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  1. Although I never totally agreed with all of your decisions, it was apparent that you had the Angels best interest In mind. Thanks for cleaning up the mess that the last guy left behind, and putting the Angels in a position to have options for the future. I expect to see you back in some team’s front office very soon, and wish you the best, unless you find yourself a new position in the American League west, than screw you.
  2. I'm not sure I would stay for only a one year contract if I was Eppler. I would want more of a commitment by the Angels before signing another deal. Working in the last year of a contract must be a harrowing experience unless you already know the end result. Why would someone do that to be a GM? If Eppler returns, I am assuming it will be for a three year contract. I was on the Dump Eppler train before understanding the lack of organizational infrastructure that many other teams have. Eppler or any future Angel GM will need help in scouting and player development. It would be a
  3. It was good to see him get a couple of hits last night.
  4. All of this simply means you care. Your invested and you care. Congratulations, you are an Angel’s fan.
  5. The Angels are currently winning...fyi
  6. I am guessing on the reasons behind those moves but it might be because of the new rule. If a pitcher gets the last out in an inning, then they are not required to face 3 batters. It also provides an opportunity to do a specific match up in the next inning. Of course this only works if the new pitcher doesn’t shit the bed....like what happened.
  7. Heaney didn't pitch well. That's the problem. This is a pitcher who should have done much better than what he did. Pena walks the first two batters he sees before giving up a hit. That's the problem. How is Joe supposed to manage when the pitching shits the bed?
  8. Is he backloading @tdawg87? Thank you......I’m here all week.
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