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  1. Shit, the greatest fans are in St Louis......I wonder if they will be the mystery team?
  2. Right on target, as always.....Nice work. I enjoyed the read.
  3. Price was always a sketchy post-season pitcher before the contract. The Red Sox will never get the return on investment for Price.
  4. Only if he: 1. Really wants to Win 2. Tough enough to handle the expectations 3. Doesn't want to waste his career in obscurity
  5. Currently, the Yankees have already committed 64.6 Million towards starting pitching before focusing on Cole for 2020. The Dodgers have 36.4 Million committed towards starting pitching for 2020. The Angels have 10.7 Million committed. (This includes the recent Bundy trade.) Go Arte
  6. All we can hope is that Arte makes a competitive offer that is consistent with the competition. If Cole selects a different team with a similar offer, I can live with that.
  7. There is something about having decent left handed pitchers in your starting rotation that makes a difference.....I will not be shocked
  8. Cole seems smarter than that, at least his attorney should be smarter than that when writing a possible contract with the Yankees.
  9. Complaining that Eppler paid too much.