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  1. 3 (I have no idea. But I’d never put the chances of a particular free agent signing with a particular team as very high just because there are too many options.)
  2. Sure. I could ask. I just never thought it was that interesting. It’s a card that tells them where to play.
  3. Well then I guess I’m not questioning you but others in this thread who seem to be certain the Angels were doing something seriously wrong with their positioning. I agree with you that there’s really no way for us to know. But I suspect it’s a pretty small piece of the puzzle.
  4. They’re basing their defense off what a hitter is likely to do against the pitcher he’s facing. It’s not just a blanket spray chart for every ball he hits. I am sure they are using way more data than you guys can see. I think there were some problems with their defense but it was mostly because guys who aren’t good defensive players were playing. And most of the run-prevention problems were the pitchers.
  5. I actually did talk to someone about this. The numbers guys in the front office pretty much decide where the defense is positioned, although the players and coaches can tweak it slightly based on what they’re seeing. I’m curious what guys are using to determine that they’re wrong.
  6. Some people pro-rate Trout’s signing bonus for purposes of his AAV but it was already paid. So it doesn’t count for their actual payroll any more.
  7. How much difference will it make if the SS has to stand directly behind 2B instead of 10-15 feet to the right? And what’s to stop him from just taking a couple quick steps once the ball is released and only being 10 feet from where he is in a shift? I really don’t understand why people don’t like the shift. It has a negligible impact. Teams do it because even if it’s 1 percent more effective than no shift, they want that 1 percent. It shouldn’t impact your enjoyment of the game. The reason batting averages have plummeted is not the shift. It’s strikeouts. I am for finding a solution for that one. (EDIT: Also, a lot of guys pull the ball on the ground but not in the air, so teams would happily put their CF straight up or a step to the opposite field if it meant they could have 3 infielders on the pull side. You really need to just make the rule for infielders if you want to eliminate the shift.)
  8. SIGNED: OF Mike Trout ($35.45M), 3B Anthony Rendon ($36M), OF Justin Upton ($28M), RHP/DH Shohei Ohtani ($5.5M), 2B David Fletcher ($4M). TOTAL: $109.95M
  9. There are trades and other transactions allowed but they’re rare. I remember the Angels got Felix Peña during the playoffs. You can also re-sign your own free agents. The only thing really not allowed is signing free agents from other teams.
  10. Somewhat related, I find it fascinating that I get much more reaction (and many more clicks) when I write about the broadcasters than when I write about the players.
  11. That was probably when they furloughed people when there were no games last year. They have a lot more now.
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