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  1. He is such as asshole he sucked so bad and should have retired. I see now that he is not happy with what happened. If I had a car and it wouldn’t run good anymore, why keep it with the problems instead of getting a new one. Also he sure is t complaining about taking their money.
  2. That piece of crap pitcher is good one game then bad for 2 or 3 games. Hope he is gone soon.
  3. Thank god they finally option Slegers and have one more to get rid of cashit and I will be happy
  4. Each game, shit pen has been doing it almost all season. This crap pen is crap and should not even play on the team.
  5. Shitcheck always craps the bed. Why is he even still on the team. The only thing he is good at is giving up runs. Please get rid of his ass ASAP
  6. They need to can the fucken manager, he know the pitcher sucks and still puts them in the game. I want to know why the crap pitcher Alex Claudio is even on the team? All he does is come in and give up runs.
  7. Keep the fucken piece of shit in for the whole game let his arm fall off and give the pen a day off
  8. It’s always Heaney’s fault he the fucken idiot that is pitching and throwing the ball , so yeah it is his fault
  9. Why not everyone else does
  10. I can’t believe it we don’t have even one fucken reliever to count on. We have to deal with this crap every night. I hope they get rid of everyone in the reliever core and bring up the ones from triple A can’t do no worse then these losers.
  11. What is this fucken Idiot still on the team all he does is give up runs. They should have sent him off with Albert, second thought should have sent Maddon with them what a suck ass manager.
  12. Screw that little bitch, crying like a woman. Why don’t you put your tampon on bitch. He is crying because the Dodgers pen is almost worse then the Angels and who almost came back and beat their bitch ass
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