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  1. It's 12 years now since Stoneman left (someone Arte did not hire, by the way). At the time the team was a perennial World Series contender and had one of the strongest minor league systems. It's now been 12 years of Arte hiring GM's on the cheap with absolutely no experience in the position. Who in their right mind would do that with a multi-billion dollar company? If it wasn't for Mike Trout, he'd be the Donald Sterling of baseball.
  2. He was given historically bad starting pitching. No manager could have won with that.
  3. If I get the first pick in the draft. I'm going for a lead singer. I'm taking The Hoff! Then, I'm going with Bobby Brady on drums.
  4. I never would have thought, at the beginning of the season, that I would see an Angels vs. A's game with Upton batting 6th and Khris Davis batting 7th.
  5. The last thing they need is a rookie who can actually put the ball in play with runners in scoring position. It might show up the veterans.
  6. I know it's a long shot, but Heaney should get 5 more starts. If he averages 6 IP per start, he'll barely make it. I wonder if a team has ever gone an entire season without a pitcher throwing 100 innings. Even in 1981, I'll bet every team had at least one guy.
  7. I wonder when was the last time the Angels had two players wear the Golden Sombrero (Ohtani & Fletcher) in one game?
  8. Since they don't seem to have anyone that they trust to face the same hitter 3 times in one game, maybe they'll have to go with that "rotation" the Rockies tried at one time. The Rockies had each pitcher throw every fourth game, Everyone became a long reliever that would each go 3 innings. a starter, a middle man and a finisher. Then they had a closer if needed. I'm joking about doing that, but in over 50 years of watching this team, I've never seen the starting pitching this bad.
  9. So, 4-20 meets 4-12. Good thing they don't have ties in baseball. Somebody has to win. Right?
  10. 10 of their first 21 games against Houston including 7 at Minute Maid.
  11. Last time I checked, half of the Angels' pitching staff is made up of 1 inning guys, and half is made up of 4 inning guys (if we're lucky). Having a rotation would be nice, but we don't get to have nice things.
  12. Chad Curtis. Uh...err...um...maybe this isn't so great an idea after all.
  13. Since the blown home plate call in the extra inning game against the Orioles, the Angels have gone 2-10 and been outscored 78-39.
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