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  1. Bundy is not looking very comfortable out there so far
  2. Okay so if the Ump didnt take forever to call that 3rd strike Walsh could have beaten it out, thanks Blue!
  3. We have Ohtani, Trout and Walsh with Bundy on the mound, I still like our chances. Also while I think Matt Vasgersian is a better PBP guy announcer, I like Sutton better in the role, MV is very "national broadcast" which is fine in small doses. I'm such a homer.
  4. Came here to say this exact thing, it feels like for years the Angels gameplan has been this: 1.) Get behind early. 2.) Start to chip away at the lead in the middle innings. 3.) Give up 2-4 runs in the 7th or 8th 4.) Give up and lose the game with a whimper This team almost feels like they know they will win even when behind, that was the 2002 team, they played to the final out. It's good to see this form of Angels baseball back and I hope it continues throughout the season.
  5. I like Sutton, but can do without all the analytics talk all the time. Like I get it, exit velocity is important with spin rate and other stuff, but not after every at bat. He also sucks up to Gubi a lot but it could be him just trying to build rapport. I would be totally ok if Sutton was the FT guy and MV was the occasional guy. Sutton is a homer but he has given a lot of shine to the White Sox which I appreciate in a good PbP guy. I don't get the sense that Sutton will be as critical when the Angels are playing poorly as @VictorRojas always was (Which I absolutely loved about Victor).
  6. God it's so good to see fans in the stands at Angel Stadium again
  7. I like it, he was a great reliever last year, hopefully he doesn't regress....too much Our bullpen needed arms, although re-signing No-way kind of let me down https://www.fishstripes.com/21512716/2020-marlins-james-hoyt-breakout-year-stats
  8. Yeah I'm really excited about this lineup and hope Walsh continues to hit well, and I think our Pitching Staff will improve as well, imagine if we get an entire season of 2018 Ohtani on the mound. This really could be a playoff team if everything comes together.
  9. Bally Sports West is a terrible name, I first read it as "Bailey Sports West" and thought the LA Kings mascot had bought FSW. Not excited about the possibility of Jose Mota in the booth during the season, hopefully he is just going to do the on-field stuff like previous years (The "new for this year" part worries me) Vasgersian I already know and really enjoy his work, and been hearing great things about Sutton from you guys here, so looking forward to that.
  10. I also think as a creature of habit, last season was all kinds of messed up for me, not because the Angels missed the playoffs I'm used to that by now, but I hated the shortened season, and to me baseball is the best representation of people coming together for a fun time, and the empty stadiums and all the covid BS just depressed me. I'm excited to see fans back at stadiums this season and hopefully we'll be back at full capacity soon. I did enjoy the Angels/Padres game listening to the SD broadcast, and watching Angels/Cubs right now listening to Terry Smith.
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