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  1. They also eat blood, dogs, and rodents. Slapping the shit out of your wife is pretty acceptable as well. I’m ok with keeping the American way of life
  2. Funny how libs slowly move the finish line. No mask, mask indoors, and now mask outdoors. Each step was supposed to increase freedoms and activities yet schools and activities continue to be reduced. We have trumps cure and several vaccines that do provide some levels of protection but continue to be ignored.
  3. Biden can kiss my dick with the outdoor mask mandate. Meanwhile the streets are on fire and libs are encouraging boys to become girls. I mean seriously a ban on transgender pills and ass fucking will save more lives than a cotton mask. Yet we chose to honor one groups liberty and continuously piss on red blooded Americans
  4. The postal service is ran by liberals.
  5. Time to accept the reality that most everyone is going to get infected. Also time to get back to living our lives.
  6. What if liberals supported killing 3000 babies daily since the 1970s
  7. Really does benefit society when people learn these lessons early in life. An ass whipping at 12 is less severe than a grown man fight. Same principle works at home. Damn near every kid on Ritalin is a product of a non whipping household.
  8. Each situation should be adjudicated individually when it comes to fights. A lot of this Antifa/BLM stems from a lack of fighting. We have over reacted to fights among children with school suspensions etc. A good ass whipping can correct a lot of bad behaviors. Rules have shielded bad kids from the repercussions of their bad behavior. Now we have entitled 20 year olds terrorizing entire cities and we still refuse to whip that ass. We need to strengthen stand your ground laws. Instead we prosecute people defending their property from these fags. Fighting Is not the preferred way to solve conflict but it is an essential tool. The possibility of an ass whipping does wonders for keeping the peace.
  9. Well, I hope you enjoyed West Virginia. The southern schools are actually purebred which results in excellent football.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole ticket changes as these polls start to move toward trump
  11. Alabama and Clemson are still playing so we have the essentials covered
  12. Not like he had a deep talent pool to pick from. Michelle would have been better but her dick was problematic
  13. By context, do you mean forcing sick people into nursing hospitals while available treatment centers went unused?