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  1. Late to the thread but this caught my eye as I watched the documentary a few months ago on amazon prime. Was glad to see how his life turned out as he was using what he went through to teach others and he seemed to be doing well. He got screwed when he was supposed to play at UCLA and ended up at Alabama playing a position not suited to him. Would have loved to see him playing with Davis at UCLA.
  2. https://ktla.com/news/local-news/kkk-flyers-found-on-huntington-beach-residential-street/ They're just getting ready for the rally at the pier this weekend.
  3. To Biden's credit his plan includes a way to pay for some of the plan instead of cutting taxes and raising spending like Trump did. Perhaps some day they can address the ridiculous amount we spend on the military but I don't think either side has the appetite for that. In the mean time I’m fine with someone finally addressing infrastructure spending.
  4. The consensus was the jets were taking a QB all along. I'm more curious what it means for Carolina who was a team that was looking to upgrade at QB. I don't think it's fair to say Darnold can't be a productive QB in the NFL since he played for one of the worst franchises that gave him little help but not sure if they see him as anything more than a stop gap.
  5. White Boy WeWork: Or the Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn Endeavour season 7 Next I think I'm going to start Line of Duty.
  6. Pretty much this. I've got a great boss and mentor but the company I've been with can be a case study like quite a few businesses. The company I work for now looks a lot different than the one I started with and part of me likes being a part of trying to work our way back but it definitely comes with different stresses.
  7. I think quite a few college graduates would disagree after finding out their passion or dreams don’t pay the bills, particularly those who racked up debt. Plenty of people when they're younger think they'll do ____ then the reality of being an adult sets in. I would never advocate that someone chase money when choosing a career but if you want certain things in life you have to realize you’re going to make sacrifices. You don’t have to live to work but you can work to live and still do things you enjoy like charity work.
  8. I want to raise kids who eventually stand on their own two feet. Doesn’t mean they have to be highly compensated but I also don’t want them to grow up to be like some people I’ve know most my life who are almost 40 and still living at home or financially supported by their parents. Obviously those are extreme cases but giving your kids too much or not pushing them to succeed or stand on their own two feet isn’t doing them any favors.
  9. It's ridiculous that these discussions have been going on for decades because the federal government hasn't done it's job. It's even more ridiculous that people who break the law by illegally entering the country jump the line ahead of people who are trying to go through the process legally. Our country is approaching 30T in debt and can't even take care of it's own and there's no reason we should be paying to house, feed and educate other countries citizens. Trump at least tried to make countries south of the border accountable and it worked for a while. What's going on now requires a str
  10. I think she could have said the same thing about a certain % of kids in general regardless of race because some parents swear their kids can do no wrong, that they're not a distraction (despite being told this by numerous teachers) and that they're angels. That said I agree with arch - if you can't completely close the zoom app or hang up then you're probably on borrowed time.
  11. Those pitchers also weren’t two way players. Considering what Ohtani is trying to accomplish it’s not surprising he receives more skepticism coming back from injury.
  12. Miami currently still has 2 first round draft picks in this year's draft and while they traded a 2022 first rounder to get Philly's pick they had 2 after the trade with San Fran. There were rumblings that some players on the team and maybe even coaches had soured on Tua but they've got the draft capital to build around him.
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