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  1. Mike Trout No Likey KC Stadium....but this game lies at the feet of Walsh's groin....(whatever that means...)
  2. Exactly - Albert is making me forget about Steve Garvey's putrid arm. Remember Albert's sh!t throw to Felix Pena covering first in '19? Pena had to leap to catch the dog-ass throw...landing awkwardly...blowing out his knee? Pujols throws like a 48 year old...which...he is.
  3. WE BE THAT OLD TO REMEMBER THIS INCIDENT - https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-2005-jun-30-me-dietz30-story.html
  4. WAIT A HOT MINUTE - Opening game - Halos rally in 8th. CLOSER BROUGHT IN: 1-2-3 Light that baby up! GAME #2 - Maddon brings in his freaking closer down 7-6...Homer - out- single - HOOK GAME #4 - Maddon - who attempts a 5 out save - forgot to tell him to GET THE OUT AT FIRST - his E allows Sox to tie, but Walsh did the real saving that night. GAME #6 - Maddon brings in his freaking closer in tie-game...and we all know what happens. CAN WE JUST USE HIM IN SAVE SITUATIONS? 4-5 out saves suck & only bring him in to protect that damn lead. END Rant...
  5. Replays - Commercials during broadcasts - 4 minute commercial / promotion breaks between innings - Directors that refuse to turn off a field microphone that is right by a loud mouth fan who thinks he's (95% male) funny / witty / good trash talker.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: JoJo26 has declared Jared Walsh the Angels starting first baseman for the remainder of the season. Call it Wally Pipp 2.0 Albert Pujols will serve as DH only when Ohtani isn't hitting 455 foot bombs.
  7. I live in Ventura - left at 2:15 pm - got to the Big "A" at 5:15 pm....game over at 10:10....got home just before midnight (because I guess that Easter traffic only happens during daytime) If I lived 15 minutes instead on 90 {without traffic} that would be an excellent option.
  8. Food order thru the app worked for me ONLY IF THE WORKERS COULD READ THE ORDER: Example: My order: Hot Dog with relish, onion, brown mustard; Mr. Pibb in a souvenir cup. What I got: Hot Dog - small container of chopped onions, 2 packets of yellow mustard; Coke. The food is placed in a brown bag. The worker gal - after calling my name - says" Large Coke" - I say "Mr. Pibb". The lady says "Oh - they're all Coke" laughing. I guess it was false advertising - as my Mr. Pibb tasted exactly like regular Coke. Somehow - I didn't care as I got to watch live baseball
  9. Among other things: - Face coverings are required inside Angel Stadium and may only be temporarily removed when actively eating or drinking within assigned seating pods. Angel Stadium prohibits all bags, backpacks, and other carriers from being brought into the stadium with the following exceptions: - Small/clutch purses (4.5" x 6.5") - Medical bags - Diaper bags - All transactions at Angel Stadium are cashless. Patrons with cash, can purchase gift cards at the Advanced Ticket Windows inside of Angel Stadium near the Home Plate Gate. - Please consume f
  10. Sorry if this is a repeat...but with ALL THESE FREAKING POP-UPS - I can't see straight. Damn Chuck....
  11. Who knew? https://sports.yahoo.com/former-mlb-executive-says-albert-204137941.html
  12. https://www.mlb.com/news/best-mlb-bandwagon-teams-for-2021?partnerId=zh-20210303-156906-MLB&qid=1026&bt_ee=eXdmXiZUGHZxnSOjlM%2FeTYBPewNP7r1a6aog3Qvg%2FcDOlH4ZmVYpjUpKpscSKbyY&bt_ts=1614774724217
  13. Are we talking about his play in RF? Or at the dish? Brandon Wood 2.0
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