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  1. Trout should be the first player inducted before he retires. lol
  2. This is last year's ballot. I think Schilling should get in this year. Jeter will definitely be 1st ballot HoF. I'd like Larry Walker to get in well as this is his last year of eligibility I believe (Then he would be subject to the Veteran's committee)
  3. "Meh", I mean he is the kind of guy Eppler pitches a tent over, but I'll pass, like Chuck said, dude can barely hit 90, he is an injury risk, and there's nothing particularly impressive with his stuff.
  4. Looks like the Astros were caught stealing signs again....
  5. I'm puzzled at the decision because it came out of left field, but honestly he has a great baseball mind, and I'm fine with having more of those in the organization.
  6. I would be in favor of this if the regular season was shortened. Even though Baseball is by far my favorite sport I think the season is too long, by the time you get to the WS almost everyone is in football mode. I think MLB should be wrapped up by early/mid October. They're "The Boys of Summer" not "The Boys of Thanksgiving"
  7. Kole will definitely get a standing O when/if he plays the Angels on his future team. He is one of my all time favorite Angels players as he gave 100 percent every inning of every game. I hope some other team overpays him and he spends out his final baseball years counting dolla dolla bills.
  8. Angels (something something) charged with (something) headlines are going to freak me out for a little while. With that being said, I love this guy's moxie and 18 years as a beloved Cubs employee is a good get for the Angels.
  9. Thinking about how cool it will be to play with Trout and Ohtani next year
  10. Ideally this is what his fellow prisoners yell when they are beating the crap out of him for abusing a child. Let's be honest he's rich and the jurisdiction is in Texas so he'll get off with a slap on a wrist
  11. I always find it tricky to evaluate minor league records since players are shuffled between levels and also called up to the bigs to fill gaps due to injuries. The farm system is much better than it was even a few years ago, so I'm not going to put too much stock in the total organizational record.