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  1. Wait...What??? Adell to get Contreras/Darvish? Why we can give out lower tier prospects and get the both of them.
  2. https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=isabel000iba Ibandel Isabel
  3. Totally agree Chuck. We should be acting like Ohtani doesn't exist for pitching, get our rotation as best as it can be without him. If Ohtani comes in and is the person we know he is then it's an added bonus and we can possibly have a pitcher to trade for another needed piece.
  4. So is Trump and look how awesome he's been for us. #truth
  5. Any new articles regarding our search? If Dave was really the favorite, I would think he'd be interviewed already. Maybe we are looking at someone who's team is still playing. All I know is that the Angels better not delay their decision and let players get picked up before we have a GM.
  6. I remember waiting game after game after game to see his 1st homerun as an Angel. Then one night at the stadium my family and I are walking in the right outfield play area for kids and I hear a massive roar. I sprint out of breezeway to see Pujol's first homerun as an angel and to my surprise, it was caught at the left field wall near the foul pole. It's been a downer.
  7. Man, I would have loved to see Pujols have a "couple" of these years as an Angel. It was wishful thinking.
  8. Honestly...it feels nice to be sellers for once knowing we are out of it. It's been the same thing year after year. Glad we threw in the towel. 2020 is shit anyways. Don't really care for Eppler anymore though. Don't feel he's got the cacahuates to make this team "great again"
  9. Haven't heard one mention about blaming the batting coach. Hell, we've got 2 of them and they can't fix the issue. It's almost predictable. I'd rather they just hit 1 run homeruns than have men on base.
  10. Shouldn't it be the cooks? Or better yet, the inventory manager? Or better than better yet, the supplier?
  11. Would have been a great year to try digital strike zone.
  12. Well... at least our best hitters (La Stella/Fletcher) will get to play full time. Sorry Simmons. Hope you get a decent contract next year.
  13. Can't stand Simmons batting approach on every at bat.
  14. He'll be starting when they face the Mariners at home.
  15. I'm wondering how these players/coaches got the virus. Haven't they all been tested and been together longer than 2 weeks?
  16. I did read it. My comment isn't stoooopid. It's called sarcasm. Read up on what that means.
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