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  1. @Tank This is a really cool concept, I'm going to post this thread on the AW Twitter
  2. This post is going to be a little "Inside Baseball" as I reflect on 2020 from the perspective of someone who was asked to add content to AngelsWin Twitter account over the past year. There are a few of us who run the @AngelsWin Twitter account, with myself and @Chuckster70 being the primary ones who will post and retweet on the account. I probably account for about 70 percent of the content on the AngelsWin Twitter every since Chuck asked me a while ago to take a more active role in Social Media for AW (I don't do much with the Facebook account because I despise Facebook, so I beli
  3. So I know the "12 days of #BauerToAnaheim" thing probably wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but it ended up giving the AW Twitter account the most amount of new followers and engagement in quite a long time.
  4. I'm limited to 25 characters per poll answer so I had to modify the answers a bit.
  5. Ironically this was my original idea for day 12 until I decided to let other people weigh in
  6. So i'm conflicted on him. One of the things I think baseball needs is more stars who show their true personalities, because baseball culture has always been one of those unwritten rules where the players are fairly bland in interviews but actually are quite charming and funny in real life (Mike Trout is a good example, when you hear him in the clubhouse or mic'd up the dude is hilarious). Trevor Bauer is someone who is stepping out and just being himself, and the dude is very opinionated, social media savvy, and that can come off pretty harsh to a lot of people, but hon
  7. I do love the idea of throwing shade at the Astros on the final day of #BauerToAnaheim
  8. So for any of you who have been following the @AngelsWin Twitter, we have been doing the "!2 Days of #BauerToAnaheim" with a new one each day. I have written out the first 11 days and did my usual low effort photoshopping, but I left the 12th day open on purpose. This is the most current one: I wanted to cede the floor to members of the AW Forum to come up with the best "On the 12th day of #BauerToAnaheim the @Angels gave to me...". If its funny, and doesn't risk getting the @Angelswin Twitter account cancelled (*cough* @tdawg87 *cough*), I'll use it as
  9. Cant wait for the censored version of Major League and Major League 2
  10. I think what really pisses me off is that changing the name of a sports team because a bunch of SJW's find it offensive does nothing to actually help people who live on the Reservation, it would have been more helpful for them to put resources towards helping find a high number of missing Indigenous women, or education, or poverty, but instead we get the "Cleveland Baseball Team"
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