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  1. I heard Jill hired Jerry fallwell’ s pool boy.
  2. San Francisco is known for healthy lifestyle choices. It makes perfect sense to replace snickers with anal beads and gerbils
  3. I guess BLM missed the memo on standing in front of big pick up trucks.
  4. Yes, Don't make me burn down the local seed and feed.
  5. It probably is a good idea to ban candy from the register. masks and plastic shoe covers are much more useful when navigating the human feces on the streets.
  6. Like a city full of Taylors. I don't get everyone walking around with their ass hanging out like a Peacock. I guess these types view it as cleavage. I miss the America where young males were getting drunk trying to fuck chicks at the bar. Violence was only used to ward off cock blockers or impress the redneck girls.
  7. We could also cordon the area and lay the smack down.
  8. We need to change the rules of engagement. Once his arm raised with a burning object, he should have been shot. We also need to employ camera blimps over these areas. Lets stop allowing these cowards to riot all night and sleep all day. We need QRF teams to chase these fuckers down after they leave. Stop letting these clowns dictate the battlefield.
  9. I think Bron should fight crazy white boy for charity. I kinda want to see whitey kick his ass
  10. The climate change crowd never disappoints. We have a group of people convinced the world exploded into perfection yet will cease to exists if we continue to produce carbon gasses. Same group believes the world is a trillion years old and yet it makes sense to make climate assumptions based off less than two hundred years of reliable data.
  11. He probably just an asshat. Pretty sure he could have kept things in house and the team would have granted him personal leave.
  12. This is not the attitude of a blm member. Grab your blm half shirt, mini skirt, high heels and get back in the fight.
  13. Yes one might say we are the Democrat party.
  14. If the fight occurred during the spicy nuggets release , he probably witnessed a very significant event in black history
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