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  1. I’ve kinda felt that this would be Scoscia’s last season. I don’t know why but I’ve just felt he may have become just a little bored with the job. As a Lasorda and a “Dodger Way to play baseball” disciple I also feel that the game has evolved beyond him. My own feelings about his time at the helm have been mixed. He’s the winningest manager in club history. The skipper who led the team to its only World Series win. There have been good seasons and disappointing ones. This one included. But I will always feel that the season where he did his greatest job was the season of the Nick Adenhart tragedy. Scioscia kept that team together. But mostly he kept the season respectful. Respectful for the fans. Respectful for the players. Respectful for Nick’s family. Respectful for Nick. Say what you will about the man, but there’s not many who could have done that.
  2. Every time I watch Skaggs pitch I feel like I'm watching a Bull Durham reboot. "Ive got a good idea about that five cent head of yours!"
  3. Pitching the ball would be great, but too many times it looks like he's just slinging it.
  4. It probably helps to be able to repeat your mechanics too. However, since Hector seems to throw from three different arm slots, repeating his mechanics is going to be real difficult to do.
  5. Not only will he be back, I have a feeling he'll be back with a new 3 year extension. His "reward" for not exercising his out clause. He seems to have that much of Arte's trust.
  6. Its not the paycheck he looses if he opts out. He'll get that anywhere. Its the power he looses. No other job will give him the power he posses here. Either way, I agree. No way he opts out.
  7. C.J. is guaranteeing he's not traded this week. After this performance, who would want "Mr Overrated as voted by the players."
  8. Note to Angels Organization: If an agent calls, representing a former Rangers player. Hang Up IMMEADIATELY
  9. I really believe that Hamilton being in the lineup has less to do with the Angels believing he can contribute this post season, and more about sending a psychological message to him and hoping to get something out of the next three years.
  10. There is a lot of blame to go around. Moustakas scored 2 runs tonight. walk and a HR. How do you let someone who hit .212 with a .271 OBP beat you?
  11. Calhoun had a 3-1 count, and he was still told to bunt. I started hearing the voice of Tom Hanks saying "What? Are you Stupid?" Calhoun had 2 sac bunts all season. Why put one of your better hitters in a position to fail?
  12. Just to add a bit more information, The Rangers celebrated the 2010 Western Division Championship with champagne and beer, Josh dressed in the trainer's room. When they clinched the ALDS they started by pouring Ginger Ale on Hamilton before moving on to champagne. Once the beer and champagne came out he moved out into the hallway to do interviews. I don't know about their 2011 seasons, but at least the 2010 celebrations were never completely alcohol free.
  13. I was there too, a fan through it all. I saw a young, promising.Bobby V. break his leg crashing into the left field wall. I was a fan when Frank Tanana was drawing comparisons to Koufax, only to be derailed to arm injuries. I remember the tragedy of Mike Miley and the playoff collapses of '81, '86, and then the collapse of '95. However, it's that history that makes seasons like this so much fun, regardless of the outcome. Just this season alone, the Angels have been written off numerous times. Before the start of the season, we didn't have enough starting pitching. In April and May, the BP was a joke. In July, Oakland and Detroit were declared "Super teams" and the favorites to be playing in the ALCS. Finally, we were written off again with the injury to Richards. But here we are, with only 20 games left to play, with a 7 game lead over Oakland, and the best record in baseball. My favorite part is hearing the disappointing tones of every analyst on ESPN and the MLB Network over this turn of events. I will always consider this one of the best Angels seasons ever.
  14. I guess we're really seeing why in 2012 a MLB Players poll voted C.J. the most overrated pitcher in baseball.
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