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  1. @UndertheHalo definitely worth considering especially with Trout and Rendon having some questionable durability, Walsh’s potential to regress, Fletcher’s dependency on singles falling, Ohtani’s overall fragility… Personally think they need to add a solid vet vat or two this winter just as much a vet SP.
  2. Seeing as how they also pursued Reynolds, I think Miami initiated. Makes sense the Angels backed out if they would prefer seeing how Marsh and or Adell handle the next two months. In that scenario the Angels would have a little more leverage in seeing what their prospect is worth there or elsewhere. The beauty of having both is one is ‘expendable’, and seems like something they can definitely revisit this winter if the Marlins are still interested in Marsh.
  3. The 3/$30m deal that Lynn and Gibson both signed for seems like a pretty reasonable deal. It’s a year longer than I’d like, but it’d keep the AAV salary a bit lower and allow more financial flexibility.
  4. Especially in such a great market for selling. Just going to hope that the team plans on working really hard to re-sign those two. If they do, it’s not a bad deadline at all. Still a bummer.
  5. It’s not too different from the Angels versions of something like the Dillon Peters, Cristopher Molina, and Jhonathan Diaz. Just a bunch of org minor leaguers. One might make the bigs. Same types of guys that get signed as minor league FAs or minor league R5 each winter. Doesn’t make it a bad deal or good deal, just hope the Halos saw something.
  6. Well I got the team wrong, but I had been calling for Heaney for two RP for a couple days. And Espinoza was moved today still. Bummed we didn’t move Iglesias but hopefully it means they’re working hard to re-sign him. Hope the kids kick ass these next two months and every team ahead of us collapses.
  7. Maybe a decent relief arm or two hits waiver wire in post deadline madness.
  8. Ivan Armstrong (6'5", 250, RHP, 20 years old, A Ball): 1.88 ERA, 0.99 WHIP in 38.1 IP, with 24 hits, 0 HR, 14 BB, 43 K Jose Marte (6'3", 190, RHP, 25 years old, A+/AA): 2.79 ERA, 1.35 WHIP in 29 IP, with 24 H, 0 HR, 15 BB, 50 K
  9. We're gonna hear a few Angels trades here at the buzzer and after.
  10. So kinda like Stefanic and Fletcher? At least offensively?
  11. Yep - waiver deadline is no more. No trades until after WS now.
  12. Whoa. Spencer Howard? Pete Crowe Armstrong? Big prospect names moving.
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