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  1. It looks that way. I think Boyd is the best bet still because he’s on a bad team. All the other teams who have starter options are trying to win in 2020, so they need to be blown away to give up a key piece of their rotation. They could perhaps get a guy like Samardzija if they can agree on the money. Otherwise, I suspect they’re planning to wait till June-July and see how things have changed.
  2. Every team has a budget. Every team also puts a certain value on certain players. All of it mixes together. So are suggesting that if the Angels had gotten Donaldson for $24M instead of Rendon for $35M that they’d have then been willing to spend $20M on Ryu? I think the answer is no. I don’t think they wanted to spend $20Mx4 on Ryu at any point ever.
  3. You don’t think those things are the same? Injury risk is a part of determining how much money you want to spend on someone.
  4. Certainly the Angels chances in 2020 would have been better with Ryu than without him. But you can understand why they wouldn’t want to risk $80M over four years on a guy with his medical history.
  5. I would add a couple factors that make it a legitimate point in Ryu’s case.... -The Dodgers recent history has been to bring back pretty much all their good free agents. Jansen, Hill, Turner. They extended Kershaw so he didn’t opt out. -In the case of many free agents, they price themselves out of their previous team. The Dodgers have plenty of money to afford Ryu. -Ryu was also coming off his best year, at a place where the previous year he wanted to come back enough that he took the qualifying offer. Given all that, the Dodgers lack of interest in bringing him back is a huge red flag, to me.
  6. Eppler has said clearly a few times that he operates in the best interest of the organization. Not himself.
  7. That’s a pretty short list. I’m going to say pretty much all those guys either had bad contracts or were traded by teams that weren’t trying to win. Matthew Boyd would fit on the list. Mike Clevinger wouldn’t.
  8. They got Garrett Williams, the Giants 7th round pick in 2016. He has a career 3.98 ERA in the minors, including 3.60 in 110 innings at AA in 2019.
  9. That's a fair opinion. Lots of voters agree with you. Lots of voters agree with me.
  10. The fact that Bonds is getting about 60 percent and Manny is getting about 25 percent would indicate that most voters agree with you. I happen to vote for Manny too. He played 5 full seasons during testing, without failing a test, and had about a 1.000 OPS in those years. I believe -- obviously, just my opinion -- that he was probably a guy who just used steroids at the end to try to prolong his career, and they essentially didn't work. If he'd have just retired after 2008, he'd be a HOFer.
  11. Yes. I have been a voter for 14 years or so.