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  1. Kind of torn today since Taijuan Walker is starting for Mariners against the Angels. Even though TW is from my town, I still will root for the Angels. Hope for a good start for TW, but also allows the Angels to score a few runs!
  2. Honestly, even with Adell being the best thing to happen to the Angels since Trout came up, You think that the AW crowd will give him any room? NOT likely unless he absolutely NAILS it tonight, and there's be some "Debby Downer" whining about why Adell did/didn't do something. If the AW crowd didn't let you know what they feel about (Good and Bad) Adell, I'd be concerned!
  3. His story was written about a year ago. Totally amazing on Victors "Wild Ride" from working at Norstrom to player to Assistant GM (of a minor league team) to where he's at now. You can easily tell Victor is a "Man with a Mission" when it comes time to take care of things. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/mlb/news/baseball-voices-victor-rojas-angels-tv-play-by-play-man-on-mike-trout-jose-canseco-and-an-unusual-career-path/15yesfy51jokc1bu8r72m3c9mi
  4. Victor shared it on his personal FB timeline, I watched it about 30min before I posted it here. Victor (and Mark) remind me of that friendly "neighbor/friend" who you know, and you enjoy their company when watching a game (live or on TV) who's always in a great mood, and has a TON of cool stories to tell!
  5. Our (at least my) Favorite MLB TV Broadcasters Victor Rojas has a YouTube Channel that takes you behind the scenes of what it takes to maintain a family while running a successful business added in with the travel demands of being "on the road" 6 months a year.
  6. Thursday nights Seattle Starter is Taijuan https://www.mlb.com/angels/roster/starting-lineups/2020-08-06
  7. 27 years ago today, 46-year-old Nolan Ryan got the better of Robin Ventura.
  8. We certainly have both our Jokers and Clowns here at AngelsWin.com Once again HBD to our Fearless Leader of AW @Chuckster70
  9. Only 1 hour until today's game, time for that fresh pot of coffee, Go Angels and #LTBU Hopefully the adult beverages from yesterday agreed with you today @Chuckster70!
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2016/11/diamondbacks-acquire-taijuan-walker-ketel-marte-from-mariners.html Taijuan also had TJ surgery April 2018, came back last year, but released by DB's during last winter.
  11. My son went to HS with Taijuan. Some of my son's friends (from 1st grade on) played BB with Taijuan at Yucaipa High School. He has a strong fan base in Yucaipa, and I've been following him since his 1st MLB start. Less than an hour drive after the games over back to Yucaipa from the stadium!
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