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  1. I get the feeling Bauer doesn’t really want to go to the Mets but it is the best offer at this point. He’s hoping Dodgers jump in with bigger offer.
  2. This should be post of the day. This just seems to be full of truths.
  3. If all scores hold right now, there could be 5 teams with exact same record including the Angels. Will be a tie for the 7th pick. Anyone know how they break a tie for draft order?
  4. Probably the only game I even got into was the 2nd game against the Padres right before this Dodger series. That one got my intensity because the Angels finally seemed to be playing for something. But the end was another let down. Like everyone else, my overall enthusiasm this year has been greatly diminished. I live in eastern standard time and was able to sleep much more during this season because I didn’t care to watch.
  5. Heaney outlasted Kershaw. Just one of those games. Gotta be the offense that wins this game.
  6. Oh gotcha. After a few drinks I thought you said “do better, sign Bauer’s agent.” She would be nice to watch.
  7. This is at least fun. The most intensity for Angels baseball in a couple years.
  8. Richards really made out well in his 2yr $15mil contract with the Fathers. A total of 16 games pitched in 2 years (last year rehabilitating with TJ) and around 57 innings. He still only has only 800 innings pitched in his MLB career. If his arm is healthy, he still could be a nice arm to have.
  9. Also, I’m really curious if Bauer sticks with his 1yr deal plan when teams start offering him 6/$150,000,000.
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