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  1. Yeah, well, they're dead now. And he was but a gleam in his daddy's eyes when the Yankees were a "premiere" franchise.
  2. Actually, it IS something for the Yankees. With this contract, they'll actually be paying around $50 million/year for Cole, so there's that. Enjoy your $200 concessions trip each time you buy a snack. Premiere franchise? Yeah, maybe last century. Since 2001, the Angels have as many WS championships as the Yankees. So do the Marlins. The Giants have won 3x as many. The Red Sox 4x as many. Suck on that. Premiere franchise, my ass.
  3. Fuck it. Rendon, Ryu, MadBum, Castro, and then trade all non-Adell Rondons for Jon Gray/Robbie Ray/Kluber/Clevinger. Fuck Cole.
  4. Putting this into perspective: Out of all teams who have appeared in the World Series in the last 20 years, only two (2007 Rockies & 2011 Cardinals) have had ERA+ team leaders under 120. Since 2011 , the Angels have had a total of 4 pitchers overall (Barria in 2018, Nolasco in 2016, Richards in 2014 & Weaver in 2011 & 2012) with an ERA+ of 120+. Cole's career ERA+ is 127. The last two years have been at 144 & 185. The Angels have not seen a pitcher above 144 since Weaver in 2011.
  5. He shouldn't be. As a third baseman, Castellanos makes a great DH. As an outfielder, Castellanos makes a great DH. We have enough DH types already.
  6. Rendon would not cost us any Rondons, only a potential Rondon (due to QO).