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  1. Starting to feel like our SP has a bright future. Also, they currently aren't killing this team. If you trade Adell for a starter we will regret it. Do everything you can to get bullpen help. Also, Adell & Marsh will be cheap contributors which will be highly necessary when we open the checkbook for Ohtani. Which should be the number one priority moving forward.
  2. If you know anything about drugs, this was not some sort of corporate conspiracy. Guys talk and guys do drugs with other people that do drugs. Regardless of their employer.
  3. My expectation is that the A’s will sweep us. Hopefully I’m wrong. Would be happy to get one win.
  4. Such a dumb move by Ohtani with Trout up AND Glasnow pitching. We might not make it to second base again until the 6th.
  5. Renhido looked lost all night at the plate. Schebler could have won the game with a dong.
  6. Perry loves to talk about doing the work. Excited to see how Cobb and Quintana
  7. It’s a bad winter to desperately need starting pitching. Minasian is in a tough spot. No leverage and not enough prospects to compete with the other teams who will be after Castillo, musgrove etc..
  8. Burying Adell way too early. Trade Marsh if it gets you a quality starter.
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