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  1. I'm sorry. I interpreted your tone wrong, but 90% of posts like this are just a way for the OP to say "I don't care about advanced stats" and they are making me uncomfortable when they are brought up on the broadcast. How many threads on this board are "WAR: what is it good for? Absolutely Nothing!" Let's bag on stat nerds. And as you can see by many of the replies in this thread, it seems like your post was begging for the response "you shouldn't care." If you really do want to learn more about spin rates and what spin does on a ball there's a ton of stuff online. I provided a lin
  2. Well, what people call "movement" is spin rate. The ball spins as it's thrown through the air and the seems create differentials in pressure. The more spin the more affect this has. It's basically a way to qualify movement or the ability to get movement on a pitch and thus strikeouts. There will be pitchers who make good use of their movement and others who don't. But asking why you should care is like asking why you should care about velocity. There are plenty of pitchers who have tons of velocity and fail, just like there are plenty of pitchers with high spin rates who fail. It s
  3. This is the worst list I've ever seen. They claim this list is the 100 hottest women of all time but all of them are from the 20th century or later. Did any of these women launch a thousand ships and start a war that lasted for a decade? No Cleopatra? Whatever.
  4. Having been to a Philly's game in Philly this is definitely true. There were a couple of 13 years olds next to us who were just absolutely obnoxious. I went to a Boston game in 2004 before they won the WS and that seemed like the only reason people were there was to get drunk and fight. I'm surprised they aren't higher. I also wonder what effect the availability of public transportation plays in this study. I'd probably drink more if I didn't have to drive to the games. I think driving also increases "pregaming."
  5. That's a good one. It reminds me of a story from a not celebrity: I used to work at a leadership camp for high schools kids in DC over the summers when I was in college. We'd tech leadership skills to the kids. It looked good on a college resume. Anyway, one day my senior year I'm flipping through channels and on MTV they had a show called "My Super Sweet 16" where super rich parents would throw their ungrateful kids lavish parties that looked like they cost $100k easily. The kids always get upset because their parents got them a 3 Series BMW instead of the 7 Series like they wanted,
  6. Are people actually upset by 6 inning spring training games? Do people care about the integrity of the Cactus League title?
  7. I'm really good at recognizing people so I see a lot of "celebrities". I'll keep this list short and mostly on topic (airports). 1. Jake Johnson (Nick from New Girl) at LAX. He was going to Chicago for the Cubs WS games. He's a big Cubs fan. We were buying water out of the vending machine and he was behind us in line. My mom couldn't get her Apple pay to work and it was taking forever so we let him go ahead. He offered to help and was a really nice guy. My mom ended up just using her card. 2. Bill Walton - San Antonio after the Final Four. He was on my flight. He was having a great t
  8. I hope this is sarcasm. I've been getting back into posting a little more as the season has approached. I might need to take another break.
  9. I would be over the moon if Adell turns out to be Justin Upton. Upton has had a great career.
  10. It's already been done. A couple of years ago I was listening to a FG prospect podcast and they mentioned someone had done it and pitcher bust way more often for various reasons. As a result Langerhanger and McDaniel had started ranking pitchers a little lower than they previously had been.
  11. I just meant playing significantly below expectations. I did not mean to imply that bust meant never made the major leagues. I meant guys like Brandon Wood (in addition to guys who never make the bigs) who had 750 plate appearances, but I don't think anyone here would say he was not a bust. My post was a little ambiguous, though.
  12. Exactly this, but I'd also like to add that some failures don't make swing changes a bad thing or a team bad at player development. Even at AA or AAA so few prospects "make it." It makes sense to go for a David strategy (high risk high reward). If the team feels a player won't be able to succeed with their current swing there really isn't much to lose by changing it. I suppose the prospect loses trade value in the short term, but that's about it. If swing changes are successful even 10% of the time in getting a player to the majors that would have been borderline or gets a borderline player to
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