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  1. Yeah, certainly not expecting all of those guys to settle for minor league deals, but even a 1/$5m is something I could still see the Angels doing even if they add a second SP, especially if it’s someone they either feel could start in the bullpen (like say, Shoemaker or Folty) or they want to start the season with guys like Sandoval or Canning even at AAA with Barria in the pen, and go for an approach that really stacks depth.
  2. Worth considering that guys like Archer, Shoemaker, Aaron Sanchez, Carlos Rodon, Foltynewicz, even Felix Hernandez, Cole Hamels, Rich Hill, and Jake Arrieta are out there still, some perhaps resorting to minor league deals by time all is said and done. I don’t see any of them as priorities or solutions, but there’s a chance one or two of those guys is a happy surprise waiting to happen. Ideally, we acquire another SP, another reliever or two, a RF of at least platoon quality, and perhaps snag an interesting vet SP invite guy who forces a kid to the pen or SLC to start the year.
  3. Could probably get a passable RF and another reliever for the amount Hand got. Probably better off spreading that around that banking it on one reliever with a velocity who’ll give you what, 70 innings, should we even get in a full season.
  4. Thinking on other names who might be flying under the trade radar...could see guys like Marco Gonzales, Justus Sheffield, Sean Newcomb, Sean Manaea, Danny Duffy, Josh Lindblom, Dakota Hudson, any Marlins pitcher, aforementioned Zac Gallen...all sorts of under the radar types out there...
  5. Wonder if there’s a trade candidate we aren’t really thinking or hearing about out there too.
  6. Minasian played a role in Toronto drafting Syndergaard and Stroman I believe. Could see both being targeted.
  7. Figured there was a good chance Paxton sound up going home to Toronto. Would seemingly make Bauer more of an unlikelihood there too.
  8. It’s unlikely the Angels grab another catcher, but it’s not completely unrealistic that Stassi’s surgery has him delayed to start the year or Minasian doesn’t buy last year’s breakout. Also a chance clubs are inquiring on Stassi in trade deals regarding pitching.
  9. Not terribly excited about Hand, makes me a little nervous the way relief money is being dished out and that every team passed on him in waivers. I would think you could get two or three guys from the Tepera, Shreve, Drake, Bass, Boxberger, Kintzler grouping with Hand money, and depth might matter more right now.
  10. Toronto has been incredible in terms of finding and developing amateur talent for a really long time now, hopefully Minasian was around it enough to bring it here.
  11. Firm step towards Option 2A or 2B after the Quintana signing last night, unless Arte intends on spending more or Bauer winds up being much cheaper than anticipated.
  12. Bemboom DFA’ed, Stassi traded or DLed/DFAed. There isn’t a catcher in this org that would present an obstacle if Realmuto came into play and made sense as part of a bigger plan.
  13. Certainly possible as a 2C option. Trades for top SP prospects seem so rare these days, and probably even rarer now given how teams are wanting to hold onto cheaper, controlled players due to the virus/money situation, but still plausible. I sort of addressed the other half, the reclamation project, part in mentioning guys like Junis, Duffy, Boyd, etc. Nomar Mazara strikes me as a really intriguing RF option too. Someone to gamble on and cut loose midseason if Marsh or Adell are ready for a shot.
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