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  1. I’m doubt there’s an insurance policy on his contract and if there is it wouldn’t cover this kind of thing.
  2. The 2018 Angels were 10-3. At this point in 2019 you guys wanted to shoot Tommy La Stella into the sun. Keynan Middleton looked like an awesome closer in April 2018. i think people were even convinced Rendon was a bust after 9 games last year. Mike Mayers looked horrible after 9 games last year. I don’t remember when but I am fairly certain there was a point when Jefry Marte looked indispensable. Anyway, I know you guys gotta write something but just remember that it’s not even close to the point you really know anything about anything. Mike Trout is goo
  3. Also, regarding Schebler, he was playing with a pretty jacked up shoulder for most of 18 and 19, I believe, and then didn’t really get a chance to play in 2020. He said he feels good now. I could see them bringing up either Ward or Schebler, honestly. And I still think it’ll be Adell by June/July.
  4. They are obligated to help him through his rehab until the end of the season. And I think they see value in having him hang around the clubhouse. Otherwise there’s essentially no difference.
  5. I don’t think he is. And he can’t be on the taxi squad if he’s not healthy.
  6. I don’t think anyone but fans have suggested that this is the case.
  7. One more thing I’ll add... Brad Ausmus pretty much used Ty Buttrey that way in the first half of 2019...
  8. I’ll add the other thing Street said is you can absolutely use your closer that way in September or October because he’s emptying the tank. You just can’t do it all year. You can argue the point but I’m gonna say he probably knows more about it than you or I do.
  9. Obviously if you have 2 or 3 “best” relievers then it’s not a problem. But if you keeping warming one guy up over and over it’s gonna cause problems. Maybe he won’t be as effective when you do need him because he’s been getting hot for 45 minutes. Maybe he can’t pitch two days in a row now.
  10. I think some of them have a routine with stretching, massages, eating, etc. But I think even if you ignore all that, the warming up part is problematic
  11. I many long discussions with Huston Street about this. The problem with that is it’s not a computer game where you just push a button and the reliever you want comes in. They have a lot of prep they need to do to get ready, beyond simply warming up. If your closer basically has to be gassed up to go from the 7th inning on he’s going to burn out quickly. Let’s say you’re up by 2 and the No 8 hitter leads off the 7th with a single. You’re basically one baserunner away from the game being “on the line,” so do you start warming your closer up now? And what if the next three guy
  12. It’s pretty standard to use your closer at home in the 9th in a tie game. Otherwise you’re just eliminating your best reliever for the rest of the game.
  13. You’re still just looking at the results. They said 80-90 pitches was his limit. He had just walked two guys the inning before and used up a lot of gas to get out of that. He was at 64 pitches. He gave up a hit and walked another guy and was about to face the reigning MVP when he was already at 80 pitches. No one would have questioned it if he’d taken Ohtani out after the walk to Eaton or after the walk to Abreu. You can debate whether Maddon was right to push Ohtani. You can’t debate whether he was pushing him.
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