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  1. The resume of the great crew member Olivia Jade Giannulli (AKA Lori Laughlin's Daughter):
  2. We are going to NYC and Cooperstown in June.... If you are planning on going to the Statue of Liberty...get your tickets early, especially if you want to go up in the crown. We are staying 450 ft from MSG and Penn Station Seeing Billy Joel on the 6th at MSG and a few other surprises along the way.
  3. We have tickets to ASU Gammage shows...Just saw Fiddler on the Roof.
  4. We havent decided what games we will go to yet....working around my boys spring break from school.
  5. With the 49ers D...Most casual 49er fans only really know Bosa...but it's a healthy Dee Ford (you know what he is capable of), with Bosa, Armstead, and Buckner. The line backers, with a healthy Alexander to go along with Warner and the emergence of Greenlaw are very fast and very good in coverage. Moseley and Sherman just shut down Devante Adams and stopped Jones and the week before shut down Cook and the Vikings. They can handle the RBs and Wideouts...what scares me about the matchup between the 49ers and the Cheifs is Mahomes. Mobile QB's, like Kyler Murray, Wilson, Jackson and Mahomes have killed the 49ers. The D-Line is ultra aggressive and sometimes the lanes and containment break down. If that is the case....it will be a long night for the 49ers. On the otherside, Mostert is the feel good story of the year. The dude has been huge this year....If Coleman is healthy, the running game is dangerous. What really throws off most teams, is the running game will involve Kittle and Samuel. Very physical runners (RB's included). They always are picking up extra yardage after contact. Jimmy G can, if necessary chuck the rock, he just needs not to make the bonehead throws and reads. This should be a very good game.
  6. Now I will be able to sleep at night!
  7. Tank...I'm kinda offended by this statement.
  8. You need to contain Mahomes... The 9ers have struggled with the likes of Wilson, Murray and Jackson On the plus side, Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander have been healthy for the post season, which helps to chase down the speedy QBs. This season the 9ers have won ugly against the Steelers, wont in dominant fashion with the defense and the run game and have slugged it out with the likes of the Saints and the Ravens. Everybody over looks the likes of Samuel, Sanders and Bourne on the offensive side. They can put up big numbers if necessary. If the 9ers get a lead in the Superbowl, unlike the last two weeks, the need to keep the foot down on the gas pedal otherwise the Chiefs will blow right by them.
  9. When you have a team defense that is in the top five and a rushing attack that is #2, you do not need a QB to throw...Both the Vikings and the Packers knew what was coming and the couldnt stop it....The 9ers throw a pass with 2:10 left in the 2nd quarter, and didnt throw the next pass until about 9 minutes left in the fourth quarter.
  10. My question for those of you smarter than me.... Is Billy's spin rate, the new money ball OBP theory? At what point does spin rate back fire? We dont seem to have much success in this area. I know most managers dont have a say, but could this also be a Maddon suggestion?
  11. He also had 33 HR's, 74 RBI and 92 Runs scored with a war of 2.3 I may stand corrected...just looked up Goodwing who was a 2.1 WAR, 109 OPS+ vs Kole's 108 OPS+ Defense will be the difference.