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  1. CRod's injury is listed as a lat strain which means it is probably not located in his back or even related to his back injury from before. The lat attaches up in the shoulder which is most likely the area he injured and re-injured according to IP. I'm sure they have shut him down from throwing for now and will slowly try and build him back to be ready for the season next year which could mean he may not be ready by Spring Training. If he's not ready by Spring Training, he should be ready soon after as long as there is no re-injury.
  2. Just to clear Trout's injury up, there are 3 degrees of strains. 1st degree is a few fibers which usually heal fairly quickly. 2nd degree is a section of the muscle is torn and depending on how many of the fibers are torn is how long it takes to recover. 3rd degree strain is a complete rupture of the muscle which requires surgery to repair especially if you are a superstar athlete. So 2nd degree strains are the ones that are the most difficult to put a time table for the healing because it depends on the amount of muscle fibers torn and then allowing the scar tissue fill in without causing more problems. I am surprised that it has taken this long but sometimes it does take a long time. I am sure the Angel's medical staff is very good at their jobs and are doing all they can to get him healthy. Hopefully that clarifies some of the confusion on his injury.
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