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  1. I think the big concern is not the players, but the managers and coaches. Several of them, our own manager included, are near the high risk age group. Same thing with students and teachers. The teachers are the ones at most risk. What are the odds a manager dies from this? Hopefully they can figure out a way to adapt to play MLB even with the virus present. Maybe we can have the managers Zoom.
  2. Also, these antibody tests are not acceptably reliable yet. They may be getting better, but I would take this data with a grain of salt.
  3. The last Angels draft pick within the top 10 was Jo Adell, in 2017. He seems pretty good. The last Angels draft pick within the top 1-9 picks would go all the way back to 1997, which was Troy Glaus. Previous to that, the Angels last top 1-9 was Darin Erstad, in 1995. Angels would go and win the WS in '02. After Adell, I wouldn't mind another Angels top 1-9 draft pick. It sure wouldn't hurt.
  4. On a related note, I thought Barria looked great today. One could argue our defense (LaStella botch and Kole's volley) and relief pitching (Gallo's bomb off Peters) causes all his earned runs today.
  5. Cozart back in action making the play at third
  6. Sellers, it is. This team is about as coordinated as Chevy Chase.
  7. Kinsler’s no-trade clause allows him to block deals to 9 clubs: LA Dodgers, Milwaukee, NY Yankees, Oakland,San Francisco, San Diego, Tampa Bay, NY Mets, and Toronto
  8. Aaron Hernandez: Throws in the 90's, has hit 98 mph. He's a starter, but sounds like he might be converted to a reliever. Ranked #79, Angels pick him up for the #93 overall pick.
  9. Make him a qualifying offer, let him walk, and pick up the compensatory first round draft pick.
  10. Its amazing how complicated it is to measure the distance between point A and point B.
  11. It sounds like he wants to play more. Let him. Stop babying him. Take the training wheels off. Dude needs to be unleashed. Imagine going to a game and seeing him hit a homer or two and pitch into the 7th.
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