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  1. Once the coach put him in, it was John Fogerty He was ready to play
  2. 1. Jettison Pujols 2. Get rid of Upton 3. Trade Trout to an East Coast team for multiple players/prospects
  3. I have not had much time to post recently, nor have I followed the Angels as closely as I usually do. Perhaps its the state of the world these days, but man do they suck. It’s the same shit year after year. Major holes that never get fixed....smh! I remember when every game used to get me excited. Now, just checking the box score and seeing the highlights is more than enough. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see this thing turning around
  4. I remember my father waking me up to see Nixon resign on TV.
  5. https://nj1015.com/new-jersey-brewery-mocks-astros-cheating-scandal/ Lol
  6. Stanton: No, he will end up being remembered as the injured guy with the huge contract that Jeter dumped on the Yankees. Craig Kimbrel should make it
  7. Oh sure, I definitely caught it at work. Half of our pharmacy staff went down with multiple symptoms and tested positive. The two other people on my three person team were the first two to get it. I was just waiting for my turn. No one had it bad enough to go to the hospital, thank god. We had the place professionally sterilized two times, but the cases kept popping up. One woman in the billing department caught it, brought it home, and it ended up killing her husband. Definitely has been the most stressful period of my life.
  8. Hey! Thanks your concern. Has not been a good past 6 months, but I’m OK Working in healthcare, we have been taking a beating around here lately. Tested positive for Corona antibodies, so that’s good, as I never got symptoms other than being tired. I hope all is well with you and the rest of the crew. I’ll be on here more often now.
  9. Matt Harvey was a beast before his TJ surgery, and collection of other complications afterwards
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