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  1. Maybe expand your reading list? The information is available, but not easily accessible.
  2. No. He is saying leadership for public health management is nonexistent. We are all on our own.
  3. Once I find my glove and cleats, I will be available.
  4. Is it Ok if he collects the unemployment money that pays more than if he works?
  5. It says he has his priorities in the right place. I can't imagine how many people he would have to interact with on a daily basis if he chooses to play. I can't imagine he would enjoy the season without interacting with the fans.
  6. The world needs more males accepting the long term responsibility to be loving fathers.....I have no problem with Trout or anyone else taking the season off for the health of their family during this time.
  7. This is an awesome idea. I love the foul ball policy.
  8. I guess I do not understand finance. Acquiring an asset like commercial property is not what the Mets did, they leveraged a liability. I think your example involves using the 5.9 million liability to purchase a commercial property which will provide a return of 12.5% each year, in addition to the appreciation to be eventually used to pay for Bobby's contract. Am I close?
  9. I can’t imagine how challenging it will be for a boy to grow up with Mike Trout as their father.
  10. The Angel's farm system ranking drops to being last while every other farm system ties for the top ten.
  11. Yes, it does matter. If Albert is in a role not requiring him to be a primary contributor, that means the Angels have a better player at 1B. A better player at 1B means more run production and a deeper lineup. That would be very Trouty,....
  12. Barria and Suarez will be different pitchers this year under the guidance of Callaway. Both pitchers looked confused and lost last year suggesting very little tangible feedback was being provided to them. Last year they both appeared to be "trying to figure it out" without much help. I think Callaway will be instrumental in revitalizing them both....they are both still young and able to impact the Angels future.