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  1. Sox over Yanks, Cards over the whining bitches, Rays over Sox, Giants over Cards, Bravos over Brew Crew, Cheaters over ChiSox Giants over Bravos - Rays over Cheaters Giants beat Rays because: 1.) It'll really piss off Whining bitches fans, 2.) I'm sick of Tampa & their fake titles in hockey, in football and making the Series last season in the fake Series....
  2. Just as Stassi is warming up at the plate, Maddon does a Scioscia and rests him.
  3. Bad article title - The Dude is A CLOSER - not an 6 out guy... Too bad the team has no reliable relief pitchers. They all make Ben Weber look like Mariano....
  4. It's over. No clutch hitting to pile on the lead. Runners stranded. Bullpen is an arson squad. Maddon is the Fire Chief. Trout might as well go for the Rendon Route & kick it 'til next year.
  5. For you GMs here on this site - can you REALLY blame Perry? Financially - the organization's hands have been tied because of the fooking Star - Crossed owner - who over paid for free agents who have busted. In fact - since Vlad - Arte has failed to sign significant players & has overreacted to personal moves. Vernon Wells panic trade b/c Carl Crawford signed elsewhere to vetoing that Joc trade with Dodgers. THE ANGELS LACK OF SUCCESS FALLS SQUARELY ON ARTE MORENO'S SHOULDERS.....and the DiPo Roberto Baldoquin signing. What an idiot.
  6. That's "GOLD GLOVE WINNING" Juan Lagares has started the most games in CF.
  7. Perry was interviewed this past weekend...saying he wanted "more guys like Trout & Fletch..." then he selects Bachman over Rocker. Make me wonder.
  8. Gubi & Sutton turned into a total homer act. All Ohtani..all the time. I mean, it was gushing homerism. Matt isn't the most unbias announcer either: "Get down! Get down!" - I mean - stop rooting. I've been around since the days of Enberg, Drysdale, Bob Starr, etc....and. .IMO...Sutton was not the best. Maybe it's doing game in front of a monitor and not in person...but the team of Gubi & Sut / Matt have become somewhat unlistenable. Never thought I'd miss Victor Rojas...but I do.
  9. 1.) "I play for my teammates, not the fans" - Eff You Josh - Go toss another ball to a fan in LF - whoops. What? Too soon? 2.) GMJr never...I mean NEVER had a clutch hit in Texas - nor Anaheim. Made a great catch on Opening Night in Anaheim - but hit like crap. 3.) Mo fell down the stair first game. skip to 5) Wells was a trade (Napoli) because we couldn't sign Carl Crawford and Sosh loved his pet Mathis. ALBERT - After the first month, nobody cared about him. He sucked. I once asked Jeff Fletcher of the OC Register if Albert "might" go to Arte and either: Pull a Lyman Bostock & give a refund for his underserving money - OR - restructure his deal (like TOM BRADY) so the team could maybe sign a high caliber pitcher like a COLE or BAUER. Fletcher told me something like 'Albert believes he can lead the team to the playoffs and/or he signed his contract and he deserves that money'... The Cards knew he was on the downtick - Arte is star-crossed - so he overpays for a declining selfish player and St. Louis is laughing...
  10. DAMN - You are correct - NOW - I have to revise - as 40 years go by and I had only relied on my memory - THANKS Inside
  11. GOOD MT. RUSHMORE: Vladdy (best ever), Bobby Grich, Torii Hunter and Don Baylor (OKAY - Inside Pitch corrected me - as I only relied on my memory - thinking the cowboy emptied his money bags for Carew, DeCinces & Lynn. REVISED) Honorable Mention: Chili Davis, (some might say - but I don't) Bart Colon, Reggie Jackson BAD MT. RUSHMORE: Albert, Josh, Mo, GMJr MANY Honorable Mentions....
  12. If someone has a subscription to USA TODAY - the entire article appears to be scathing about Albert's behavior - would love for it to be posted here (with Chuck's permission...of course) or at least the juicy parts - that Perry - in his on live on air interview - said he was professional.
  13. Walsh - .327 Albert - .211 It's time to turk the ol' man - GO BOLD - Cut the St. Louis Cardinal
  14. These are the best unis ever....and the WORST
  15. Rojas is 0-14 - Nice Story...terrible ball player.
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