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  1. That’s cool win 102 games and no World Series again.
  2. Fuck the Dodgers it said they had a deal once they took care of the first one and know want to back out out of it. That is bad business on the Dodgers part as the Angels waited so long for them to get it done and they could complete there deal. I Don’t want to be mean but I hope the Dodgers Have a bad year with injuries and come in last place. I hope the Dodgers never see the World Series again.
  3. Would be nice Joc Pederson, Stripling, and Maeda the more pitchers we have the better in case anyone get hurt.
  4. The only way I can see price coming here would be with the Red Sox eating some of the salary going to the Dodgers and then Dodgers eating some salary and price coming to the Angels.
  5. Well the Dodgers can’t win it on the field, what sorry losers to cry for MLB to give them the title for coming in second, Losers. Why don’t they worry about the homeless and people beating up other visitors at their games.
  6. Yup but is only 1 pitcher Clevinger going to make a difference to get them to the World Series? And to give up Adell? I don’t think so, maybe If we had signed one of the big free agent pitchers then I would have said yes but since we didn’t I say no.
  7. Everyone wants to go to a winner who has a chance to go to the World Series.
  8. I know they won’t do anything but a slap on the wrist, as they would be scared to do anything else. If they really want to send a message and hit them hard, they need to take away their championship, not be allowed to draft or sign players for at least 2-3 years. They need to fired the manager, GM and ban the players involved.
  9. I’m sorry, meant to put had great pitchers in free agents.
  10. If he was with the Yankees he would have been fired already. We had some great pitchers and he screwed up.
  11. That’s funny can’t really trust Heaney for the whole season and we don’t know about Ohtani if he will be able to pitch the whole season, he is hoping that they can but he really needs another starter and he knows it.