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  1. He probably just an asshat. Pretty sure he could have kept things in house and the team would have granted him personal leave.
  2. I find it very interesting that people love to tell a rich man how he should spend his money. I’m sure these same people donate every penny they save on double coupon days.
  3. It was probably a good move to keep our pitching. I doubt any of the moves we made will matter but worth a try. Not trading Simmons is our only failure. I doubt we could have got a lot for him. Probably could have given him away and saved enough money for a few $1 beer and hotdog nights
  4. I believe this to be true. Adell trying to be Tatis in everything except performance. I loved Tatis hitting the Grand Slam and and his hair dont bother me because he performs. Adell just a little to image focused for a guy who sucks ass right now.
  5. He needs a new hair cut and a cup of coffee. He looks like he puts more time into his hair and beard than the batting cage. Seems to be asleep half the time in the field
  6. Still too early to judge. Our line-up has been dogshit for most of his career.
  7. The problem with trading him is I don't trust our ability to get something good in return. We probably end up with a roster full of Brandon Woods
  8. Trading him probably is the right move. I just can't bring myself to say it.
  9. I am starting to doubt this shit is fixable during Trout's prime. We have to get better with drafting and player development long term In the short term, it will take a crafty GM and some luck to fix this mess.
  10. Challenger, Gary Hart scandal, and Tiananmen Square stand out to me. Probably all fall short of The JR Ewing shooting.
  11. He was just doing what most young men do. I know I was chasing women at his age. I had my share and probably could have had more if I was a pro athlete. You have to remove your bleeding heart goggles for a second and look at this through the lens of a supreme alpha male. Getting pussy at his age is as essential as your daily yoga sessions.
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