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  1. As I spent the day thinking on this, I vote yes, Adell for Clevinger.
  2. I also had a thought...Angels added Rendon pretty much unexpectedly and with him added a lot of offense we weren’t expecting out of current roster and were expecting with Adell. Now that Angels have that in Rendon, the loss of Adell wouldn’t hurt quite as badly.
  3. Yes in 2020, Clevinger would more than likely have a bigger impact than Adell for the Angels. Beyond that, Adell could out WAR Clevinger for many years. But with the Angels in such great need of front lines pitching, Clevinger could be more valuable for the Angels than Adell for several years. Then add Marsh, who has good upside, Clevinger +Marsh >Adell. I’m talking myself into this trade.
  4. The part of this I find interesting is the Bauer part. I’m sure Bauer would be more inclined to come to the Angels if his buddy Clevinger is here. Ohtani, Clevinger, Bauer, Heaney, Bundy for 2021 would be pretty legit.
  5. Yep. If I were Cleveland, I would not take any deal without Adell.
  6. I can’t even vote because I really don’t know what I’d do.
  7. You have to look at it like this...are Angels better with Adell and no Clevinger or are they better with Clevinger and Marsh (to presumably take over RF when ready)? I almost think Angels are better with Clevinger and Marsh but I’d just hate to see Adell become a stud for someone else.
  8. What do you think? Will Angels win it all during this new decade? They only made the playoffs once during last decade. Can Trout and Rendon lead the Angels to the promised land?
  9. I wonder how the young guys will adapt to Callaway after what seemed to be many new age techniques/ideas that came from White. Too much tinkering, too many forms of thought don’t seem ideal.
  10. Just sharing these. Saw Adell over the summer. This was his first game back from injury in Chattanooga. Unfortunately, Marsh was injured at this time. But Adell is a beast amongst boys. This dude is going to be special.
  11. Angels are not trading for Clevinger. I just don’t see it. Prospects needed would be too great.
  12. Contreras and Price Marsh, Rengifo involved for Contreras. Mostly money and Jaime Barria involved with Price.
  13. I truly hope the world can see Mike go deep into the playoffs.
  14. I think the first two years is what will count. Ryu on the Angels next year, definitely would have been nice. Bookmark that.
  15. I don’t think the other “top” prospects will bring us back what Adell would bring back. How about Adell and Canning for Chris Paddack? I’d strongly consider that.