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  1. After watching this and reading this, I’m pissed. I could have been watching cricket reruns.
  2. This seems like the type of trade the Angels would have made last year or the year before. It feels as if the Angels have options and don't need to trade for hopeful pitchers.
  3. Both of you under estimate Barria. He is only 24 and recovering from Doug White. He played in the Dominican Winter League and was the starting pitcher in 5 games. In the 19 innings pitched he had 0 walks and 16 strikeouts with a WHIP of 1.26. I predict he will be a contributor this season in whatever manner the Angels use him.....but I would expect him to be a starting pitcher.
  4. Not worried about Richards being signed. The Angels will probably have the IL covered with other players and don't need Richards.
  5. Wanna bet? I say the Angels will be in on Bauer for the right price until the end regardless of what happens with Hand. In either case, I don't see Minasian over-paying for Bauer.
  6. A tax consultant, a competent attorney and a chief financial officer would probably recommend separate entities. However, that doesn't mean that the separate entities should not engage in mutually beneficial business ventures.
  7. I believe the ending of the scene was not originally planned in the script. It was Harrison's idea because he was not able to do what was originally scripted.
  8. I would guess some posters on AW also have negative value....it is possible.
  9. I remember watching Aaron break Babe Ruth's record at Fulton County Stadium on t.v. and not understanding the significance of a black player breaking a record held by a legend. Hank did it with humility and grace. I wouldn't mind more Aaron type players who play for reasons other than self-adulation. I guess Lasorda needed an outfielder for his new team.
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