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  1. Weird. My language struggles also prevented me from playing in the major leagues.
  2. My prediction is that Eppler gets a multiyear deal. It has not been perfect but he seems to connect well with everyone in the organization which is hard to find.
  3. The Cruelest Miles is an enjoyable read about the 1925 diptheria epidemic in Nome Alaska. It was one of the inspirations for the Iditarod. Amazing story about men and dogs. With all due respect.
  4. Staying busy by building a 1/10 size replica of Angel Stadium using toilet oaper.
  5. I assume this would be the world's second shortest book ever written.
  6. He shit the bed in yesterday‘s game facing AA hitters. I can’t believe that Maddon left him in after throwing three consecutive pitches at the mascot. WTF? If it wasn’t for Angel Hernandez calling those three pitches strikes, it would have been a lot worse.
  7. Quiz is to Quizicle as Test is to _________.
  8. March 20, 2020......Spring Training and regular season interrupted by a pandemic....and MLB finally gets around to assessing the Angels off-season. I guess I will need to wait with bated breath for their 2018 World Series Analysis next month.
  9. Thank God MLB has finally figured out how to help the Astros avoid some of the imposed sanctions.