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  1. You will never see a headline of Trout wants out of Anaheim because it is not his style. It is much more likely that a Trout trade happens and announced without any warning.
  2. Meanwhile, Jarred Kelenic seems be transitioning into the majors smoothly for the Mariners, who continue to out perform the Angels.
  3. Because the Rays are really good at finding talent and accumulate too much allowing them to prune pitchers who might be ready to fall back to earth to a team who sucks at finding talent and desperate.
  4. Stalkers often think there is interest if the victim is polite.
  5. That's not what Sister Mary taught us. I may have been distracted at the time.
  6. Looks like the Cardinals weren't one of the reported teams having an interest. Shameful. Absolutely shameful for a player like Albert. Wait until Ortiz and Pedro hear about this injustice.
  7. I'm not surprised that 3-4 teams are in on a 41 year-old self-centered and self-absorbed future hall of fame player with no sign of being able to play the game any more. Who would a GM want to serve as a role model for young stars? I think it would be awesome to have a team sign him and then release him later in the season just to hear Pedro and others spin it differently.
  8. After watching him for the past few years, the only way he goes Napoli on us would be to grow a beard.
  9. I can't keep track of all the teams coming forward to sign Albert and show him the respect all of the angry people thinks he is entitled to.
  10. If you are referring to Brad Hand, he ultimately signed a 10.5 million dollar contract with the Nationals. Not sure how this debunks my theory. He is much better than the majority of the garbage disguised as Angel relief pitchers. If relief pitching is truly based on luck, why is it Maddon's fault when they shit the bed?
  11. I think the idea that outs are bad is not an accurate perception. Every team makes 27 outs in a game. Every good hitter makes approximately 7 outs in every 10 at bats. The issue is with the conditions or the context the outs are being made. Moving a runner from second to third as a result of hitting the ball to the right side making an out is a good use of the out. Working the count making the pitcher throw a variety of pitches which results in an out is a good use of the out. Fletcher's pitch selection looks more like Vlad's while his swings look more like the fat, nonathletic slow pitc
  12. I think of it like betting. Your odds of success can increase if you are shopping for players who other teams are also actively interested in.
  13. Remember, relief pitchers are easy to find and not worth spending money on.
  14. Heaney has developed into the quintessential Angel starter. Tip of the hat to the organization....it was a team effort.
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