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  1. Who administers the tests? Unless it's a medical professional I don't trust whoever they put out front with gloves on and who knows what as far as supplies taking my temperature. If someone is asymptomatic or just an asshole and knows they're sick then what are the odds of any fluids from them transferring to the person administering the test and the following people they test? At nursing centers they're testing workers before for they enter which I completely get as the people they deal with are high risk individuals. Personally I'm willing to take the risk being out even if I wear a mask and gloves that I may eventually get it because frankly barring a miracle vaccine herd immunity is our best bet. Keep the elderly and people with compromised immune systems at home, test at hospitals and so on before people enter but other able bodied adults of sound mind need to know they're taking that risk being out. If they aren't comfortable with it for whatever reason that's absolutely fine and they can stay home. If there's an outbreak then hopefully they can trace it and get those people inside for 14 days or whatever it is. If I'm one of those people I'll absolutely be staying in my house until the symptoms are gone and hopefully we have tests readily available so that those who had it can find out if they're over it along with others testing to see if they have the antibodies.
  2. Even if Biden goes full Mota while crapping himself on stage I'm guessing the DNC would replace him with someone who is more of a moderate than Sanders.
  3. I'm all for masks or gloves being worn to reduce the spread while higher risk individuals can continue to quarantine. I understand where the health experts are coming from but it's not feasible to run at say 70% capacity for a year while we hope a vaccine comes along.
  4. In a couple of months we really need to get to a point where those that are lower risk get back into the world. The unemployment thing seems to be a bit ridiculous because some people are getting paid more than they did while working but it is what it is and I just hope they don't plan to blindly extend it after 4 months.
  5. As a fan I'd be absofugginlutely glued to the TV watching live MLB games if they were playing while we're observing the stay in place order. That said I realize having all games played in one area puts additional hardships on players because it's not feasible for all of them to move their families with them. Players are getting paid based on a tiered system but it's a fraction of what some of them normally make so the longer this drags on the bigger the hit to their wallet. It would be interesting to see something like this put to a vote by the union but even if it passes guys who aren't in favor of it get put in an awkward situation but then again there's people right now working essential jobs who may not want to be there but they are.
  6. Some of their new content is marvel related while the first marvel show was set to air later this year after filming began back in November. Looks like some of their other shows will be delayed but if they got all of that one wrapped up I'm sure they'd love to get it out on time. It might not be up my alley and I know there's a hangover with all of the superhero stuff but I imagine there's still going to be plenty of interest in the marvel content alone.
  7. When I was probably 7 or 8 my grandma's second husband gave me an Al Kaline baseball card and told me he was a good player back in the day. Never forgot it because that was one of the first times I got an "older" card because at that point as a kid I would get cheap packs to pull cards from. RIP.
  8. Anything is possible but with Disney's catalogue and streaming services overtaking cable I would think Disney+ is a long term play on their part. Some months back before they launched there were articles talking about how their goal was to be profitable in year 5. They may not have much new original content right now but given the source material they have I think there's plenty there for them to build off of.
  9. If you read the hospital bill closely it's actually eyebeepro'fin the generic version.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of pandemic tax added to healthcare premiums going forward while it won't end up being spent where it should. They of course won't call it that but until we can address the costs of healthcare nothing will change because as long as an ibuprofen cost $10+ in the hospital I don't count on the states or feds to be prepared because once the dust settles they'll revert to short term thinking which is more budget friendly when it comes to getting their pet projects funded.
  11. The scary thing is despite how much money our country spends each year we're woefully unprepared for more things than most people would realize or care to admit. Our infrastructure is in terrible shape and is a security risk, we don't even have enough basic medical supplies like face masks during the current pandemic, we've off shored the production of essential items like antibiotics and the Fed's balance sheet was over 4T for 6+ years even before the pandemic hit which added another 2T and counting. Our country and economy are really built on a house of cards because when you look at the underlying fundamentals we're extremely weak.
  12. Neither side sounded the alarm about any of this and up through early February the left was too occupied with the impeachment proceedings to think anything else was important. As far as the US sustaining heavier casualties probably when it comes to the numbers actually reported but does anyone believe the numbers coming out of China, India and Russia are legit? The country and the world weren't ready for this. There's quotes popping up from when Bush was president, Fauci years ago, etc. saying the US wasn't prepared for a pandemic but none of that made either side or state governments prepare adequately but they don't let that fact stop them from pointing the finger somewhere else. Years ago NY was told to buy additional ventilators but they opted to spend the money elsewhere because it wasn't an immediate need. Too many of our elected officials and citizens suffer from the inability to think about the long term impact of their decisions because they're only concerned with living in the now.
  13. At one point CA and NY had the same number of cases while NY now has about 10x as many. I don't know how much testing we're doing in CA now vs. NY but I would hope we're doing about the same amount. If we stick to the lock down and follow social distancing hopefully CA is past the worst of it long before places like NY, NJ, CT and LA are.
  14. She's just trying to stay relevant. She comes from a district that has voted one way pretty much forever where the rate of poverty has only increased and education rates have decreased over the years. Her rise could easily be a case study in what power and having your ass kissed constantly does to people - bartender to elected official on the national stage and it's clearly gone to her head as she thinks she's an expert when it comes to the environment, healthcare, etc. By most accounts she seems to spend most of her time not doing things that benefit her constituents while she soaks up the national spotlight but that's not unusual in politics.