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  1. Good move for the price as he’s preferable to some of the other SP on the roster. The Angels really are due for a 1 year SP signing to work in their favor. Hopefully there’s still one more SP to come who has a higher upside.
  2. 2020 was 2016 with the roles flipped. In 2016 people voted against Hillary or didn't turn out to vote because of Hillary and in 2020 they turned out to vote against Trump. Voters can and absolutely will get complacent as barring something drastic 2024 will have a lower turnout than 2020. If the dems don't do enough to appease the groups that feel they're owed for helping them win then a state like Georgia can definitely go red. Seems ridiculous to bank more on the other side screwing up rather than fixing problems in your own party but that's politics.
  3. They're not idiots and I could definitely see them taking the senate or house back but the last few months in particular or anything close to it isn't going to work in some of the states that would swing control. They can get away it in some hardcore red states but the states that went blue like Arizona and Georgia they're not going to win back with that approach. Blaming the party in power absolutely works but it works best if enough middle of the road voters are fed up with the party in power. I'll never discount the ability of either side to fumble away an opportunity but at some point t
  4. If they do maybe we get a legitimate 3rd party but I'm not holding my breath. If they don't get it together or a third party is created that appeals to moderates on both sides (!) then the D's should maintain complete control in 2022. The outcome of the 2020 election after appealing to the bat shit insane fringe groups and buying into the Trump way of politicking crying foul without any proof should be a wake up call. Unfortunately the last few decades have shown both sides don't learn as much from their mistakes as they should.
  5. I feel like the Angels trying to address their pitching needs the last so many years is the Angel fan equivalent of the movie Groundhog Day. Whether it's the off season or trade deadline the outcome has been the same. I realize the off season isn't over yet and the Angels probably didn't or wouldn't match up on most deals we've seen made but this is why I went into the off season with no expectations.
  6. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/andy-reid-now-only-coach-to-take-two-franchises-to-three-straight-conference-title-games-sets-other-wild-mark/
  7. Aside from Reid teams Miami played in 3 in a row from 72-74, the Raiders played in 5 in a row from 74-78, the Bills went to 4 in a row in from 91-94 and the Patriots went to 8 in a row from 2012-2019.
  8. That has to be it. I know he’s probably not fully recovered from his injury but down 10 with less than 5 minutes left and they were still running the ball while he hadn’t thrown anything over 20 yards. Amazing career and he’s already signed a broadcasting contract. Have to agree with Buck/Aikman that it’s a let down that Brees and Payton only won one ring
  9. His potential can't be easily replaced and his upside is worth it especially at this point in his career being his first year of arbitration. I don't blame Ohtani for asking for 3.3M and I don't blame the Angels for offering less. The talent is obviously there but if he can't stay healthy and produce he becomes just another talented player who couldn't put it together consistently.
  10. If the Angels current rotation wasn't full of question marks Kluber would make more sense but he'll be turning 35 in a few months and has pitched 36 innings total over the last two years. The Yankees have Cole and even with Tanaka/Paxton/Happ still TBD having a legit ace at the top of the rotation makes it easier to take a chance on a guy like Kluber. Reports were Kluber would get a 1 year prove it deal so something close to what Harvey and Teheran got makes sense.
  11. An article yesterday said Kluber looked good in his session with I believe 25 teams in attendance. Said his was sitting at 88-90 but the expectation is his velocity will increase as he continues to pitch and work his way back. If the price is right he's definitely worth a flyer but he's not a guy pitching needy teams can count on to crack the rotation.
  12. https://ktla.com/news/california/state-bullet-train-delays-beyond-comprehension-contractor-says-in-blistering-letter-to-officials/
  13. About 3.5 years ago I bought a 2014 certified pre-owned CRV. No complaints as it gets good mileage averaging about 33mpg on recent road trips. That said if you want to tow it's not the car for you as the towing capacity is 1,500 lbs max with the tongue weight being 10% of that so that rules out most trailers you would actually sleep in except some smaller tear drop type trailers. We don't have a space to store a trailer right now so it's a non-issue but eventually we hope to at which point I'd look into getting one. If I were looking for a mid-size SUV right now I'd lean more towards the P
  14. If the Angels let the 2021 season play out Bundy is an unrestricted free agent. Offering him an extension before that could benefit both him and the team as it gives him more guaranteed money and the team doesn't run the risk of him having a strong year and earning more in FA. This is a guy who even including last year's numbers is below league average for his career. Perhaps the change of scenery is what he needed but there's obviously risk that last year was an outlier and he reverts back to a #4-5 pitcher. I wouldn't object if they offered him a 3-4 year extension that's reasonable give
  15. At halftime they showed footage of him being taken away in an ambulance.
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