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  1. Government spending, healthcare and our approach with the military.
  2. Good luck. I know Adam is sponsored by keto per all the plugs he gives it but like any diet, lifestyle or whatever you want to call it keto definitely works but results vary by person. If that isn't your thing or you don't get the results you want you can go plant based which I have zero experience with but know people who swear by it and my doctor recommended it. Don't know about your diet but for most people if they cut out processed foods, fast foods, soda and alcohol for a few weeks even without moving more they'll lose weight and have more energy. There’s certain things none of us can
  3. Whenever I see a thread in here rally one side or the other and the post count starts to jump I always equate it with the Bushwacker Brothers entering the arena
  4. This speaks to me but I don't know which type of car or truck I want. I'm not a car guy and don't want to put much into fixing it up initially while the one requirement is that it has to be a manual. In the 90's my dad's buddy had a 50's ford truck which I always really liked the look of and still do but I know those aren't cheap. I think it was on these boards someone said jeep stands for just empty every pocket but I really like the look of the CJ5's, CJ7's and some of 80's to early 2000 jeep models. One of my neighbors has a 1960's CJ5 that he actually had a for sale sign on a week ago
  5. No but we've also been voting by mail for years. We received our ballots shortly after October 5th which is when they said they would start mailing them out. Dropped them off last Saturday in one of the official drop boxes and via the website confirmed yesterday they were collected.
  6. Yeah I've only been for bachelor parties. There's always multiple groups on there celebrating bachelor, bachelorette and birthday parties and it turns into a giant frat party.
  7. If you don't like being on a boat then that's one thing but if that cruise soured you for other reasons remember it's a long booze cruise. I always chuckle when I hear the commercials for it come on the radio and they mention bringing your kids. If you did more power to you but there's less scandalous stuff going on in Vegas than there is on that particular cruise.
  8. Guy's burgers make me think of the Ensenada cruise out of Long Beach. Done it a few times not because I give a crap about going to Ensenada which is basically TJ but because for the cost of a Vegas hotel room you get all you can eat and enough drinks to stay bombed for the duration of the trip. Guy's burgers were always good after getting back on the boat from Ensenada. Been on a few cruises in Europe and for us it's a matter of convenience not needing to plan the logistics or moving luggage from one destination to the next. You know pretty quickly whether or not you want to go back t
  9. It's not even a matter of believing them because they don't even hide it. On many of the measures that support ____ it says at least some of the money goes in the general fund where it isn't required to go towards what it supposedly supports.
  10. I've voted no for years on anything that is paid for by issuing bonds. I may not be opposed to what the funds would be used for but until we can get our financial house in order I'm not going to support burdening future taxpayers with more debt.
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