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  1. When FS79 isn’t afraid we are long overdue for a correction. Been a fun ride up but I’m more curious what kind of landing it will be.
  2. So O’Brien kicks a FG on 4th and 1 but does a fake punt from his own 33 giving KC great field position. Whatever on the FG but that was beyond dumb.
  3. I wonder what betting on a Tenn/Houston AFC title game would have paid.
  4. Brown wasn’t really a factor but that Smith TD was unreal. The two 4th down stops stuffing Jackson were huge. He’s still racked up yards on the ground but some have been in garbage time when Tenn is trying to not give up a big pass play. Always entertaining watching a 1 seed get crushed at home.
  5. The last two years Henry has gotten stronger as the season goes on. He looks like a linebacker and delivers punishment like one but moves like a RB which is fun to watch. If Tenn holds on the AFC title game is in KC Or Houston. This may just be the year Andy Reid gets KC into the Super Bowl. As I type this Tenn just picked off Jackson up by 22.
  6. To play the spoiler role Tennessee needs to not let Jackson run all over them, Henry needs to run the ball effectively while helping keep Baltimore's offense off the field and Tannehill take some shots to Brown/Smith.
  7. Second time in three years Minnesota has beaten NO then gotten beat in every facet of the game the following week. If NO won last week we would be watching a Seattle/San Fran week 17 rematch right now. Any of this weekends game had the potential to be good and an underdog may win but on paper only the GB/Seattle game excites me. Looking forward to the potential championship games next weekend more than this week.
  8. Years ago a buddy was telling some of us about how he had been homeless for a while. We all found out after the fact because he was the type of person who wouldn't ask for help even though any one of us would have given him a place to stay. One of the stories he told that always stuck with me was about a homeless guy he met who had worked in construction. The guy hurt his back, couldn't work and ended up out on the street. If he wasn't working he wasn't getting paid and he couldn't afford to get whatever surgery or it was that he needed to fix his back. This guy wasn't getting drunk or high while his only option was to pretty much end up on the street or in a shelter. As far as programs/options for addicts there's always methadone clinics to ween someone off, rehab, etc. The one that always gets me which I know you're way more familiar with given your line of work is the shot OD victims get which saves their lives. There's people that are given that shot multiple because they choose to get high. I realize it's not an easy thing to kick but they do have some control over it as well as options to get clean. Then you've got someone who gets cancer that can't afford the chemo or drugs they need to ease their pain or give them a chance at surviving. It's just screwed up the way things work or rather don't work sometimes.
  9. I always go back to the person I know who runs a foundation that aims to give people a hand up. They get people who can follow the rules into transitional housing where they have a place to live, eat, sleep, shower and then they can work on the job aspect before moving to another place with less oversight then eventually getting out on their own. Many times mom or dad can't kick their habit and the rules are no drugs/alcohol so either that person goes or the family has to go. Unfortunately it sounds like more often that not the entire family decides to leave. Some cities barely give his foundation the time of day and opt to go with the one that just wants to build or run some kind of shelter. With how much the problem has grown thankfully his foundation and others like it are having a lot more success and getting more press because people are realizing you can't just throw money at the problem. As I mentioned before in another thread when they cleared the riverbed trail Anaheim just wanted to use his properties, they were going to "manage" them and he said no. Not because he didn't want to help but because he knew that they wouldn't manage anything and he's seen situations like that where people abuse the rules and do damage to the property. His team has people who go to the properties daily to check on people to make sure they're following the rules, staying on the right path and not causing problems. The city ended up giving out hotel vouchers to the people they moved off the trail which was a way to clean that up but the vouchers ran out and they had no plan for after that. Like too many things that are government run they don't think about the long term.
  10. Unintended consequences of Adam googling yangbang.
  11. More like the federal government did something to deter people trying to cross the border illegally while the number of people being apprehended trying to cross dropped over 70% from the peak in May of last year.
  12. I'm guessing the type of person that finances a hat is the same person that finances rims from rent a wheel.
  13. I'm the opposite because I don't want to travel when places are slammed and that's what happens during big events. If I were rich it would be a different story because I could fly in on a private jet, have a luxury box or rich people seats, a private entrance and so on. As a regular schlub I don't have that luxury and ending up in a sea of people with the common folk where the only reason somewhere there makes the news is for the wrong reasons doesn't appeal to me.
  14. Signing OL isn't hard but getting two veteran OL who are starters and produce is something probably at least 10 other teams are trying to do not counting teams that need one OL or backups for depth. Re-tooling of the offensive strategy comes down to coaching. Ever since last year's Super Bowl where the Patriots defense made the Rams offense look like a pop warner team the Rams really didn't rebound. Did the Patriots just crush them that much or did they show other average to good defensive teams how to play the Rams while the Rams couldn't adjust? I don't know the answer but giving up your 2020 and 2021 first round picks for Ramsey isn't going to make fixing their problems any easier.