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  1. Diarrhea and Madding should both be gone both like a piece of crap. One pitches like shit and the other has shit for brains
  2. When Moreno sells the team and we get a new owner who will not interfere with what the GM is doing.
  3. Why not we’re paying Alberts contract to play for the Dodgers, let them pay Bauer’s contract to play for us
  4. DA won’t do shit because he is a sports figure, but if it was someone in there family that was hurt like that Bauer would already be locked up.
  5. Feel sorry for his wife, probably sleeps with her for 1 minute and then calls for a reliever
  6. They won’t lose a lot of fans as they are dumb enough to keep paying good money to Arte and going to the game. They need to stop giving him money and stop going to the games until he spends money on good players and not the trash that he has now but maybe 4 players.
  7. The relievers are all crap and should be let go except the closer. They might not even be able to hold a 13-5 lead
  8. And I blame the owner and GM, and the scouting team.
  9. It’s the fans and team is bored with Maddon
  10. Yeah we all knew this was going to be the outcome. I know see the Dodgers sending his ass off into the sunset as no one wants him on the team.
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