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  1. Because it's not the way HE thinks it should happen so he can't possibly ignore it...or let it go...or keep posting about it. Ah, the good ol' days when it was always Pujols' fault and that was posted in every thread instead.
  2. Just wait til he hears the Angels are going to wear patches for the next 30 years that read: "Angels Stadium Development 2025 - 2050"
  3. Yeah, not sure what it has to do with "woke-ness" but (shrug)...just seeing that phrase made my eyes practically roll out of my skull
  4. Persona 5: Royal Never played a Persona game before nor do I play turn based combat games but, damn, this game earned every bit of its 95/100 metacritic score. Imagine a game with BioWare relationship/social mechanics mixed with a Scooby Doo-esque anime. If you take your time with it, you will easily surpass 100 hrs but it will breeze by...
  5. It's becoming apparent not many people here saw "Top Secret!"
  6. So her middle name is "Hillary", apparently...
  7. Yep, good call...this thread was a "Trojan horse" on the MLB thread to complain about "dat there Democrats". Yawn...
  8. He's fine..."Hitler's Dog, Gossip and Trickery" was just alright.
  9. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant comedians who were actually funny...I should have been specific...Larry the Cable Guy? Really?
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