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  1. I was mainly pissed that Sosh went with Schoeneweis, who didn't do his job, but you know, matchups. BTW, I was 34 in '02.
  2. Started watching the 2002 ALDS on YouTube yesterday. Not sure I actually saw all the games back then, but I know I haven't since. Couldn't help but be (re?) angered that Scioscia didn't bring in Percy to face Giambi in the 8th in Game 1. He sure loved his lefty/lefty matchups. He could have had Percy get the 4-out save instead of going with Schoeneweis & Donnelly to blow the game wide open. As we all know, things turned out all right, but that moment could have been where the series was lost.
  3. Given that it's the Angels, no other option is needed. It will keep happening. Just like dying of dysentery in Oregon Trail.
  4. Would it be bad form to wish that @tdawg87 would wish that you get AIDS?
  5. It's official. I work from home starting Thursday until at least the end of the semester (mid-May), so we're expecting an extended period of time. So early July sounds like the timeframe.
  6. Without pandemics, how will we learn to appreciate non-pandemics?
  7. I'm thinking first week of July at the earliest. But I am starting to think that this will, indeed, be a lost season. My state (Colorado) has just shut down all bars, restaurants (for eat-in service) and casinos. So my OTHER favorite pastime (poker) is a no-go.
  8. 1. Yes, but it is good to be cautious. It is better than doing nothing. 2. I am not personally worried. Chances are slim that I will contract it. I do have some concern for my parents. 3. I am still trying to do things to try to have a "normal| live, especially since sports are not currently a part of it. 4. Not yet, but I believe that will be happening soon. My wife is working from home the next two weeks, at least. 5. I have to hope that sports will resume at some point.
  9. Yeah, I saw that video where he was touching every surface in the press room. He thought it was funny. What a tool.
  10. Daniel Negreanu @RealKidPoker All poker operators: stop. Suspend all tournaments and cash games now. There isn’t a more infectious environment imaginable than a poker table. Shut it all down. 7:49 PM · Mar 11, 2020·Twitter for iPhone 672 Retweets 4.8K Likes
  11. Except it's not the flu. It's a totally different virus.
  12. I work for a community college, and I know that we are formulating a contingency plan for if/when we eventually have to shift services & classes online. Our spring break is in two weeks, my guess is we'll probably shift online the following week.