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  1. Had to read thru this Moose thread to make sure it wasn't the one from last year....or the year before.
  2. Some great suggestions on here. I have two daughters who are real girly girls, so as they grow older, it becomes more difficult to find common interests with them. We always make it a point to have our special one-on-one time as Tank suggested. We have found travel to be a great common interest. We all love planning our trips as much as actually taking the trip. It gives us time together working towards a common goal that we benefit from. They also try to share my love of sports and root for the Angels, NY Rangers, and NJ Giants. They know I am outnumbered 4-1 in my house, including the dog, so they put the effort in on their end as well to keep the relationship healthy. As they are growing older, I realize the clock is ticking on how much time I’ll have them around the house, so I try to appreciate the little things we do that much more. It is scary when you finally realize you don’t have all the time in the world, and they are growing up exponentially faster every year, so appreciate the time you do have because before you know it, you’ll be that person telling the younger ones how quickly time flies by.
  3. So looking forward to this. SopranosCon.com
  4. I remember this line from the finale of The Office. I keep this picture hanging over my desk to remind me every day.
  5. Jack Ryan S2 Episode 1 started off great. Looking forward to the rest
  6. I prefer not to overpay for Cole, and use that money to sign Wheeler, Odorizzi, and a 5th starter/bullpen help. Cole’s contract will end up being the next one that sandbags the team in it’s latter years. We have had enough of that.
  7. I have to admit I was all for signing Zobrist the last two times he was a free agent. Not this time.
  8. That would have made him our ace
  9. Sorry, we are only allowed 20 minutes per week on the cellblock computer. He looks like Jay Mohr