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  1. I will be surprised if the Angels don't extend Jose Inglesias. I am guessing they want Ohtani to feel as comfortable as possible.
  2. I agree. Need to get ready for the stretch run and the dog days of August and September.
  3. Good point. I’m sure if they were really team players, they would problem solve.
  4. I guess the Angels only need to purchase one more tent for the newly acquired players?
  5. I am not able to give a grade because of the negative impact it has on the mental health of others, including Minasian. I will give Minasian a participation trophy.
  6. …and I believe this coincides with your men are victims of whoring women perspective.
  7. Thankfully my radio is stuck on one station. Thankfully I still have a working 8 track for tunes.
  8. I’m glad the Heaney chapter is closed. It was a terrible read.
  9. I would agree with this perspective except for the garbage bullpen he assembled. The primary reason this team does not have a better record is directly linked to the consistent failures of the bullpen.
  10. I understand why basketball fans are drawn to him as a basketball player, I don’t understand why they are drawn to him as a person. I have trouble separating the person from the player. I guess I was not specific enough.
  11. Too soon.......Snadoval and Suarez should be the cautionary tale emphasizing patience in pitcher development.
  12. I am holding on to the idea that the big move this season was to DFA Pujols. Watching mediocre baseball partly due to Pujols' contract is the price I now willingly pay to see his sorry, selfish and insignificant ass no longer in an Angels uniform. This is one move Minasian got right.
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