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  1. $1 billion was bet on baseball last year. You don't think the public has interest in ensuring the outcomes are fair? You think that MLB is motivated to do a fair and thorough investigation? You think Manfred can hand out punishments to his bosses if the results of the investigation merits it?
  2. Yes, private enterprise (MLB) has clearly shown it's totally capable of investigating its own malfeasance in this instance. Everyone seems very confident in the completeness and thoroughness of this investigation and their faith in the fairness of baseball is totally restored. This is just like when MLB totally cleaned up P.E.D.s without any government intervention.
  3. Your argument is that communicating with teammates non-verbally is cheating?
  4. I think there is a huge difference. This is like the difference between looking at your neighbor's paper compared to hacking into the school's computer to get the test in advance. The amount of sophistication and effort is much higher for the second one. It's much harder to detect the second one, too.
  5. I'm just bummed that the "On a scale of 1-10" thread has been rendered moot in less than a day.
  6. Stealing signs doesn't mean you win a WS. Yeah, every team would trade the punishment for winning one, but only one team can win any year. Maybe it increases the odds by 3% or 5% (I think that's a pretty significant number). Would you trade the Angels next two first and second rounders for a 5% increase in their WS odds? And for the record, I do think the punishment was a bit too light, but let's be real about what the benefit was.
  7. How is it worse than what Rose did? You know MLB thinks Rose bet on the Reds to lose, right? Oh, you believe Rose only bet on the Reds to win because that's what he claims? For 30 years he claims he never bet on baseball. For 10 years after that he claimed he never bet on the Reds. Now he claims he only bet on them to win. I still think betting on them alone is worse but based on what baseball thinks he did you want to argue it's worse? You think illegally trying to win is worse than illegally trying to lose?
  8. Honestly, this seems light to me. I though MLB was going to really go after the Astros. To me this is far worse than what the Braves were doing. It's certainly more than a slap on the wrist, but I thought it would be a little harsher.
  9. This is just flat out false. The Mariners led the division through mid August and were coming off a 116 win season. On August 15th the Mariner's had a 1.5 game lead on the Angels and the A's were in third place. On August 20th there was a 3 way tie at the top. Seattle ended up finishing 3rd, 6 games back of the Halos with 93 wins. If they had a 2nd wildcard they would have tied for that spot with the Red Sox who got to clean up against the Devil Rays, Orioles, and Blue Jays.
  10. I really wish they had a poll of execs asking who the second most underrated prospect is instead of him just finishing second in the most underrated poll.
  11. So you're saying that we weren't the first people to come up with actually looking back at how accurate the projection systems are? I AM ABSOLUTELY SHOCKED. Who would have thought that in a multi-billion dollar industry that people are reviewing that sort of thing? You're telling me that instead of saying don't put stock in projections I could have easily googled how precise or not precise these projection systems are and what these projections actually mean?
  12. Hmmm. That would be interesting. I'm sure no one has actually checked on the accuracy of the projections systems before to see how they do. You would think that the people who run them would measure them to try to refine the accuracy over the years. Perhaps people in front offices would check the similar ones they have developed. But I'm sure these projections are no more accurate than us yahoos on the message board guessing what will happen. Maybe they're no better than a shot in the dark.