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  1. @Dochaloedition, part two. Option 6: Cole and Simmons option (+17) Subbing in Rendon Moustakas 2/24 (+10) Unrealstic Wheeler 4/80 (+15) Unrealistic - but let's take the Moustakas money and add it here to make it happen. Rengifo for Caratini - Realistic. VERDICT: This is another Rendon + Wheeler + catcher scenario, except Caratini was much worse than Stassi and Option 6's d'Arnaud. This team is probably a little worse than the 2020 team. Option 7: Cole and Simmons (+17) Subbing in Rendon Trade Marsh, Rengifo, Sandoval, Barria and Cozart for D
  2. @Dochaloedition(s)... Doc really went to work, putting forth ten different options, all quite specific. Option 1: Cole - 7/227. 25m in the first year. 25m, 25, 30, 33, 36, 39, 39 (+25) Not even close on the money...Rendon subs in. Simmons - extension of 4/40. 7m, 8, 12, 13 (-8) no 2020 bearing. Wheeler - 4/80. 15m, 20, 20, 25 (+15) unrealistic Grandal - 4/60. 10m, 15, 15, 20 (+10) Realistic, since there wasn't much money spent elsewhere. It could add to your Grandal offer. Michael Wacha. 1/10. (+10) Realistic, but Wacha was unfortunately pretty poor
  3. If my memory serves, I remember him being more of a pitch-to-contact, groundball inducing arm too...seems like he’s way more of a strikeout/swing-and-miss guy now.
  4. I think LeMahieu is too expensive - if they were going to spend that big on someone, I imagine they’d wait until next year’s SS class or trade for Lindor. I do think Gregorius or Semien could be realistic. Realmuto perhaps. Personally, I do not see the harm in spending on FA hitters. They tend to be better buys than FA pitchers, and the SP class this winter is extremely thin. Trading for pitching seems like a much safer and more affordable route. That doesn’t mean I don’t have interest in Bauer, Stroman, or Gausman, or that I wouldn’t prioritize them, or that a secondary class of arms lik
  5. Was this not posted yet? From https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/10/quick-hits-lemahieu-angels-dombrowski-pino-crawford.html Multiple reports linked Dave Dombrowski was a favorite to take over the Angels‘ front office, though after almost a month, there hasn’t been much new information on that front. In fact, in an appearance on Jon Heyman’s Big Time Baseball podcast(audio link), USA Today’s Bob Nightengale believes Dombrowski will “absolutely not” end up in Anaheim. Both Heyman and Nightengale think Dombrowski might remain in Nashville, where he is part of a group vying to bring an ex
  6. Eek...Gray wrapped the year with a balky shoulder and 3 MPH off his fastball, and while Story has one more year of control over Lindor, he also has a .760 OPS away from his Coors OPS of .994... Think I’ll pass...little too risky on those two, even if they’d cost less and have more control. Also not sure Colorado is as motivated to move the likes of those two as a team like Cleveland will be with Lindor and possibly a pitcher.
  7. Here’s how I would be drawing up the staff as of now: Bundy Heaney FA/Trade FA/Trade Canning Barria/Ohtani Pena Sandoval Mayers Buttrey FA/Trade FA/Trade FA/Trade AAA: Suarez, Yan Added to 40: Naughton, C. Rodriguez, Brady, Soriano Non-tendered/traded/outrighted: Robles, Bedrosian, Anderson, Peters, Milner, Quijada, Keller, Bard, and Reyes On the fence about Barnes, Andriese, Noe, and even Middleton. I’d probably keep one or two, but hard to guess without knowing the next GM or who may be on the ta
  8. Being overlooked here is one thing Sherman is pretty dead on about - the Angels might be in their best window right now to win the West. The Astros were shaky and are getting old. The Rangers are likely headed into a deep rebuild. The Mariners have something potential - they could come along quickly - but still likely have a year or two. The Athletics are in prime position but are nearing the part of their cycle where they start dealing away stars. We know Arte isn’t the most progressive, stat-oriented guy. He likes stars. He like marketing. This year is his last opportunity for perhaps h
  9. Stefanic feels like David Fletcher 2.0, maybe not quite as good, but someone who shows up in AA/AAA/ST as a guy who just gets ‘it’ done. Soto also just sort of a gut feeling.
  10. I like Soto, Stefanic, Stallings as guys who could sneak into MLB depth charts as soon as end of next year too. Think more along the lines of the Walsh, Shoemaker, Fletcher type of prospect.
  11. We probably added 6-8 new pitchers last year. Bundy, Teheran, Barnes, Mayers, Andriese - that’s five significant adds already - Milner, Buchter saw plenty of playing time, that’s seven. Quijada, Keller...didn’t play much, but over a full season could have made a dozen or so appearances. And I still suspect there’s a chance we see Buttrey, Middleton, Suarez, Sandoval, Barria, or even Canning move in a trade for a pitcher.
  12. Kind of agree. Safe to say we need at least one #1-#3, to pair with Heaney and Bundy. We probably need a durable #3-#5, to offer insurance against the rookies Barria and Canning. Nabbing am insurance #5 on a cheap one-year or ST invite is prudent. That’s three. (Ohtani is a unicorn, he’s #6 only because he pitches once a week at most) After that, I expect at least 2-3 of Robles, Andriese, Barnes, Bedrosian, Milner, Noe to be non-tendered. At least. That’s another three, or six. If we have to trade any pitchers - Barria, Sandoval, Suarez, Buttrey, and Middleton all
  13. They need pitching but that doesn’t mean there is enough good pitching available to fill it. Lindor is damn good defensively too. And pitching is also acquired in or around the Lindor deal.
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