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  1. Reminds me of Sandoval's starts last year. He'd be doing great then give up a HR or two, and then he'd lose it. He is one that needs to learn to lock in.
  2. On paper his stuff looks great. 97-98, +10-12 on the changeup, and a decent breaking ball. However, his stuff sits and has little movement. He's not going to be a high leverage guy, but if he could figure some things out he could be a decent MRP.
  3. I'm a big fan still but he needs more time in AAA to learn how to adjust to breaking balls. And he just needs a bunch of reps in RF. What bothers me is in his interview, all he talked about was needing to get his swag back and how he's wired to come back hungry from failure. Nothing about mechanics, sight, or fundamentals. He's so young, but he definitely needs 2-3 months in AAA at a minimum.
  4. That's what always makes it hard to plan which games to attend. You never know when you're going to get the "Courtesy Invite Special" lineup. The bright spot is these type of lineups usually include some of the younglings, like Jackson and Adams. I've learned the whenever there's a split squad, go to the home game.
  5. Obviously some are anointing him the next Francisco Rodriguez mixed with Clemens. But I think the point is more about him NOT having pitched in three years and wanting to see where he was at, just from the pier stuff standpoint. We haven’t had a young homegrown pitcher show 4 pitches like that in....uh...a long time. People are overreacting yes but there is a legitimate reason to be excited after 3 years of waiting.
  6. I agree. He will never make it. 160 at bats is enough for me to see. I don't care what he hit in the minors. He is a total bust and that's very obvious even though he's only 21 year old.
  7. It seems the main idea is getting more players vaccinated. Makes sense, but still seems misguided.
  8. He was incredible in the minors. Last year Mota made fun of him (I think that’s what he was saying) for showing up to camp jacked and then not being able to hit or field or run. He should be stealing 40 a year and playing great defense. He really fell off and could be a big asset if he regains some of those skills. I mean the Dodgers certainly liked him...
  9. Luke Bard reminds me of some of the guys we've trotted out year after year hoping they'll turn it around and become quality relievers. Like Taylor Cole, who once followed up a multi-run effort by saying he has one of the best changeups in the game.
  10. I'd take Trent Rush/Langston on the radio and fresh blood with Gubicza on TV. Terry Smith adds nothing at all.
  11. I will take being deadline buyers for now. That to me is huge progress over selling the last 3 years. I also think expanded playoffs has an outside chance to happen, in which case I think they are a better then not chance to get in. Not sure what the players have to gain by not agreeing universal DH. It’s more jobs and more money. Imagine a guy like Upton is batting .280/.340./.500 at the deadline but playing atrocious OF. How many NL teams would be interested in a guy that can play OF if needed but also makes a great DH? Not the perfect example (why would we trade him) I know but I don
  12. Slight disagree on the homers. His exit velo the last month was elite. Post swing fix. I know that doesn’t mean what you’re saying is untrue but I think recapturing what he had that last month will not cause the deadened ball to nullify him that badly. And I think Marsh may not come up this year. He’s going to be great but has barely played in AA. He needs some more time. Plus...$$$. Upton is practically untradeable. They will utilize him as much as they can this year to avoid completely wasting him and Pujols this year. Agree completely on the defensive sub in the 8th-9th when prot
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