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  1. I still find it amusing that people here still think that the only reason the Pederson/Stripling trade didn't happen was because Arte got "impatient" he was sitting in his office, twirling around in his chair, drumming his fingers on his desk, checking his watch repeatedly and calling Eppler every five minutes; "Well?...Well?!!" Eppler: "Like I told you the 30 other times not yet?" Arte: "No, fuck that, I want it now! Now! NNNOOOOWWWWWW!!!!" just sucks this stupid narrative is going to be rehashed until something equally inane replaces it.
  2. Looks like they'll be leaning on their minor leagues a bit more than anticipated:
  3. They'll do worse this season because: - Angels and Rangers are likely better than last season. A's won 97 games in 2018 and 2019 and has a solid squad coming back. - Astros lost one of their aces in Cole and replaced him a with a guy coming back from TMJ surgery and lost Miley, who put up 116 ERA+ over 167 IP last season who will be replaced with a talented, but unproven Urquidy. - The Astros will have a huge target on their back wherever they travel and fans will not let them forget what they did. Time will tell if there is a psychological toll in that regard...
  4. It sucks but, honestly, I wasn't expecting much from him. He was wildly erratic in 2018 and regressed even further in 2019 so I would be fine with him taking as much time to rehab as needed.
  5. I'm sorry he isn't what you want him to be. I guess we'll just have to settle for having the acknowledged "best player in baseball" on our team and hope we aren't docked wins for him not being more outspoken and tiresome.
  6. (Stassi pretends to look busy in another part of the clubhouse..."Now where did I put that fungo?")
  7. They could have done it with Trout as well...the only reason he started 2012 late with the team was due to illness: "Mike Trout showed up in spring training in 2012 with a mysterious illness. He had lost 15 pounds and was too weak to play in the initial Cactus League games. The Angels described the illness as a type of flu bug or virus. Trout was taking medication although doctors could not pinpoint the exact condition, after ruling out a thyroid disorder or Valley Fever. The result was that his chances of making the big league team shrank to nothing, and he was assigned to the AAA Salt Lake Bees to start the season."
  8. Fletcher has said on numerous occasions that the Angels don't try to manipulate service time...
  9. Man, that's disappointing. What he really needs to say is: "Phew, I am desperate for starting pitching! Des-per-ate! I'm working those phones and talking to anyone who will listen 'Have you seen my rotation?! I needs help, yo! Won't someone help a man out?!' I've got my knee pads on and I am ready and am willing to do what it takes." It's professional and it shows he's really, really trying... Really..