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  1. My Tampa trip was cancelled earlier this year but I am in the process of rebooking it, have fun! I won't be jealous at all, lol
  2. Now I know why I stay out of this thread, lol For the record Chuck and I exist on the complete opposite political spectrum and it's never affected our friendship, and our political dialogue has always been respectful, so yes, it can be done. I respect the freedoms of people who have different political opinions and have come to the conclusion that maybe my political beliefs aren't always right. I know someone on the internet who can admit they are wrong from time to time, shocking. Now back to the baseball forum for me.
  3. That was a lot of fun. Victor is legit an incredibly gracious guy. He is also very self deprecating and hanging with him on Zoom was like hanging with an old friend. Thanks Chuck for setting this up, baseball talk with Victor made my week.
  4. Oh God did I die a few weeks ago and have been living in hell this entire time?
  5. Dammit, I missed Toby's birthday bash again. I'll grab the mop, bucket and disinfectant spray.
  6. I don't think adding Puig is that much of an upgrade given his attitude/personality issues. There's a reason why teams aren't lining up to sign him.
  7. if by showcase you mean "Hey Arte, ya should have traded him to the Doyyers" then count me in, lol