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  1. Good question. The math just doesn't add up with 3 divisions. You could have 4 playoff spots in each division and then 2 vs 2, then 1 vs 1 to win that League (East, Central, West). Then who plays who once you have 3 teams left?
  2. The constant change of pictures hurt my eyes.
  3. What in the heck? So basically he’s a traitor! Helping the opponent beat the Angels.
  4. Hopefully he’s not out too terrible long into the season. Will need him healthy and producing to be used as trade bait. Though I would love if Angels didn’t need to use him in a trade, I just don’t see any way around it.
  5. 1. Canning is an All Star. 2. Trout wins a GG, finally. 3. Sandoval and Rengifo are part of a trade for #1-2 SP by deadline. 4. Robles gets 40 saves 5. Adell is only a Sept call up.
  6. Unless Eppler and Arte have something bigger up their sleeves, I’m pretty pissed about this.
  7. Dodgers jumped the gun on the second trade. They should have waited until deal was official with Betts. Especially when it was a three team trade.
  8. If Angels weren’t involved, I’d be hoping upon hope it falls through just to see the residue from both the Sox and Dodgers.
  9. It appears to be a separate deal contingent on the Betts deal. No handshake was given until Dodgers knew Betts deal was official.
  10. The longer this goes, the more you gotta think it won't happen, meaning Betts trade. Two whole days since the trade came out, and it's still not completed. Is Boston now having cold feet? Trying to find a way out of this due to the backlash received? Something is up. Angels finally get a quality pitcher, but yet they didn't, yet.
  11. And the trade isn’t even official yet. Pretty wild.
  12. Yes I know. He’s a pending FA. Nobody will give anything of value for him. Just saying that I like how Eppler is getting creative with landing pitching.