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  1. The idea of any President doing this scares the crap out of me. The scary part of this is that it is possible due to the tremendous power that states have to run their own elections, so you could conceivably see a State that has a GOP run legislative body vote to send their own electors bypassing the state vote. Now there are states that have laws on the books that the electors have to be chosen based on the popular vote, and the Supreme Court did rule against "unfaithful electors" in a decision earlier this year. You also have the possibility of a Governor signing off on one set o
  2. Angels Official Twitter account. Also AngelsWin has media credentials so I get sent a gameday package from the Angels daily, but I've been slammed at work so I didn't get to use the media release to make a Twitter status on the AW Twitter.
  3. Yeah it's pretty obvious that Trump and DeJoy are trying to mess with the USPS before the election to gum up mail-in ballots as much as possible. People all of a sudden caring about the fact that the Postal Service is running while being in debt has a weak argument to defend this. They've had this issue for a long time and should have been reformed along time ago, and anyone with a brain knows that its not a coincidence the timing of this happening right before the election. It's politics and Trump using the Executive powers of the Presidency to have an affect on the election. Trum
  4. Me: Decides to visit the political forum to see what spirited discussions are happening Also me: "I immediately regret this decision"
  5. I'm indifferent to the fact that Arte is supporting Trump, hell I'd be indifferent if Arte supported Biden. I don't judge people based on their political beliefs (unlike what feels like most people do these days) I liked Arte before this "shocking" news came out, and I still like Arte because I could care less about his politics, I just want him to do right by the Angels.
  6. Do I want the vacancy on the Supreme Court filled before the next Presidential Inauguration (regardless of who wins), No not really. Do I think that the Senate and President are well within their rights to chose and confirm a new Supreme Court justice? Yes, they are.
  7. Adell would have eventually needed to get some MLB at bats, might as well do it in this season since Adell hasn't been the reason we suck this season (See: Pitching staff)
  8. ahh yes, the 'ol "They have 2 outs and are about to score 5 runs on our bullpen" routine
  9. Wait let me screenshot it first...for scientific reasons.....
  10. Honestly I was afraid this would be one of those "MadBum has a 7 ERA but is going to regain his form against us" type of game, but the Angels are coming back!
  11. I'm jumping on the optimistic train, choo choo motherfuckers!
  12. This actually was quite a lot more work than the few second GIF would indicate, lol
  13. As someone who got Chuck scotch for his birthday, I approve of this image of him. Also he is flexing his biceps the entire time he's typing.
  14. I do feel that this is an example of the Twitter mob getting out of hand before all the facts are known, especially if you look at the comments on the tweet. Also I'm not saying that the Angels response closes the book on this, I'm more saying it would be nice to get all the information out there before everyone cancels Arte.
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