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  1. He was actually flying too close to the ground.
  2. Something must not be right with Snell which is why Tampa is shopping him. I still have nightmares about the last talented Tampa pitcher the Angels traded for. I could be wrong, but I can't remember the last time Tampa traded away a talented pitcher who pitched just as well with their new team as they did with Tampa.
  3. It would be nice if they entered the majors with some fundamental understanding of base running, hitting behind a runner, positioning yourself to make a proper throw from the outfield, stuff like that. There is little evidence of this type of player development which reinforces the idea that the Angels will never win with their current philosophy because they refuse to embrace fundamentals that are not sexy. For all I care, every minor league team could have a losing record as long as every player can learn to do the small things that make big impacts on every game.
  4. Better pitching also falls into the run prevention category....
  5. Why are people excited about the hiring of people underneath Minasian? I thought the only way for the Angels to win is with a President of Baseball Operations?
  6. Interest in a player and signing a player are two different things that some folks seem to confuse. The Braves scouting may know something about Happ that makes this a better move. We all can recite the list of bad pitcher signings over the past 5 years. I will trust Minasian and whatever the Braves organization knows about Happ. We all laughed at Bartolo Colon's last few contracts but the Angels could have used him when he was 38-42 yrs old.
  7. Maybe @Fourts is a Milwaukie High School alumna(us) and knows what "studying" really means?
  8. The Angels should keep him just for his first name. I wonder what his nickname would have been from Scoscia?
  9. The name Bally reminds me of pinball machines from my youth.
  10. I thought if the rule 5 pick was waived, they go back to their original team if the rule 5 player clears waivers (does not sign with any other team). I wish there was some way to look stuff up without being required to go to the library.
  11. Hadn’t considered the second half performance in the equation but I would agree with your conclusion.
  12. I think the small moves are what will change the Angels the most. Hopefully, Minasian can do a better job at pickin' em.
  13. Both still collecting a paycheck from Arte. I really think the Ausmus hiring put the final nail in the coffin for Eppler. I have no inside information or connections, only speculation.
  14. I would prefer to have Walsh play and have a productive season. At this point. Pujols is simply a tax on the Angels for being stupid.
  15. Cano should know that cheaters never win.
  16. Perry was only ejected once during his career for throwing an illegal pitch.
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