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  1. Bachman's delivery reminds me a little of Joe Grahe, but I'm sure Bachman is better.
  2. The A's President Dave Kaval tweeted this today
  3. Ah yes, the "Maddon was the real brains behind 2002" people.
  4. Dodgers showing some major disrespect to Orel Hershiser!
  5. To be fair the Angels won three straight West Division titles with Mathis at catcher (with help from Napoli.)
  6. DeWain Lee Stevens...Wally Joyner's "heir apparent" at 1B, sucked as an Angel, but was solid for the Expos and Rangers after he played a couple years in Japan. Did anyone mention LHP Brian Anderson? (3rd overall pick) He's currently on the Rays' broadcasting team. 3B George Arias RHP Joe Grahe
  7. I love how the Dodgers and Astros got Walsh'd.
  8. I remember that time Weaver was staring at David Ortiz circling the bases. Haha.
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