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  1. Big, if true. I find it hard to believe he'd be so blatant, but maybe he stayed quiet out of deference to Scioscia. Now that he's unmuzzled it's time for that New York "Big Dick Baseball" (cc: @Dochalo)
  2. It's difficult to draw conclusions about successful team building without also seeing the same graphic for non-playoff teams.
  3. Jeff, you have to understand, this is all very new to us.
  4. The fact that it was a listed qualification on a abbreviated list makes it seem that way. It's also, by itself, a pretty standard platitude - "team first rah rah rah"
  5. I have that bottle opener - I gotta dig it up...
  6. Is it really "contrarian" when you get the most likes in a day, and the local beat writer agrees with you?
  7. @Chuckster70 this is probably a function of the forum software, but I thought it worth mentioning. When you put someone on ignore it would be great if posts that quoted and replied to the ignored person we're also muted.
  8. Managers don't do anything. 90% of 0 is 0. Edge: Lowell.
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