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  1. First of all it's Barack treason at all...always helpful to spell names correctly in your veiled attempt at misinformation. And if you actually think that's the "worst part"...well - you don't remember Brian Downing's face plant against the LF bendable fence in 1986...or Josh Hamilton's "performance" in the ALDS...or Garret Anderson's eye infection vs Boston...
  2. So MLB Network is showing "walk off playoff wins" - and I clicked on...and I was transported to 2005 - Game 2 of the ALCS. The series that the Angels had to: Play Friday night in NY, Rain Out Saturday, FOX makes them play Sunday night (original travel /off day) at 8:30 pm EST, fly cross country - only to play Yankees Monday at 4:40 pm (or something like that), then fly to Chi-Town, when Paul Byrd flaps his wings for a game 1 W Tuesday ...then this game on Wednesday. Kelvim Escobar was dealing - K's AJ...Josh Paul (who should of tagged AJ just in case) rolls the ball to the mound - sprints to dugout - Eddings TWO hand motions suggest a strike out - but AJ (who I think believed it was a passed ball strike 3 - because he saw Josh Paul running to retrieve the ball) THEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Here I am - blazing cursing at freaking Eddings - 15 years later - at my TV. The crew choked big time. Eddings was / is garbage. I still boo his stupid ass when I see him at The Big A. The team was dog - ass tired / drained...and FOX didn't help by making Game 4 of the ALDS a night game (ooooooo - the NFL) Angels had a World Series built team...and the entire thing hinged on Eddings eff up. #88..I hate him.
  3. I guess you missed my first here ya go:
  4. Eh, he also tossed a ball into the left field stands in Texas...just short enough so a father had to lunge to catch it...and fell over the railing to his death in front of his kid.
  5. Just remember - before Game #2 vs KC in the playoffs - it was 95 degrees in Anaheim - and Josh Hamilton was taking batting practice for about 30 - 40 minutes launching balls into the seats. Driving into that game - on the radio - Roger Lodge was all proud that he was working on his game when "no one else was on the field." That's because it was 95 freaking degrees. Save some energy. But not $125 Million man Hamilton. Way to drain your body Josh...very intelligent. Well, he went 0 for 13...the fans booed him...then he comes back with this: “We don’t necessarily play for the people in the stands. We play for each other. We spend every day with each other. We have relationships with each other. We love each other. We fight for each other. That’s what we play for. I don’t take offense to it because they don’t know me. There is no personal interaction.” Eff you Josh Hamilton...we pay your salary...and you say this crap? Have another beer loser...
  6. What a great guy....
  7. Welington Castillo - 2 years - (4.5 per) 9 Million Aaron Sanchez - 3 years - (8 per) 24 Million
  8. Cole will be the A-Rod deal 2.0 in 4 years... {or the Pujols deal since 2015}
  9. A couple of thoughts from this thread. Howie was called "Future Batting Champ" by Bill Stoneman. Howie was always great from Inning 1-5...after that...he was M.I.A. Howie has been constantly mentioned as a "former Dodger"...from Idiot Vic the Brick to Jamie Maggio... His NLCS hitting tear reminded me of Jeff Mathis in the playoffs vs. Yankees....a truly "Where the HELL did that come from?" - It was Deja Vu... Too bad knucklehead Fernando Rodney is in the Series...he's always bugged me (maybe it's his cap...or arrow into the sky BS)
  10. Arte probably asked Maddon if he should sign Jason Heyward to replace Kole in RF...
  11. It's not an article - It's a political cartoonist (sports related)