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  1. I think if our elected officials gave less of a shit about what other countries and their leaders thought while focusing more on issues that affect Americans along with less policing the world we'd be a lot better off. Other countries and their leaders mock us but they criticize us when we get involved, don't get involved enough or don't get involved at all so it's damned if you do damned if you don't. I don't care about being a super power because it's led to us being in never ending wars, created more enemies, led to unnecessary deaths and the list goes on. Unfortunately I don't expect either side to change course and instead we'll stay on the same course while things crumble from within. Any complaints I have about Biden kind of don't matter at this point considering the crap the right keeps trotting out there.
  2. He's 33 and currently has his lowest ERA and WHIP since 2017, he has his highest SO/9, his lowest HR/9 and lowest FIP in any season. He's also only pitched more than 150 innings 3 times in his career. Just seems like a major candidate for regression. No idea how the next CBA plays out but absent that I could see him getting a 2-3 year deal somewhere and I don't think it's a cost or risk the Angels should take. If they do re-sign him I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I've always liked and followed Ray after I drafted him in fantasy baseball in 2017 when he had a breakout season. He's always been a K pitcher but he's had control issues at times and if you look at his stats season by season he's been average or bad more often than he's been good or real good. Maybe he turned a corner and figured it out this year but I don't think he's a guy the Angels can afford to throw a big FA pitching contract at given the uncertainty. Scherzer is a stud but I think he's a pipe dream because why leave a team like the Dodgers who are going to want his services to play for a team that flirts with .500.
  4. People could feed their own kids if they're concerned about their health but the majority aren't and they won't. When I was growing up the kids getting free lunches were normally Jorge and his primos. I know recently in CA they made free meals available to every kid which is fine but we've seen schools move towards being day care centers ~7 hours a day as much as they are there to educate kids.
  5. With over 40% of adults in the US being obese there would be enough tears to end the western US' drought. When it comes to health insurance it's amazing how much as a country we pay because of the poor life choices of far too many people.
  6. Which is unfortunate because state and local elections have more of an impact than presidential elections on most people's daily lives.
  7. For some reason I always remembered this scene from his show that ended about 20 years ago
  8. Fuck cancer. I always liked his style of humor. RIP Norm.
  9. Since August 1st the Padres are 14-22, the Dodgers are 29-10 and the Giants are 29-11. A lot of things have gone well (Dodgers, Giants) or poorly (Padres) for those records and I don't think acquiring Scherzer means the Padres are ahead of either of those teams but it definitely would have impacted the last month and a half. Regardless the Dodgers and Giants have been playing really good baseball.
  10. Redzone is great and it's only $11 a month through sling. I like the moving back and forth between games because with CBS/FOX you're stuck watching blowouts (until they switch to a more competitive game), the Cowboys who inevitably end up being the fox game of the week so many times a year or local teams you don't give a crap about. I did not expect GB to get blown out by the Saints while they got absolutely nothing going on offense. Pitt pulled out a big win on the road against Buffalo thanks to their D but I just don't see their offense or more specifically Ben doing enough to get them past a team like KC in the playoffs. If the Rams can stay healthy and have at least an average run game they could be one of the top NFC seeds. Arizona looked sloppy the first drive or two with way too many penalties on offense but they should be a lot of fun to watch. Loving that football is back.
  11. I've said the same thing more than once. You'd think the collective we would learn at a point but instead we're more likely to see the pendulum swing further the other way when middle of the road voters get fed up with stuff like this. It would be nice if our elected officials could take a utilitarian approach to certain things and focus more attention on real issues but instead they waste their time on crap like this.
  12. The way the state and some people in it operate or think is mind boggling. The desalination plant in HB has been discussed for over 2 decades now and it's been fought every step of the way. I realize there are environmental concerns to address and it takes energy to run the process but it's no secret that long term more needed to be done to address the water needs of OC and the state. Closing natural gas plants while championing electricity only to open more gas plants in order to produce the electricity needed to meet the states demands is another head scratcher. If you want to push electric by all means but let's make sure we can meet current demands before shutting plants down. Saying we're going to go all electric without having a feasible plan to meet energy demands until then is asinine and modern day politics at it's worst.
  13. If military failures were grounds for impeachment I'm pretty sure the presidents in just about all of our lifetime's wouldn't have made it through one term. I still keep waiting for us to hit political rock bottom after which point maybe both sides will work together again and move past the petty political maneuvers but they just keep lowering the bar.
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