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  1. I just read the entire thread and came to What the hell is wrong with me?
  2. I suspect the only thing that matters is how the players feel about playing for Maddon.
  3. The Angels need the ShamWow dude to help sell some of the available "pitching" currently in stock.
  4. The Eraser working hard to give up the lead. Fuck you Minasian for this continuous garbage.
  5. But yet.......he is still used in this way. How about letting the starter go a little further? How about trying someone else? How about doing a better job during the off season in finding average relief pitchers. I understand the volatility of a bullpen, but Cishek and Claudio have been remarkably consistent. Mayers is nearing that level of consistency.
  6. Come on Jaime!! Don't let the brutal existence you experienced while in the minor leagues affect your dreams. Visualize success.
  7. You are correct, he is actually worse. Cishek has mastered the ability to enter a game with inherited runners, allow a couple hits allowing those inherited runners to score, and then getting the last out before the hits he allowed score. The other pitcher's ERA increases and Cisheks ERA decreases. It makes him look like he is doing one helluva job.
  8. Cishek is garbage. Overuse of Cishek is Minasian's fault by not finding an average major league relief pitcher.
  9. So, the fact that MLB got an exemption from paying federal minimum wage is not a problem? Asking for a friend.
  10. Hilarious.....the best part is that the Dodgers are providing him with a paid vacation. I'm sure he is continuing daily workouts to keep in top form for his eventual return.
  11. Sounds like you are part of the real greatest generation. I am humbled.
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