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  1. Yes, the point is to win and for the Angels is to save money and not go over the Tax. I’m tired of these idiots who only want to play for a championship time, it has always been Yankees and or Dodgers. Players do not want to go to a team and help them get to be a great team only goes to a team that is already there. The Angels fans want someone who wants to be with the Angels, fuck Cole and Bauer
  2. Damn I thought Minasian would do a good job but ends up being crap. I thought the Angels would be better and instead makes them worse getting players that can’t hit. I hope he has some kind of plan to get a good pitcher and outfielder in a trade or it will be a long season.
  3. Well he is probably going to be fired and probably divorced soon. I don’t think a wife will put up with crap like that.
  4. Wow, that is the best the Angels can do? How many times has he been signed and released.
  5. When I got online Google has it that Mccann has signed with the Mets but no terms shown
  6. Arte should be used to it, as they always use him and the Angels to get more money. They should not wait around to long for this idiot to make up his mind. He does not want to play here or he would have signed already. If they wait to long they will lose other players like they have over the years.
  7. His wife is having another baby is probably why he is excited
  8. Or it could be that the Angels want to be under the radar as they do every year. Why should the Angels let everyone know what they plan.
  9. He had nothing to say and hung up, that was because he was drinking and can’t do both.
  10. Damn they need to get rid of every piece of crap in relievers and start new. I can’t believe how bad they are and not one damn one you can count on.
  11. Well losing 2 straight to fucked up Texas Rangers is getting is in the picture again.
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