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  1. Blackout areas might also be determined by the ip address.....this makes more sense since some folks are using a vpn. Never mind. I will stop thinking now.
  2. Shouldn't the game be on the tv in the detention facilities rec room?
  3. I think MLB uses the zipcode from the credit card used to pay for the service to determine blackout areas.
  4. I should have been more specific on the Chicago debacle (a sudden failure/fiasco).....I was thinking the year after the World Series when things didn't go well and Joe was essentially held responsible for not having greater player accountability. In my estimation, Epstein made it into a debacle, thankfully. I took a quote from the article below..... https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/28681493/cubs-theo-epstein-acknowledges-differences-joe-maddon "In 18 years, there have only been two instances where those organizational standards for work, preparation and behavior were not getting
  5. A data-driven stone man would be a perfect character for an updated Wizard of Oz.
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