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  1. Trump is running away with Ohio now. Unions in Ohio favored Trump 56 percent to 42 percent
  2. Arizona looking very strong for Biden right now. 72 percent in and Biden leads by 10 points. In-person voting will most likely close the gap but Maricopa County may be the deciding factor for Biden.
  3. This is astonishing Trump has made some huge net gains in traditionally Democratic categories
  4. Ross Perot returns from the dead.
  5. Looks like Milwaukee wont have results until 6am EST, so Wisconsin won't be called tonight.
  6. So far this is playing out pretty much like 2016. Polls show Biden in the lead or winning, States saying otherwise. Anyone who thought that Biden was going to run away with the election didn't pay attention in 2016.
  7. Senate: Hickenlooper flips Colorado from (R) to (D), although its expected that Tuberville will flip Alabama from (D) to (R) so no net gain for the dems so far.
  8. Biden and Trump keep switching leads in Texas. Ohio is starting to tighten as well. Most likely both will end up for Trump although much closer than 2016.
  9. Yeah, I'm guessing its that "early vote" which favors Biden, which is reported first, verses the "in person vote" that favors Trump. One interesting note is that heavily Democratic counties like Franklin (55%), Dayton (62%), Cuyahoga (Cleveland, 47%), and Toledo (39%) haven't fully reported in, but those results outstanding are also same day voting which heavily favors Trump.
  10. Biden is doing really well in Ohio. He is outperforming what Clinton did in 2016. He could actually win Ohio.
  11. By the way the Mexican half of my family are solidly pro Trump, he is far more popular with Latinos than people realize.
  12. My early (amateur) takeaway's so far: Trump is doing very well in Florida and specifically with the Latino vote, He is probably going to win by a larger margin than 2016 Biden is doing very well in Texas with the young and early voters, Trump will most likely win but it will be closer than in 2016 Outside of Texas Biden doesn't look to be making a lot of gains compared to Clinton so far, with the exception of Northeast Ohio. Georgia doesn't look like the toss-up that people were expecting. Trump looks like he is cruising to victory there. It's going to be
  13. lol, you just need to know the right people
  14. Let me know what you need and I'll pick some up the next time I head your way. Montana isn't lacking in ammo
  15. I've only recently posted in the political forum. I regret it most of the time, but im bored AF stuck working at home so I have nothing better to do. I'm voting for Biden, Chuck knows that I lean left but I have nothing but respect for those who want to vote for Trump in November. Just like in 2016 if Trump gets to 270 he will be my President for another 4 years. I tend to stay away from he extreme end of either party. I don't think Trump has been a particularly good President, but unlike a lot of people I don't hate him. I also think Biden is creepy AF and will probab
  16. Meanwhile America's actual enemies are like "Yes, yes good good, fight amongst eachother" I don't hate someone because they have a different political opinion compared to mine. Last time I checked our Country was built upon the principle of the freedom to have different beliefs.
  17. Because 20 years ago he was unable to salute a helicopter? Also I doubt he was trying to catch his breath 20 years ago.
  18. By beat it you mean 'Struggling to catch his breath". Hopefully getting the best medical care in the world allows him to recover quickly from this, but he most likely still has a week or so of recovery left, I'm hoping the worst of it is over though, but you never know with this thing. He has not beat it yet.
  19. Albert says he is in the best shape of his life.
  20. I find it funny that still 4 years later people try to act like Trump is stupid and doesn't know what he is doing. Narrator: "He knows exactly what he is doing." You don't ascend to the Presidency by accident. I don't get why people still underestimate Trump.
  21. That debate was hot garbage. Nothing Trump could say would affect any of his support or supporters but I'm fairly certain a ton of previous Biden supporters are like "Oh shit..."
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