at 10 mil or so, he struck out almost every time), I honestly think we will look back as him being a foundation builder. He brought the farm back from one of the worst in baseball's recent history to middle of the pack in 4 years. He signed key players (Trout, Rendon, Ohatani), he fixed the BP on next to nothing most years. He made a few mistakes, like Upton's extension, but no GM in base
  7. Thanks, Second. It's information like this causes me to visit this site multiple times daily. As a high school principal, I only wonder how you are able to post throughout the school day:-) I kid!!!! Thanks for all of your contributions, I'd love to buy you a beer! Mike
  8. I think you're spot-on, Doc. But in all fairness, I think having Mike Trout on your team has, in large part, served as the impetus behind the approach for years. There has undoubtedly been pressure to build a winner rather immediately during his entire career (particularly before the extension). I'm not saying it's been a correct or incorrect approach (I'm not a fan of hindsight), but am only pointing out I understand the reasoning behind the approach. Heck, we have all wanted Mike to get to the playoffs asap for his entire career.
  9. Game 6, I did that intentionally due in large part because I don't come to the forum to draw lines in the sand and argue my position to the point of getting personal with fellow Angel fans. Enough people do that here already. Instead, I tend to enjoy the varying perspectives and the rationale behind them (though I really come here for information more than anything). As I stated earlier, I don't pretend my opinion matters and quite honestly, don't have nearly enough insight to take a comfortable stand either way. For example, I have no idea what has/hasn't been done behind the scenes w
  10. I've been reading this forum multiple times daily for the past few years, but rarely post. I come here for information, insight, and enjoy the dialogue held by many of the regulars. This particular thread really speaks to the overall perspective of many on the board. We have people who love to use hindsight as a means by which to determine their perspective, but in the process lose track of all reality of the things that were in play when the moves were made. So "FIre Eppler" is the obvious response because, somehow, someone else would have made the right decisions had they been in cha
  11. I'm not at all upset. I am simply trying to suggest that this might not work out quite like we have been led to believe. I hope I am wrong and Eppler kicks ass. If/when it doesn't, I look forward to posters like yourself that will be quick to bitch and complain about how much we gave up after all the details are out, shocked that we got screwed and pissed at Eppler for giving up way too much.
  12. Totprods, I respect the hell out of you and your insight. Love reading your stuff here daily. But I disagree with your premise. Okay, Joc hit 30 homers once. He also has hit over 25 in three years and is 27 years old. Spin it as you will. Stripling comes to us as no worse than a 3rd starter. His remaining potential, despite being 30, suggests he could be a strong benefit to our current club as constructed. Feel free to disagree. Your comment about Pages is entirely accurate. His high leg kick scares the hell out of me. But your statement related to the "signific
  13. While we anxiously wait to see if the Betts deal will go through, I can't help but wonder if we are ultimately going to be disappointed when the final details of our end of the trade comes to fruition. Right now, we are led to believe we will acquire a 30+ home run guy, a young and proven starter, and a top 10 prospect in our organization. And the primary piece in return, Rengifo, is a relatively unproven middle infielder. I understand the salary component of it. But here is why I am preparing myself to be disappointed despite the tweets that claim we won't need to give up our top pro
  14. I agree. Ultimately, I think the Twins actually hold the cards here. There is no way Betts and Price can return to the Boston dugout. Furthermore, there aren't many suitors out there willing/able to take on both in the manner the Dodgers have. Despite the negative press, Boston doesn't have a lot of options but to find a way to make it work. If the deal falls through, the Dodgers can easily find partners for the three (two) who might be too hurt to return. And the Twins' clubhouse will be fine due to the medical report.
  15. I don't think anyone here would argue the top of our rotation is weak and could use another frontline starter or even two. I suspect those damning the thread have this in mind.....kind of the "beaten horse" line of thinking. Others are trying to point out there are ways to win/be successful without having a dominant front half of a rotation. In other words, being strong in other areas such as the bullpen, defense, offense/run production, etc. can surely offset the lack of frontline starters to some degree. Most would agree the surest bet to a successful season and playoff run is to
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