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  1. I wonder how many Angels’ draft picks go elsewhere this year?
  2. They’re still on the south side, which brings being in “that city” down quite a few fun factor notches.
  3. Just my gut, but I think if Angels land Cole, and there is a possibility of landing Strasburg, Arte will open the checkbook. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking. But I think Arte see’s this opportunity, as he is getting older, to load up on pitching and vastly improve this team.
  4. 1. Angels sign Gerrit Cole 2. Angels sign Strasburg 3. Angels make a trade for Blake Snell I figured I’d go big or go home.
  5. Those other teams don’t have Trout or Ohtani. Cole will be an Angel.
  6. It truly seems like it’s up to Arte. Cole has given every indication he wants to come home. I feel very optimistic it will happen. Just my gut says it will happen. Arte knows the Angels need better press after this past season. The narrative needs to turn back to winning. Cole is a huge step back towards that narrative.
  7. I will say this...with Eppler saying the words “World Series Championship” I gotta believe he’s ready to land some big names or go all in on some. Because there is no way you say that and bring in the 1 year experiments like last year.
  8. Honestly, I can’t blame Arte for being pissed. I think the main thing saving Eppler thus far is his improvement in the minor league system and bringing on Ohtani. His free agent additions and manager addition have been underwhelming to say the least. But I still think Eppler can turn a corner this off season if he can land the big fish.
  9. I’m excited about having Maddon back. He brings instant credibility and it seems like players enjoy playing for him. This will be an exciting off season. Hopefully, Maddon has Cole’s number in his phone to start the recruiting.
  10. Erstad played in 126 games at 1B in 1997, 70 games in 1998 then won gold gloves in 2000 and 2002 in the outfield. Won his GG at 1B in 2004. Marsh can probably move around like this to fill the needs of the team.
  11. Upton is not playing 1B. His only move will be to DH, and that is not likely to happen until Pujols moves on. I actually like this idea of moving Marsh to 1B, and the Erstad comp makes sense. This isn’t to say Marsh is stuck at 1B forever. Just like Erstad moved around.