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  1. At this rate we will have more PbP announcers than starting pitchers this season.
  2. My problem with Heaney which you can clearly see has translated to his tenure with the Yankees is his demeanor. @Chuckster70frequently talks about that "John Lackey" bulldog type pitcher that we seem to never have consistently since we lost Skaggs. Heaney optimises the opposite of that, he showed promising stuff but was always rattled easily and could cruise to 2 outs in an inning and then just mentally collapse getting that final out. Going to the Yankees is the worst possible place for him, he would have honestly been better off in Cleveland or Tampa, I don't see him as a Yankee next season.
  3. This is a "must sweep" series. Not as much for our playoff hopes, but so we aren't the team that let the O's break their historic losing streak against. Also obligatory Twitter poll I put up on the matter:
  4. When we were in Texas I never actually ate at a Whataburger, lol
  5. return of the low effort photoshop with Adell as Princess Leia
  6. Couldn't stand Rich at first, but within about a week or so he completely won me over. Once he got comfortable in the booth I have found him to be a very good storyteller, and doesn't suck up to Gubi like Sutton did.
  7. Hopefully he is keeping that 100 ft distance from women and children as required by his probation
  8. @Stradling I changed the title of the thread so I can promote it on Twitter, lol
  9. I found him insanely boring. I almost switched to the ROOT sports feed but I ended up putting a podcast on in the background and watched without pbp
  10. The Angels only hire Hollywood Upstairs Medical College's finest
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