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  1. A part of me enjoys the fact that Jeter wasn't a unanimous decision. We all knew he would be first ballot HOF, but someone made sure it wouldn't be unanimous.
  2. I'm curious who cast the lone dissenting vote against Jeter. Probably got an STD from him.
  3. This has been one of the strangest weeks during a baseball offseason that I can remember.
  4. It's time for Mike Trout to call a lawyer and sue the crap out of this loser I know a guy
  5. Only extra weight I see these days are the MVP Awards he is dragging around
  6. hmm, I wonder if I can get away with saying that I'm Justin Verlander's second cousin thrice removed and start a rumor that he is actually married to Justin Upton, and not Kate. I don't particularly believe that Trout is taking HGH but I'm going to say we should probably keep this thread up because it is a topic that's trending on twitter, and deleting it would show quite a bit of bias on the matter. Even if he's our guy we can't shy away from a hot topic. Chuck gets the final say in the matter though, but I won't delete the thread.
  7. I disagree about being completely meaningless. The penalties on the Astros will hurt the team for quite a while, and the removal of the "mastermind" Cora from Managing (for what I'll guess will be at least a couple of seasons) will affect both teams implicated. I do think that players involved shoud be suspended as well, and the Astros should forfeit the 2017 WS Title (But not give it to the Doyyers).
  8. Statement from Sawks:
  9. This offseason in a nutshell. Angels make a trade, and rumor has it, we get a pitcher: Pitcher's name announced, Angels fans react:
  10. Angels 162.5 - 0 Oakland: 92 - 70 Texas: 82 - 80 Houston: -3 - 165 Seattle: Traded to the PCL by DiPoto for a pack of Lucky Strikes