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  1. I’ve said it many times in the last month, but I’ll add it one more time... Eppler walked into a very difficult situation because 1. terrible farm system 2. HOF centerpiece 3. owner recently burned by big FA contracts You can’t fix 1 the normal way (strip ML team) because of 2. And you can’t improve the major league team with trades because of 1. So you have to do it through FA but 3 makes that even harder than it is already. So what you have to do is hope that some of the very few impact FA’s who your owner agrees to pay for will say yes (Cole, Corbin, Eovaldi,
  2. They were actually 9-22 after losing the first game of the doubleheader in Houston. Then 12-25 after that 8–runs-with-2-outs-in-the-8th loss to SD at home.
  3. Sometimes there are fans on Twitter who just are so bitter and complain so much that I just want to slap them and say “Dude, this is a baseball team. It’s supposed to be fun. Sorry they can’t win every time.” But I suppose that’s a side affect of the passion that makes people read my stories more religiously than other stories, and thus keeps me employed, so I’m OK with it. I haven’t been a fan in a long time but when I was I felt like I was just obsessed. However I don’t remember being this angry at the losses. Maybe it was because the team I rooted for was always bad and never
  4. Maddon would seem like a lot better manager if Robles, Buttrey and Middleton hadn’t all been bad. Did you expect all three to be bad? Whose fault is it that they were bad?
  5. This is why I didn’t even bother looking at the numbers when this thread started.
  6. I haven’t read through all this but I want to point out that the Dodgers basically do everything right and they haven’t won a title in 31 years. The Yankees haven’t won one in 11 years, and only one in 20 years. It’s hard to win the World Series. There is no such thing as making any kind of move, with a player or GM, that “gets you a ring.” Seems to me the best way to get a ring is to have the most chances, which means being good as often as possible. I think that would also be more fun as a fan. The Marlins won two WS but it seems like those d
  7. It sounds like he may be limited at least at the start of spring training but still ready by opening day.
  8. Joe Mauer? Without looking, I’d say pretty slim. If you compare him to other IB since he didn’t catch his whole career, I don’t think he makes it.
  9. To be honest I didn’t even look at any stats, and I would never vote based on my pure “perception,” but this is a message board and I have a long time before I even need to consider these questions, so what the hell. And my perception is that Verlander probably pitched a lot more innings, had a lot more CGs and more All-Star Games and Cy Youngs. (After I write this I’m gonna go look it up.) So even if their ERA’s are similar, that’s why I would put Verlander in a different class. Perception again, but Buster is borderline. I suspect I wouldn’t vote for him, but I didn’t thin
  10. Remove Greinke, Cano, Longoria, Donaldson, Goldschdmit, Stanton, Freeman, Cruz, Altuve, McCutchen and Strasburg.
  11. Honestly I knew Dipoto’s son got drafted at some point but didn’t remember which year or which round and didn’t look it up. It was more a general statement anyway that the picks in that round aren’t really taken with the same gravity of the earlier ones.
  12. I don’t get it either. My spreadsheet has just player names. No teams. I don’t say “ok, one from this team, one from this team.” I just pull the names off the individual stat leaderboards.
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