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  1. Yeah I watched a documentary about him and even if it was 10% accurate he was cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Seems like he had a lot going on and most of if it wasn't good.
  2. Options and other derivatives can be extremely risky especially to average investors. The investors who killed it with gamestop make the news but there's thousands more who lose their asses we don't hear about. I think I mentioned some pages back I have two friends who put small amounts into doge and I think the psychological fear of missing out on the next big thing (probably the case with a lot of people in doge) prevented them from taking some gains when it was about 2x it's current price. Some months back I thought about putting a bit in just for kicks and giggles while having a price in mind where I at least get my investment back but my work has an employee trading policy which I'd need to look into more to see how it applies to crypto if at all. I don't really have the risk appetite for short term plays and the swings so if I were serious about crypto I'd probably be looking at bitcoin or the Ethereum for the long term. Kudos to you guys that do have the stones to get into it especially with more than just fun money you put into a few you hope take off.
  3. While still looking eerily similar to the sheds Home Depot sells for about $2K.
  4. Generally negative credit information impacts someone for about 7 years so maybe once they saw it was from 2003 it became a non-factor.
  5. Perhaps it's because they know you're a lawyer. I've had credit cards for 20+ years as well along with multiple cars financed and a mortgage. As long as I've kept by CC utilization % low my score has been fine.
  6. The main factors affecting credit scores are payment history, credit usage, credit length, mix of credit (house, car, cards) and and new credit inquiries. The person with $20K in debt on their cards may be utilizing 20% of their available credit which is below the 30% lenders like to see so they aren't getting dinged for that. As stick said paying your bills a bit late once in a while generally isn't getting reported but if you pay your CC's late a few times a year that could pop up when you run your credit report. Shit happens and people need to use credit cards for emergencies but if you pay your statement balance in full or keep your balances low as a % of available credit that shouldn't hurt your score especially if you have a longer credit history.
  7. Every adult should run their credit report from https://www.annualcreditreport.com/ at last twice a year and monitor their credit score monthly to ensure they understand any swings. If you aren't going to be opening any new lines of credit (house, car, new credit cards) you can simply freeze your credit with the big 3 agencies to prevent any possible fraud and unfreeze it when you need to. Technically those of you with kids may want to run their credit reports and just freeze their credit because their SSN's can be stolen just the same.
  8. If any fans want to get rid of him then the best time to do that is when he hits well. Much better to get something for him and get out of paying some of what's owed to him rather than an Albert situation where they just cut him.
  9. Upton's best seasons (age 21, 23 and 29 seasons) weren't within 10% of what he's done as far as AVG/OBP/OPS since being moved to lead-off. His career numbers and the fact that he's 33 say those numbers are likely to drop which means his trade value during his current contract could be about at it's peak. Obviously you don't trade just for the sake of pulling off a trade but unless the Angels have a legit shot to compete this season or next they'd be crazy not to consider moving him and getting out of paying some of the money he's still owed.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/chicago-weekend-violence-54-people-151652360.html https://www.yahoo.com/news/weekend-gun-violence-shakes-gatherings-210808538.html
  11. When she goes to college but it’s just experimenting.
  12. Since buying my own place I've definitely gotten better. I have a knack for doing some things wrong or the long way the first time around but from there learn how to do it right. Projects I wouldn't have thought about tackling years ago I now have no problem doing myself or at last attempting to. Certain projects I'll definitely leave to the pros but like Chuck said youtube is great for learning how to fix or replace things in your house.
  13. Pre-pandemic they were basically Vegas on the sea with buffets, entertainment for adults/families/kids and so on. Planes, trains, subways and a lot of other things people use regularly can be dirtier or at least they look and smell like it. I assume for the Carnival weekend cruises to Mexico their idea of cleaning is basically hosing the decks off between each trip and based on what goes on during those cruises I hope they use a lot of bleach. We like European cruises as it's an easier and cheaper way for us to spend a bit of time in places we might not normally plan to go to on our own. When it comes to places we liked we plan trips back on our own to spend real time there.
  14. Seems like good material for an online dating conversation starter.
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