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  1. I don't think our current systems are fairly safe. The mass mailing of blank ballots is my issue. The tracking is good but can also be bad. People's right not to vote should also be protected. Imagine a world where politicians know who has yet to vote a month prior to the election. I can see residents getting a knock on their door reminding them to vote correctly. Now take the police out of the equation We could potentially have major cities with no law enforcement and millions of empty ballots that need to be cast. It won't be long until antifa and the proud boys become third party collectors. I don't have a problem with an absentee system that requires a request and a postmark date for return. An individual drop box is pretty safe as well.
  2. that is common leftist tactics to select their opponent. the dem candidate is already pre selected by super delegates
  3. the risk of a felony hasnt stopped the thugs this week.
  4. he probably gets away with it if he didnt kill someone. rumor is he voted for the dems
  5. Not to my knowledge but I use the old percolator
  6. I am enjoying the libs being anti union. Unions gained a lot of power by eliminating centralized secret ballot voting.
  7. The invention of k cups really reduced the need of women in law enforcement. Combine that with more stringent sexual harassment polices and there is no justification for women cops.
  8. In this case his quote was intentionally cut short by the headline. That’s the thing with libs. Trump supplies plenty of material. No need to fabricate and misrepresent when he does not deliver Just give him a couple days and use something that is 100% accurate.
  9. “For equality “ The video yv posted should clear it up for you
  10. Not my fault school can’t spell its own name
  11. Did you see the John Hopkins scientist who was pushing corona lockdowns. He now believes the racist virus is a bigger threat than corona. Science has been a huge benefit to man. My problem is with scientific theories that are treated as fact to shape serve political agendas. I am a creationists and the foundation of my belief is faith. There is supporting evidence but at the end of the day I can’t prove it. We once treated evolution this way but now it is become fact in schools. Scientists push man made climate change based off computer models. The same models are used to predict the weather and are pretty useless outside of 3 days.
  12. Yes but they may bus people in. I don’t expect things to get too crazy. Military town and everyone is armed. Harrison Arkansas is about two hours from here. Probably the most racist place I have been and they have a rally on Saturday. That place is klan headquarters and displays racist billboards
  13. I believe we are over policed. Don’t see it as a racial issue. I fault excessive laws and budget deficits as fueling the problem. Law enforcement has forgotten some of the service aspects to the job. Every once in a while they could do some traffic control vs setting speed traps.