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  1. What a bunch of BS by Dodgers manager. I didn't get to see the game but check sports score and it showed the Dodgers scored a run and had runners at 3rd and 2nd and no outs if I'm correct and they couldn't move them along. All they needed was a squeeze bunt and 1 run could have scored and runner to 3rd and a fly ball or slow roller score another run. I blame it on the manager, and the reliever that came in for Atlanta did a great job and strike out the side. I damn sure glad the Dodgers lost.
  2. He will open his checkbook and stare at it for a while and not sign it and laugh and say no way Jose not going over the budget.
  3. It will be XY and Z that they end up with
  4. It seems the Angels give a player a new contract and they seem to choke.
  5. Thank you, but I meant I was tired of his ass in his first season, but now 2 and the same crap from him.
  6. I hope they fire fucken Madden, one season and I’m already tired of his ass and stupid decisions he makes.
  7. Gosselin and Mayfield Definitely not the answer for next season, and Fletcher playing like crap, forgot how to hit.
  8. I wonder if the Angels are close to giving up the most home runs in a season. They sure have given up a lot.
  9. Man, they suck so fucken bad bases loaded and can’t score 1 run. They deserve to lose they game.
  10. Cishit needs to go hopefully not with the Angels next season. I knew they would score runs once he came into the game.
  11. Can’t wait until season is over and goodbye to Suzuki and all the suck ass relieve pitchers we have.
  12. Diarrhea and Madding should both be gone both like a piece of crap. One pitches like shit and the other has shit for brains
  13. When Moreno sells the team and we get a new owner who will not interfere with what the GM is doing.
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