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  1. That’s because the top 50 problems aren’t what’s important for moving forward. I suspect it is a philosophical difference between Molina and the people in the front office that have never caught a game in the major leagues.
  2. Do you think your bunk can withstand you having a Trout rookie card?
  3. If only AW had a lawyer who specializes in law where men are victims of unscrupulous women to take his case.
  4. Make it affordable for more families to come to a game and make it an evening.
  5. So far the only difference between Albert making the playoffs and me is that he is able to sit closer to the action....and take batting practice....
  6. I prefer to put better players into the current uniforms.
  7. The MLB article on how the 10 playoff teams were built completely support some of the arguments made in the video.
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