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  1. Hall of Infamy Hall of Not-Good-At-His-Job
  2. Yep...and their head coach is...Troy Percival. My parents' neighbor...
  3. Pressed again, he said: “I’m not going to talk about the details of what we shared in a classified setting, but make no mistake about it: those leaders, those members of Congress who want to go access this same intelligence can see that very same intelligence that will reflect what I’m describing and what the president said last night.” More about this: Two prominent Senate Republicans and congressional Democrats on Wednesday slammed the administration's briefing on the reasoning for the strike following briefings by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper. And multiple lawmakers said they saw no specific intelligence that pointed to an imminent threat from Soleimani that justified the strike. Someone is lying here. I'm going to go out on a limb, and say it's Pompeo. I'd say that both Pompeo & Trump are lying. But that's par for the course.
  4. I think they're "considering" trading Arenado along the same lines that they're "considering" trading Gray. Doesn't hurt to listen to offers, and if they get blown away...and Arenado waives his no-trade, then why not? They can either have Brendan Rodgers play 3rd or short and have Story slide over. They THINK they'll compete, but they have so many bad contracts (Ian Desmond and their entire bullpen) that it doesn't seem likely. I think Brdich is probably the worst GM around.
  5. Considering the Rockies A) Don't have a lot of good pitching to go around, and B) Think they'll compete this year (ha!), I would expect them to have a high ask on Gray. They don't have to trade him now. However, this June or July might be a different Story (see what I did there?).
  6. IMO, the team is better than last year. Certainly, signing Rendon & Castro vastly improved the offense and improved the defense. The pitching should be better. I don't expect Ohtani to pitch more than 100ish innings, but Teheran & Bundy will solidify their spots. I believe Canning and (to a lesser extent) Sandoval will step up, and Heaney should(?) be better. Is this team good enough to win the division? No. Is it good enough to be in the wild card hunt in June/July? Probably. But if they're in the hunt then, it is IMPERATIVE that they go get a frontline starter to have any chance at going deep in the postseason.
  7. Why do so many want Castellanos? We have enough DHs on this team and I wouldn't want Castellanos anywhere on the field. This is a non-starter.
  8. I'm guessing it was this video, which showed up on my YouTube last night: I mean, if that's his beef, it's understandable. If the Angels at the time were more worried about his hair than his stuff, why wouldn't he have welcomed the trade?
  9. So I'm curious...what comments has Clevinger made about the Angels? A quick Google search didn't provide any info (at least that wasn't hidden behind a paywall).