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  1. @Jeff Fletcher is it safe to say that the players added to this ‘60-man’ will be public? I’m sure some teams will have theirs leaked or stated, but curious if it’s something they can keep private.
  2. Quick math... Angels had a pool of ~$6.4m, and Seminaris, Calabrese, and Blakely have reportedly signed for a combined ~$1.8m, leaving ~$4.6m For Detmers, whose slot value was $4,739,000m.
  3. Gonna go ahead and go on record and say this is gonna wind up being the best pick of the draft.
  4. I still like Eppler’s draft strategy. He goes high-risk, high-reward. The hardest players to acquire by trade or free agency. So far, he’s done a good job developing them - Adell, Marsh, Jackson, Knowles, Deveaux. They have a system that works for these kids and the right scouts for finding them. Patience is needed. Yes, they may not impact the big league club for a few seasons, but they also turn into really valuable trade pieces if they tear it up in the low minors. Teams start to buy into hype. We saw the Yankees pull off big trade after big trade using their farm for decades to bring in premium MLB talent. Guys like Calabrese and Blakely give the Angels some flexibility to shop Jackson, Paris, Adams, Vera, Knowles, Deveaux these next couple years.
  5. Read that he could be on the Angels' depth chart this season (if there is one) because he's that close.
  6. Welp. So much for that. Who we got? I still guess Cavalli.
  7. I think Veen could be the best available pick at 10 if he's there - but we're so heavy on OF talent that in this case I'd hope they turn to a pitcher, or even a catcher/infielder. And also, one thing the Eppler Angels have done right is develop young outfielders - so, if they decide they want to keep repeating that formula, I trust them.
  8. I mean, if Detmers is going to be sort of a Mike Leake type, a guy who makes the majors quick and settles as that regular ol’ #4-type, flashing a few good seasons of that of a #3 or fringe #2, and a couple mediocre #5’s, it’s not too exciting, just good value. If we had a second pick I’d be happier with that but I’d like to see them aim higher.
  9. A couple surprises in the order so far, but not in who is being taken. Wonder if the Rockies go after Veen - would the Angels take another prep OF if he's available at 10?
  10. Right, that's what I was kinda reaching out for...curious how it might alter their strategy. Guess we'll see!
  11. Since the Angels don't have a 2nd rounder, they don't necessarily need to go under-slot like they usually do for their first round, correct?
  12. I have a feeling this draft is going to be full of all sorts of surprises and wonkiness. Who knows what #10 will hold.
  13. They also have 30 and 39 I think, they can go under-slot here to spend bigger there.