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  1. Is that the term the kids use or just you and your buddies?
  2. Sweden's daily Coronavirus death toll approaches zero and daily cases are 1/6th of peak: The article mentions their higher death rate than other Nordic countries but if their death rate is at 0 or near 0 from Coronavirus going forward the other countries will only gain ground. To be fair we clearly couldn't have gone the exact same route as Sweden because some people here don't wear masks or observe social distancing.
  3. I think the presidents response to COVID has shown his ineptitude, inability to lead and why his ego is an issue. The WHO lied from the beginning and enabled China's lies which has resulted in more deaths than necessary. Had the WHO and China been open about all of this from the onset the world would have a few more months of research under their belt about the virus. I believe it was Hong Kong or South Korea who sent a team to China early on and they knew China was lying but had to work with the very limited access they were given and they used that to try and get ahead of it back home. No country or organization is perfect but I'm not going to lose sleep if the US is backing out of the WHO after their actions as far as COVID are concerned. I've also got no issue if we join the organization again or don't end up leaving in 2021 but I will if we don't hold the WHO accountable and put measures in place to ensure it doesn't happen again. China isn't playing by the same rules and they won't unless the rest of the world which includes organizations like the WHO force them to.
  4. NY didn't do it right they shit the bed at the onset. They shutdown only 3 days after we did here in CA yet their situation was a hell of a lot worse because they ignored the rising number of cases and the impact in a densely populated area, particularly with their public transit. Sending sick people back into SNF's should probably warrant charges being brought against those in charge. My criticisms of Newsom aside the current rollback is learning from New York along with countries who reacted too slowly to the rise in cases. As far as herd immunity NY estimated 12-20% in different areas at the end of April and while I'm sure the numbers have gone up it isn't that much with the lock down. The hardest hit region in Italy tested about a month ago and they were over 50% but no one wants to get there the way they did. Masks, social distancing, no huge gatherings and we can avoid lock downs while it runs it's course. Problem is our elected officials went from telling citizens to lock down then some cheer on protesters and allow them to take over parts of cities. Some people are absolutely idiots who won't follow guidelines but the mixed messages of basically saying it's okay to ignore for this and not that isn't right either. Plenty of failure to go around.
  5. There's no answer because the democrats only put forth a "get Trump out of office" platform since he was elected. They've done some nice posturing about the environment but even then what was proposed was completely ridiculous and nowhere near realistic. If both parties could work together and put forth some realistic legislation or at least something that's a starting point maybe they could make some real changes but we're nowhere near that happening. It's amazing that despite everything Trump still has a chance which is a testament to how bad of a candidate Biden is at this point in his life. Like I said before my only hope is we don't come out with either side controlling everything and being able to ram through whatever they want.
  6. They may look dynasty bound or set for the next so many years but pulling it off is a different story. In the last decade Seattle looked like they could be a dynasty but only ended up with one ring and after a while they couldn't afford a lot of the guys they drafted who anchored their defense. Rams looked like they could at least be competitive for a few years and now they could be playing to stay out of last place in the NFC west. That said obviously Goff is nowhere near Mahomes. The Chiefs look like they should dominate the AFC west for at least a few years because of their roster but also because the other AFC west teams lack franchise QB's. In a year or two if anyone on those teams step up or they acquire a guy who does things can change pretty quickly. Either way definitely not a terrible time to be a Chiefs fan.
  7. Does anyone really even trust the antibody tests at this point? In the last month 14 of the top 15 that flooded the market without being verified by the FDA have been proven to be inaccurate. Some of the antibody tests only give positive results for so long while T cells are able to produce antibodies for viruses they've been exposed to even if antibodies aren't currently present. The NBA continues to test players as they get ready to restart and 7% have tested positive to date. There's a chance some already had it without knowing or testing positive.
  8. I think you're giving people too much credit because "some" is an understatement. It's like the George Carlin joke "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.'
  9. I got emails about a month ago from the group I went through mentioning they were doing classes that were socially distancing at the range. All the courses I've seen are well below the cost of a new gun and it would be nice if it was a requirement to show proof someone has taken a course before buying a gun but I'm not counting on that happening. When I took the firearm permit test I wondered how anyone could possibly fail then the guy scoring the tests turned to the next guy and said he had failed after missing like 15 questions.
  10. I included it to show the increase in daily cases across the US not to rank states. Plenty of articles out there have said CA has recently been setting its highest daily totals since this began. What matters is hospitalizations and capacity while the COVID hospitalizations have seen a large jump the last so many weeks and those numbers continue to rise. As a whole hospitalizations may be down from other causes but if they’re seeing the number of available beds drop they have to step in at a point.