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  1. Instead of facing the Triple A pitchers from the Mariners, A’s, Giants, Padres, etc., he will be facing the Triple A pitchers from the Angels.
  2. I don’t actually buy when Maddon says he doesn’t know. I believe he can’t say. Teheran said Wednesday that he was hoping to get the test results back Wednesday or Thursday and be in Anaheim this weekend. Obviously that didn’t happen, but I have no idea if the test was positive or the results didn’t come back or he’s got to quarantine for some other reason. Maybe his test was negative but someone in his family tested positive and now he’s got to wait for another. We still really don’t know a lot about how this works until guys start showing up and telling us what happened in their owns words.
  3. I am more curious to see what the indoor sports sound like with no fans. I think basketball and hockey would be especially odd.
  4. No one. I think the most likely reason for anyone to be absent is they haven’t gotten results.
  5. MLB had no choice on this one. The MLB safety manual is 101 pages. It would be impossible to manage those type of limitations for six minor league teams, who travel on commercial flights or packed into buses for 8-12 hours at a time, and in small clubhouses. There’s no way they could sanitize everything in Orem at the level they are trying to do it in Anaheim. Also, the cost of testing for those guys would be enormous. Finally, minor league teams can’t exist without fans. MLB can make money from TV. That doesn’t exist in the minors. There’s just no way it would have been possible to have minor league baseball this year. That was clear by mid April.
  6. A few things... -The “taxi squad” technically refers to the three guys who go on road trips without being on the roster. They are there essentially so you have a fill in handy and don’t need to put someone on a commercial flight at the last minute. -The Alternate Training Site squad (or whatever better name we come up for them) consists of everyone in the 60-player pool who is inactive. -You don’t need to put everyone on the 40-man roster in your 60-player pool. -You can add to the 60-player pool at any time but if you remove someone, they have to be traded/released/DFA’d. -You obviously still need to add someone to the 40-man roster for him to be in the majors. Jo Adell, for example, needs to be added and he would take someone else’s spot. -You can’t trade anyone who is not part of the 60-player pool. This could be really interesting because teams may put guys on the 60 who they have no plans to use in 2020, but could want to trade.
  7. I think 52, last I counted. I had planned to add the new Rangers and Braves this year. But one isn’t happening and the other may not either.