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  1. I thought they would trade Iglesias. Maddon thought they would trade Iglesias. I don’t know if the offers weren’t good or if Arte told him not to trade him or if they plan to extend him. I think all of those are more likely than Minasian believing they have a realistic shot at the playoffs. I think it’s plausible that he could say that publicly as cover for one of the other three scenarios.
  2. I wasn’t clear if you were suggesting the Angels changed their story or reporters changed their interpretation. Because it was the latter.
  3. They never said it would be Monday. Maddon said he would be pushed back “a day or two.”
  4. He would never say that publicly if that were the case. I did ask him why he didn’t trade those guys and he just basically said they don’t want to give up on the season. I assume they would have given up if anyone had offered something they couldn’t refuse though. it seems like they got overpays on both Watson and Heaney so maybe he wanted an overpay for any deal.
  5. ^^^^ This is why the Angels pitching hasn’t been good.
  6. Also, i don’t think “jinx” is the correct word. I think “distraction” is better. You don’t want to distract someone who is doing something pretty well by adding pressure or extra thoughts into his head. That’s it. Period. All the rest of us can do whatever the hell we want.
  7. Eppler’s philosophy was simple… There are only few pitchers every year who are worth the risk of a big money multi year deal. You try to get those, and if you can’t, you don’t dip into the more dangerous middle tier, so you skip to the low-risk one-year guys. If they work, great. If they don’t, you get the money back to try again the next year.
  8. ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ Did you guys see Alex Colome pitching the 6th inning of a game the Twins were losing last night? i suggest one of you do a search of the 10 relievers who got the biggest deals and see how many of them are good. I wrote this story a few years ago.
  9. I’m gonna throw this grenade into the discussion and then run away… Julio Teheran
  10. Mike Trout is a pretty extreme example. I think in 99 percent of cases a guy who hasn’t seen a competitive pitch in 2 months is actually worse than his replacement. Also there is a little bit of physical buildup required to acclimate to playing a 9-inning game.
  11. The Indians wanted Marsh and another prospect for one year of Kluber (coming off an injury). On a separate note, I think you guys should take a look at José Berrios Baseball-Reference page before you decide how good he is and what he’s worth. It seems to me like he’s one of those guys whose name recognition has now exceeded his actual performance.
  12. Players who are traded aren’t eligible for QO’s
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